Inappropriate but Hilarious Halloween Costume

Inappropriate but Hilarious Halloween Costume

I don't really see what it- oh fuck it's a priest.

I don't get it. What's that kid blowing the priest supposed to be?

There once was a priest from down south

Who enjoyed the feel of a kids mouth

One day he got caught

and the world was distraught

Probably because the Catholic Church and the Vatican decided to rehouse him, defend him and pretend that child rape wasn't happening making them an abhorrent immoral criminal organisation who should all be locked up in a fucking cell and yes I know this doesn't rhyme but at least I don't defend child rapists like the Catholic Church.

Yeah I'm sure when victims of clergy sexual abuse see this guy getting laughs at the Halloween party they say, "Haha yes! Kudos to you brave soul for bringing attention to this issue in a totally appropriate and respectful way."


I remember that costume from like 8 years ago


I think its totally appropriate. Is religion really so untouchable that we can't even call them out for child abuse? this is, well, different.

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this is, well, different.

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Inappropriate is right. Priests shouldn't be drinking like that.

Dude, no matter who you're criticizing, im not sure its ever appropriate to depict a kid giving a bj.

It's not even topical right now, seeing as how Halloween is not for like three months.

Hahah holy shit. Why did the hivemind decide to nuke this post?

Thanks for spreading awareness about obesity.

the holy ghost, perhaps?

Reminds me of Father Nelson.... my old priest in Boston.....

oh, it's a fuck priest.

Oh, that Frank!

there's a bright future ahead of you, son.

I think, in this case, the passive voice is very acceptable.


"Mammary intercourse"? I don't think that's where most priest keep their boobs.

it's inappropriate to make light of children given grown men blowjobs

how is that a difficult concept

Making rape jokes and then claiming it's to "spread awareness of evil" and reprimanding others for not doing the same - it's like the douchebag one-two punch.

Why would a toddler want to hit you?

I think you need at least nine months.

2003 is indeed 8 years ago. Good job sir.

wore that costume two years ago. big hit

It took me a second. But that's one of the most original and funniest I've seen.

Oh, he was such a joker, always hiding the blessed water in his pants.

Oh it's a priest face fucking a kid

I can't take you seriously when you use "cuz" so many times and don't use capitalization at all; it's like I'm reading a 13-year-old's Facebook status.

Catholic detected.

Just goes to show how horrible of a crime this really is. I hope more people see this costume and get more exposure to what is really going on here. I'm glad it disgusts you.