I led a cigarette clean up at college yesterday!

I led a cigarette clean up at college yesterday!

Seriously, that's freaking nasty. I used to smoke, and I've caught myself tossing a butt in the street before when I was in a hurry. I wish I wouldn't have done that. Cheers to you for helping clean that crap up.

Exactly why I decided to do the clean up! I've littered my butts too many times..

I have also littered a lot of Butts.


I like a lot of smokers but I really wish they wouldn't just blatantly litter every time they smoke.

Oh awesome you can make soup now

I think portable ashtrays should be more common! That would help a lot with the problem.

I would assume you would, Mr. John Butt Fetish

I knew a cop who would write littering tickets for people who threw cigarette butts out of their car windows. I wish I could have given him a medal.

Thanks for being a stand up person!

I knew a motorcyclist who smoked. He kept a lot of his butts in a pouch on his bike. Whenever hed see someone smoking in the car toss their butt out of an open window hed pull up next to them and toss a handful back in their lap.

Kinda fucked up but also instant karma funny.

Why do I think I know you?

When I was smoking, I joined the American Spirit Tobacco club or whatever it is (free to join) and they sent me a portable ash tray for free. It was like a tiny metal trashcan with a locking lid.

So I'm just saying it, everyone here checked the ground for more right? Because that's the first thing I did.

Also. You're a good human, kudos.

Because none of this is real, we are all just figments of your imagination and I'm your subconscious trying to wake you up from the coma

That was very kind of you.

Actually you can burn them and turn them into smoke then let the smoke go into the sky and turn into stars. FYI.

for being an UnseeingMonk, you sure are perceptive

Are you gonna finish those?

Let me guess- your dumbfuck university wanted to "discourage tobacco use among young adults", so they got rid of all the ashtrays and half the trash cans and then people started throwing them on the ground.

Edit- why is this a controversial comment? A university (that you pay to attend) has no business trying to regulate the legal behavior of adults.

you are awesome for doing this. wash your hands though, you've been touching butts all day

Wake up. This isn't real.

My husband rides motorcycles and I've been on the back of his bike one time and got a lit cigarette butt to the face. It fucking sucks to get burnt by someone else's nasty cigarette.

They send you bags now to throw your butts in and they recycle them!

My social science teacher in high school taught me to roll pinch out the last of the tobacco and keep the butt/throw it in a can. It really stuck with me so now i smell like a hobo with cigarette butts in my pockets. Hey! Atleast im keeping the filth to myself.

What will the homeless smoke now?

I don't know enough about stars to dispute it

Thanks frend!

Bikers are the shit


Nothing. Go back to sleep.

It's not just on his college campus, it's a worldwide problem:

Cigarette butts may be the greatest source of ocean pollution

Worldwide, 4.5 trillion cigarettes are thrown away every year. According to the Truth Initiative, in 2016 alone, 1,030,630 cigarette butts were collected from U.S. beaches and waterways, making up nearly a quarter of all garbage found in our oceans.

One would think a Volkswagen would be worse to get hit by.

I'm up. What's up bro

not a monk any longer after viewing your profile, either

and thus Mr. Blank was born

has no business trying to regulate the legal behavior of adults.

The problem with this is:.. If you don't enforce some basic/minimal set of rules/policies.. then those "adults" tend to behave in very selfish and shortsighted ways. .and things slowly circle downwards into messy chaos and filth.

I mean... nobody would say:

"My taxes pay for the roads... what business do they have regulating my speed or whether I wear a seatbelt or not !!"

But we do those things (speed-limits and seatbelts) because it's beneficial to the overall safety of others.

That's what a society/community IS .. it's a group of people who all come together for common-goals or mutual-benefits.

For what it's worth, that's what smokers already smell like to everyone else.

Yeah, this is probably a conspiracy to convince people that corporations aren't almost entirely responsible for pollution. 4.5 trillion cigaret butts weigh about 85,000 tons (the 1.03 million butts collected on beaches the article mentions would weigh 25 tons), just in the US alone there are 50 billion plastic water bottles sold annually, which would weigh 70,000 tons. Unless every other country on earth collectively only uses 21% of the water bottles the US uses "Cigarette butts may be the greatest source of ocean pollution" is either a gross exaggeration, a miscalculation, or a complete lie depending on how cynical you choose to be.

Edit: I backed my rant up with sources.

source for cigarette butt weight

Source for US plastic bottle sales

Source for water bottle weight

Just the paper part. The filters cant be recycled sadly, which is a big problem in itself.

Hahahaha, yes.

I've often seen the ground littered with cigarette butts within a few feet of a cigarette disposal can.

Where I worked they had safe and convenient cigarette disposal cans with pipes sticking up to about waste high, usually several at each smoking area, and many smokers wouldn't walk a few feet to properly dispose of their butts. After many warnings, my company just banned smoking on company property.

Good work. I wish the smokers would not throw them around.

Pre School

I was on an Alaskan cruise this past summer and despite cigarette disposal bins being everywhere and signs saying to protect wild life being everywhere, people would flick their butts into the ocean all the time.

It was really heartbreaking and really soured my opinion of most of those people.

Is that by mass, or just by number of discretely identifiable pieces of litter, or some other metric? A million cigarette butts equals how many gallons of crude oil, or how many plastic shopping bags? What method of assessment was used?

I wear a full face helmet and cigarette butts leave an awful smell in my helmet for days. I prefer getting hit by a beetle.

Everytime I see someone toss their cigarette out of their vehicle (in TX by the way, you know, hot, dry, susceptible to wildfires), I wish I had the power/courage to stop them and make them pick it up with their anus.

In the early 90s rap group bone thugs and harmony had a song called bud smokers only. My friend thought bud meant cigarette butt so he would collect his dad's cigarette butts that had enough tobacco left to light up and smoke them like it was a cool thing.

We were preteens back then but he's still dumb and disgusting if anyone is curious.

That’s how I get rid of all my old tyres.

I'm not entirely on board with the original idea that we pay for it, so they have to do everything we want.

But to some degree, it makes sense to design things for how people will behave rather than how they ought to. It's not impossible to culture an unwillingness to litter but that doesn't seem to be the state of things in, for example, the US, so making ash trays and trash cans scarce has the practical effect of increasing litter.

Also, it's pretty common for properties to ban smoking on their premises which similarly has the practical effect of there being more smoking on neighboring properties and public land or concentrating smokers at the property's entrances.

I'm not excusing anyone's behavior, just recognizing that it exists and that some health- or cleanliness-oriented policies have the effect of making things worse for everyone.

Ah, so the KCups of vaping.

If that had happened to me when I was still smoking I'm not even sure I would have been mad

Yeah and there's still some there. But from experience cleaning butts off the ground. You can clean the same square foot and never get all the butts. It's annoying.

My university did this, they used to have designated smoking areas away from building entrances. Now people just smoke where they want because campus safety doesn’t enforce the ban,.There’s just piles of butts on the ground in popular locations.

At my college, they're 'tobacco-free' so they refuse to put trash cans in areas where people smoke anyways.

Did you guys leave the Juul pods on the ground, or just put them in a different bag? Juul pods are all over the place at my school.

You should crosspost this to /sub/detrashed ! :)

There is 100% a social engineering operation on Reddit right now, if you're not seeing it, guys.

This is like the 6th thing I've seen on the front page that's against smoking in the last week from accounts that have very few other posts.

Seems odd that it's around the time the FDA is trying to ban Menthol ciggaretes.

Just saying

A "Juul" is the most popular E-Cig today by a significant factor, and instead of selling bottled nicotine concentrate the Juul company sells plastic "pods" that you just pop into the device and inhale until its empty. It causes a major environmental impact because you can't recycle these pods without tearing them apart with pliers.

You're a mensch. Good job.

Sort of a “whelp, looks like I’m karma’s bitch today” kind of moment

My University would instantly write you a ticket if you were smoking on campus. The tickets were for like $300 as well.


The students then discovered a 15 foot square of property that was right on the limits of campus that wasn't owned by the university.

We called this corner "Cancer Corner" and there was constantly 15 people trying to fit in the square to smoke

Big Anti-Tobacco out to get you dude

I also never get all the butts.

Middle school, high school, or college?

What a shitty design. Fuck that company

As an ex-smoker though, nothing smells better than a freshly lit cigarette. It smells like a freshly brewed pot of coffee to me.

Field stripping. I bet if you carried around an empty prescription bottle or film canister you could keep the smell away.

I just carried a small plastic bag with me, but your pocket works also.

Is a butt festish a thing? Don't we all just like butts

I am sad this needs to be asked

Thats smart! For some reason the smell of butts and halfies is SO MUCH STRONGER than even actively smoking.. Gonna have to get a prescription bottle for when im on the go

I recently quit a couple months back. If I'd known that people 2 blocks away could actually smell me, I'd have quit a long time back.


If you're so inclined you can have a letter and litter bag sent to them. Happened to my ex and he actually stopped throwing butts out of his car.

Two minutes? Did you use a library?

I dated a girl for a bit that would put her butts back in the box until she got to a trash can and could toss them out. It was kind of gross, but a hell of a lot better than throwing them on the ground.

Funny I have to clean cig butts up 4 times a year for my city job and I've never thought to get someone to snap a photo of me picking up trash to share online for likes. Genius! Attention whoooooooooreeessss

Good for her but idk how she does it. Put one stubbed out cig in your pack and the rest of them taste like licking ashtray.

I read this in Tina Belcher's voice.

I mean people in general do that not just smokers, I see people litter 4 steps away from a public bin.


Personally I usually just pocket my rubbish until I find a bin or get home it isn't even an inconvenience.

Surely, surely they would wear gloves right?

Hot diggity dog! NSFW, maybe take a long bathroom break before you look.

Heartening and disgusting all at once. thanks.


John Wick is in danger and he needs your help

your username was SO familiar to me for some reason. after some handy dandy profile stalking, i realized i know you from this comment/joke of yours. that might be mildly creepy of me to say but there ya go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I too like to tell people about the good things I do for recognition.

You’re halfway to creating pauly shore’s great air filter scene from biodome!

bruh smoking anything nicotine related has been a part of a lot of middle/high schoolers even back in the day

I quit about 5 months ago. Looking at this picture gave me a compulsion to eat a handful and roll around in the rest. It's a government regulated poison with the sole intention of making them as addictive as possible. Just evil. Hanging in there, hoping it gets easier. Never again. Fuck cigarettes.

And stop throwing your lit cigarettes out the fucking car window while you’re driving

I also agree, and used one when I smoked but cigarettes butts smell like shit. Tough to get everyone on board with that lol.

Juul just undid a huge cultural change. I mean vapes were one thing when I was in high school but in my senior class only like 5-10% of kids used nicotine, if that.

I haven't met a single person, literally not one, from the class of 18 who doesn't use nic

What the fuck is a Juul pod?

All for social media. Good job, man!

I was in Maui recently, and I was surprised to see how many people near the resorts would take their plastic cups of alcohol or beer cans out to the ocean with them, and walk back onto the beach with nothing. They couldn't be inconvenienced enough to walk back to the beach and use the trash cans, so they just let their trash go in the ocean? Seriously, wtf.

Me too. I used to be a janitor at a sing-song theatre and what made me quit the habit the first time was cleaning a rain soaked ashtray. Kudos to OP.

We're working as a society, and pretty successfully I think, to reduce smoking through cultural changes.

But there are still a lot of people who smoke. They're going to smoke. You can ban smoking, remove all the ash trays, get rid of the little outdoor smoking enclosures, and they're still going to do it but maybe now they're hanging out around the front gate or in the neighboring restaurant's parking lot or on the road median, probably dropping a lot of butts because it's easy and they stink.

I'm really, emphatically not talking about what adults ought to do, just what they are doing and probably going to continue to do.

I smoked for 14 years. Was only able to quit because my son was born and I knew I owed it to him to try and stay alive. I tried everything before, chantix, gum, patches. Vaping helped me more than anything else. It's not a very good habit either, but it's way better than cigarettes. I used to smoke almost a pack a day, now I haven't had a cigarette in over six years, and I really only vape when I drink now. Keep it up. It's hard, but it's worth it.

Oh god I can smell it

I see tons of weird psyops type shit on Reddit. Like tons of pro-pitbull posts showing up the front page.

Ok? Picture of a man with a bag

There's no buts about it, that was well done.

Well-done you!