It’s not so sunny in Philadelphia. (New Season 13 Poster)

It’s not so sunny in Philadelphia. (New Season 13 Poster)

Dennis will have to go get his tools.

wait a minute, did Mac finally come around to the cutoff jean shorts? Are they no longer white trash?

He's back with a brand new system

Decapitate victim

Excise organs

Neutralize witnesses

Notch off the limbs

Ice the head (in a freezer, to preserve the love)

Skin the body (keep the skins)

I really am so excited. Its amazing how much 'replayability' all the sunny episodes have, you can watch- hell even listen to them over and over and still manage to laugh every time. The day Sunny dies will be a very very sad day indeed.

The best part about his “tools” is like 4 episodes earlier, he and Charlie are discussing the shushing guy, and are astonished someone could be so rude to a stranger. Dennis then says something like “I could be a man with a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties, he doesn’t know me”...


Now that he's honest with himself about being gay, he's also being honest with himself about how awesome cutoff jean shorts are, I guess

The guy with the axe is Dennis.

I like to bind, I like to be bound!

The plot is gonna revolve around Dennis returning to the Gang because he misses them but he then realizes how much he hates them possibly after a scheme gone wrong and Dennis snaps and tries to kill the Gang

I'm kinda hoping he shows up at the end of the first episode and they're all like "Whoa Dennis, what are you doing here?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm back. I came back."

"What happened with the kid and his mom?"

"Oh that? No, that's done."

And no more explanation than that.

Keep the skins but what about the smell? You haven’t thought of THE SMELL YOU BITCH

I think he’s going to come back from whatever Midwest state he was in and news of a killer on the loose matching Dennis description will reach the gang. Overreactions will then ensue.

You think?

Why Dee, you’ve enhanced yourself..

That seems like a strong implication...

I seriously doubt this has anything to do with the plot of any episode or season. They also had Sound of Music looking promotional material forever, but they didn’t do an episode based on that. It’s just a promo image playing off the 13th season, and conveniently leaving it ambiguous as to whether Dennis will be in this season or not.

Literally the only show I can watch over and over. Have every season and been watching since the first.

I like to put it though my car stereo (finisher car btw) and just listen as I drive and laugh like a golden god

The mobility allows for sweet backflips

That'd be the Sunny way to do it.

Yup I made this connection also and thought it was hilarious. Also when he’s on the boat and literally applies his “because of the implication” strategy to a real woman seasons later was awesome.

Golden God

One of my favorite deliveries of a line in all of media.

Absolutely no way it isn't.

He is untethered and his rage knows no bounds!

I guess you could say that the identity of the axe murderer is....heavily implied?

maybe while enjoying a bowl of cereal?

That whole exchange is great.

"What is that stuff?"


That scene was so fucking creepy and tense, honestly Silence of the Lambs esque. Howerton's acting was on point.

That’s because laughs are cheap. You want to go for gasps as an actor.

They were never white trash. They were Dennis' idea and therefore they were very high class from the beginning. 5 Star shorts, really.

I have never seen you do a backflip. Do a backflip right now, can I see one? Let's see one.

Yeah they do that every season. Season 9 was an Ingmar Bergman french film theme, 10 was a hair metal theme, 11 was a Village Of The Damned theme.

No because what if I need to do a backflip later today?

What if they fuck up Cricket's face so much he wears a mask?



It'd be great if they did it similar to when Dennis ran for office and Charlie traded away his Garbage Pail Kids collection.

"What happened with the kid and his mom?"

[Dennis makes a face]

"Yeah, not into it any more."

[Dennis goes back to reading the paper. Credits.]

I'm not taking questions! The Golden God is not taking questions! I am the Golden God! I-I'm taking action!

You stupid bitch

It's often said in this sub, but elsewhere online/ in real life, I feel like his acting is waaay underrated. He's so goddamn good, but comedy actor tend not to get their full due.

I have to have my tooools

I love how this whole thread just accepts the guy with the axe is Dennis.

There’s no way that mask guy isn’t Dennis.

He's wearing a collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up over his forearms. Who else?

It was only creepy and intense because of the inconvenient thunder. Otherwise it was a nice, romantic experience for the young victim lady.

Had to scroll too far for this

Seriously. Kaitlyn Olson is such a babe.

My guess is that they will completely ignore the fact that he’s not there for a few episodes, & everyone will be thriving without him. Then when he comes back midway through the season, he will be enraged at how successful they’ve been without him around them

I’m talking about your tits, your big giant NEW TITTIES!

The weird inflection/emphasis on "be bound!" is so funny.

Or like the Maniac .... Someone talking to Dennis -

"Hey Dennis, do you have children?"

"Not anymore..."

To get down with the kids

Why Maureen you've, enhanced yourself.


Fat Mac was kind of a season long arc, and the Dark Descent of Matthew Mara is a story arc in it's own spanning nearly the entire series.


The masked guy cannot die and is surrounded in golden light. Literally a Golden God.

There are dozens of us.

Well it surely isn't Old Black Man.

lol, godamn! how does this shit never get old?

He's been very generous

Because of the implication?

I feel like he’s currently holding at least one.

I'm talking about your tits! Your big, giant new titties, Maureen!

I'd love if they'd toss in a "I did some teaching for a little bit... you know what? It doesn't matter."



I'm not allowed to eat it with the skin! I'M NOT ALLLLLOWED

And playing off of it actually being Friday the 13th

"Its Matt!"


"Matthew Mara!"


sighs "It's Rickety Cricket!"

Season 7: Episode 8 - The ANTI-Social Network

That's hilarious. Awesome catch. Scenes for anyone curious like me:

Season 7: Episode 12 - The High School Reunion

Also, Fetish Shit outtakes

It's absolutely one of my go to sleep t.v. programs. Just pleased they still have it on UK Netflix.

Also the F stands for Frack

GOOD point.

Seriously, it makes a lot of sense if that was Cricket.

Right? Frank on adderall, doing the frat kid's taxes wrong to fuck them over for years to come. Amazing.

This and The Office (U.S)!

This sounds pretty likely actually.

Yeah everyone seems to think that Sunny will culminate in Dennis killing everyone but that just seems to on the nose, I have more faith in the writing than that to be honest.

I cant decide between that and the scene where him and frank get back to the bar after getting tased by the frat kids

"You haven't thought of the smell! you bitch!" is my personal favourite of Dennis' line deliveries, followed closely by "GODDAMMIT! THAT'S JUST AN EGG!" from the Kitten Mittens episode or "You ever been in a storm like that, Wally?".

This way they can't say no

Charlie Kelly is without a doubt the purest, most innocent person to ever bite a chunk out of Santa's neck.

As the English say, she's a fucking bird!

The Office isn’t as funny on rewatches for me. The only other show besides Sunny that holds up on rewatches for me is Twin Peaks, and that isn’t a straightforward comedy. More like supernatural crime drama with streaks of dark humor.

Looks a lot more like a golden god to me

It's just part of the aesthetic. Theres always a jock kid in the old slashers.


I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!

Well I forgot that Cricket had a real name

Interesting. I like it.

More likely, Dennis is gonna come back and see how much better the gang is doing without him. Mac is buff anf proudly gay, pulling guys left and right. Charlie is a loving family man, dee is...happy doing her own thing, not needing validation from the gang. Frank is doing charity and mentoring at risk youth...then Dennis comes back and fucks it all up

Cause Dennis is a bastard man

What is this, a crossover episode?

What does that mean?! Did he eat his kids?!

He hasn't even begun to peak yet!


-Jean Shorts

Let's not forget the whole gang likely chainsawed up that guy who had all the severed heads in his fridge! Cuts away as Frank is revving it up though...











Oh they'll gasp! THEY'LL GASP!

Just say old man