I left my wallet in an Uber driver's car and... (x-post from /sub/niceguys)

I left my wallet in an Uber driver's car and... (x-post from /r/niceguys)

Left your wallet, and stole Jose's heart.

The fact that so many people on this thread don't see this message as creepy and potentially dangerous/manipulative just shows why dudes like this exist in the first place. Stop letting men act like this shit is appropriate! You don't deserve a ~reward, especially from a woman, just for not being an asshole. Life doesn't work like that.

"you can keep the wallet"

I reported the dude. It was too much man

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No way this can be real...I refuse to believe it.

seems like you might have lead him on with all that "hi thanks" business

Get your shit together Jose...fuck....

It was too much man

More man than you can handle?

He sent the message after I had gotten my wallet!

I will use this crossbow...to pierce my broken heart

Damn you Autocorrect!!! LOLz

That's a penalty.

but he's a nice guy. how is this woman going to go through life if she doesn't fuck everyone that shows her common courtesy?


Oops!! I meant to say you're welcome, I don't know how that happened yikes......

Hardly any conversation at all! Just a "hi thanks" + quick hand off. I didn't get any strange feeling from him.

He took that Uber job to meet girls.

No, but for the sake of an internet comment I would facetiously claim I would consider it.

There are so many comments in this thread that are saying it wasn't inappropriate.

Hey he didn't steal any money. He's earned a blowjob. This much is clear.

Edit: thanks to whoever gilded this comment! I supposed you'll be wanting a blowjob?

Dude was clearly expecting a date or sexual favor for returning it

... because he had her wallet? I bet that's something she'd very much want back.

Now the dude that's already obviously depressed will probably lose his job

Yeah, behaving inappropriately to customers you're driving around definitely shouldn't affect your performance, as long as you're depressed. /s

Seems like the dude needs help, but he probably shouldn't be working in a job working with the public if he thinks acting like that is okay. Why not worry about the safety/security of the people he'd be driving around/possibly getting the personal information of instead of only worrying about him?

I would have considered ditching the wallet. Even if there was like $100 in there I'm not sure it's worth interacting with that guy again.

Yeah I actually thought he sent it afterward because I thought that maybe some conversation occured when he showed up? Insight on that?

Moreover, if you explicitly state that you feel you deserve a reward, you're much less likely to get one.


I almost feel like the text wasn't actually meant for you. I'd like to think the guy was having a rough week, and this girl he'd been flirting with for a while just turned him down or got a new boyfriend and he wanted to send that text to her... still not well executed and still cringy but maybe a little less so.

Dude? Uber drivers should not be using the numbers they get trough taxiing to send these kind off messages. It's totally not cool and merits a report to uber. Uber is built on trust, this is not cool.

Found the rest of the niceguys

Your fedora is showing.

He must consider you his soul mate... of PAIN.

Stop letting men act like this shit is appropriate!

Men do not say this shit to/around other men, and no one acts like it's appropriate. The dude is pathetic, and no one is denying that.

I'm definitely appreciative and I expressed my gratitude in person. I offered gas money but as soon as he handed me my wallet he took off. And then texted me something that was totally uncalled for.

Those people are all crazy. I don't care if Jose returned the ring your astronaut grandpa brought back from the Moon before dying in your arms, Jose went full creepmode.

Cringey and creepy, and also sort of scary/crazy (scrazy) with a touch of bad spelling on the "crumbling to the see were the souls of the innocent lay"

He makes no directly inappropriate suggestions

The whole text is inappropriate and unprofessional.

I'd say almost always the lack of self confidence comes first

Must've gone out in a short skirt or something.

It's not fair to be put in that situation when you're patronizing a business, and the business certainly doesn't want their people doing that to others. If you make people extremely uncomfortable, maybe customer facing positions aren't right for you.


Wow so seems like grade A crazy. I think he might have felt like you owed him and then worked himself up in his mind.

Oh hey José, nice of you to show up

I did uber for a bit. I found an iPhone in my car one time. It was dead so I charged it. I felt creepy as fuck going into the Facebook app to find the girls name to message her to try and get it back. (She didn't have anyone in her contacts labeled mom or dad or anything) I messaged her from my account. We met up, I apologized for going into her phone to find the info, and we parted ways. She's seemed pretty cool about it, but I still feel creepy about it.

What is with people and considering themselves nice? Everyone I know who considers themselves to be a nice person is generally just an asshole or full of themselves. That or bat shit insane.

Why would she? I don't think anyone but really rich people pay anyone for performing a minor act of kindness.

"Ah, you held the door open for me, good sir, here is $5!"

I mean, it would be super nice if she offered to cover gas or something, I guess, but I wouldn't expect money from someone for returning their wallet.

I would've done the same that's weird

He makes no directly inappropriate suggestions

Dude, even you recognize he was indirectly suggesting she owed him something.

He's in a position that requires some element of trust. When you send texts that make you seem "off," it makes people not trust you, rightly or wrongly. He's going to be driving many drunk, mostly helpless people around a lot. He doesn't seem like he's in a good state of mind to be doing that.

His grasp of interpersonal communication is even worse than his grasp of spelling and grammar.

This man is supposed to be a contracted professional. This is way outside the bounds of that.

If you were aware of the fact that it might come off a little creepy, then you were fine and she could probably tell that you were just trying to give her phone back.

Oh. I have no idea why I assumed they were a "she". I just assumed the texter wouldn't be sending this to a dude.

So a weird dude does you a massive solid then abuses his access to your contact info to send you a personal, self-pitying, and frankly unstable sounding text, and you belittle him in front of thousands on the internet while at the same time protecting his identity.


holy shit i just started watching it's always sunny and this is like the third reference i've seen

Reddit in a nutshell.

Fuckin' Jose...

Seriously, who the fuck are these people? This text screams instability, and it's not for his patrons to deal with. Op made a good decision here. Interested in how the actual exchange was though. Was the fedora from Target or Kohl's?

In the original post OP tells how Jose sent her a poem after they had met to get the wallet back, so she probably reported him because he kept contacting her after he had no reason to, which is very creepy

"Soz wrong person lol so wanna go out"

Jose deserves a beer, steak, and a BJ from that woman (possibly dude), damn it!


Really? You would ditch $100 over an uncomfortable encounterment?

Yeah, I'd have reported him also, he's clearly trying to manipulate her into doing something for him like a date or something in exchange for being 'nice'.

Straight up put your phone onto aeroplane mode haha!

The way your UBER driver looked at it, this wallet was your birthright. He'd be damned if any slopes gonna put their greasy yellow hands on his passenger's birthright, so he hid it, in the one place he knew he could hide something: his ass. Five long miles, he wore this wallet up his ass. Then when he died of dysentery, he gave me the wallet. I hid this uncomfortable wallet up my ass for two miles. Then, after seven more miles, I made it to your home. And now, young lady, I return your wallet to you.

You didn't steal my wallet?! Wow! You totally deserve a reward for not stealing. /s

No. That's not how the real world works.

Fuck that noise. It's completely inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.


Now there's like 3 fedoras showing.

Returning somebody's wallet is a "massive solid"? I mean, he's working for a business that has an option to report belongings left behind because it happens so much. Was he supposed to say tough shit it's his now?

Also, do you know what subreddit you're in? There's no way to identify him at all and you believe he's being belittled unfairly on the internet? I think you pull the same nice guy shit he does.

"LOL, sorry my friend was on my phone while I was in the bathroom!"

Well some people in this thread are defending his behaviour because "maybe he had a bad week and got rejected", or in your own words, because he's lonely and socially awkward. OP isn't blaming anyone, they're just saying that this shit way of thinking should be spoken out against, as opposed to saying it's just a consequence of being lonely, which encourages the behaviour. I've been lonely before and screwed over by people, I've still never gone on a diatribe about what a nice girl I am.

All the while not understanding any form of social interaction.

OP is a gril


Aluminum Monster

men men men men manly men

Or nothing.

I would have given him a tip for returning it. We have a business relationship so I don't see a problem with at least offering some gas money. He could have just turned it in to headquarters making me go get it but he delivered it so why not show gratitude with a $5?

Jose needs Jesus.

Lets be realistic, the message wouldn't have been sent if the wallet didn't belong to a female.

Uh, yeah they should. It was his fucking job to drive them around. Returning a wallet left in that vehicle is part of the job. Fucker crossed the line. Don't owe him shit for bringing the wallet back.

Everyone experiences romantic rejection at some point, some people let their confidence be impacted and turn into Niceguys, some people let it slide off their backs. So the lack of success comes first but will only create a lack of self confidence in people predisposed to niceguyness.


I assumed OP was a man

Okay, the "explicitly" was hyperbole on my part, but he's implying he deserves a reward so strongly it might as well be a direct statement.

Baadher Meinhoff

No way, Jose...

Uber uses generic numbers to communicate with your driver/passenger.

That message was way over the line. It was clearly a passive aggressive way for him to garner sympathy from her in hopes for something "more".

I found Jose, guys!

Saying a woman deserves harassment or assault for wearing a short skirt is judging someone's worth as a human based on their attire.

Saying a driver who texts inappropriate things to a customer deserves to be reported is judging someone's capabilities as an employee based on their actions on the job.

It's completely different.

Definitely. And the other thing is that as soon as the trip ends Uber no longer links the generic number to the driver/rider. Lost items then have to go through Uber support.

she said she reported him... to the SEX POLICE

None? But if I was in OP's position I probably would have saved his number under "Jose Uber" and deleted the contact after I got my wallet back.

Ah, the old "he's just socially awkward" excuse.

Except what he said was not only completely inappropriate, it clearly has implications he wants something in return from OP. He goes in this completely random and unnecessary diatribe about his broken soul. Very awkward and even though he was helping OP, it wasn't appropriate nor professional.

You can't do that

I think you're missing the point. People don't exist in a vacuum, if the reaction to shootings was just "he was mad", we'd have even more shootings. Addressing bad behaviour creates a social stigma which discourages people from doing it. Saying bad behaviour is instead just a consequence of feeling a certain way has the opposite effect and normalizes the behaviour.

I mean it was the least I could do for a nice guy ❤️❤️❤️


Made to feel awkward by someone who has your phone number, address, and an important piece of your personal property, you can't just cut them off. Plus, alerting Uber to his behavior is part of cutting them off.