James Gunn CAUGHT searching up old tweets. What an idiot!!!

James Gunn CAUGHT searching up old tweets. What an idiot!!!
Haha someone already took screenshots of all his questionable tweets. What an idiot.


Haha someone already took screenshots of all his questionable tweets. What an idiot.

Wow there's 0 chance he isn't a child molester

He retweeted some other perv speaking highly of NAMBLA. Gunn wants to touch kids, if he hasn't already

Just delete the account at this point. Yikes.

I honestly loved his movies, from Slither, to GotG2.

I guess I'll boycott anything this pedophile does from now on.

yeah, this guy is a weinstein for kids!

no one thinks like that unless you uhhh... think like that...

I feel as shitty about this as I did when the Kevin Spacey stuff happened.

Matches the time around when he was hired to write and direct GOTG.

All of their little stupid mistakes are gifts from God!

Now he's panicking and backpedaling.

I didn't know you could search a specific person's tweets. That's fucking sweet.

Sometimes I'm trying to find someone's old tweet and I can never find it by scrolling. There are too many.

It's way too late for that now lol. He pulled a Kurt, except much much worse.

It sucks because you sorta want to support the actors that are not sick, but than the director is ugh

They were all archived. Cernovich has the goods. Here's one the other are in various tweets he posted capturing screenshots.

I'm at work but if anyone has a minute and wants to do a solid for midterms, please look at Congresswoman Ann Wagner's tweets from right after the pussy grabbing tape came out. She has two Twitter accounts btw. I'm sure she hadn't deleted it yet but she wrote a letter about how she is so supportive of women's rights and can't ever support Trump. It was rather strongly worded! But then in typical swamp style as soon as a week later (when the heat died down) she was on the radio talking about how she is and always was a total supporter of Trump. MO voters need a reminder she is a RINO swamp creature when they vote in the primaries

Lol this guy is getting worked over by Patriots!

He also got bagged trying to shadow defend himself on 4chan. The man is not slick.


Wish someone was able to archive them, unfortunately like this he will just say they were photoshopped.

That's why the left are waging a war on archiving, lol.

when he started getting really loud about family separations at the border

He just really loves children.

Trump's cutting off their supply of child sex slaves. That's why they're getting so loud.

CAN SOMEONE CHECK WHAT HAPPENED ON OR AROUND 2007-07-03 AND ON/AROUND 2012-11-24 - kind of random dates - but the date search string UI does lend itself to random dates (click many times left and then click somewhere in the UI field)

But THERE'S A CHANCE it is something more significant

Elitist shillywood pedophile degenerates that thought hillary was going to win and they would be forever untouchable.

Fun fact: he was married to Pam Beasley (Jenna Fischer)


They are sending their best folks.

Super was genius

GOTG 2 wasn’t as good as the first one

Naw it was boring and fell into its own joke hole "HAHA REMEMBER THIS FROM THE FIRST ONE?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Everything is ULTRA forced in GoTG2.

Wait, NAMBLA is real??

who the fuck tweets that shit though?

Slither is such an awesome movie. I figured James Gunn was a-political until a few months ago when he started getting really loud about family separations at the border, and other gross anti-trump rhetoric.

He needs fired. Now.

Yeah, who do you think originally got behind the trans-kids movement.

He retweeted some other perv speaking highly of NAMBLA. Gunn wants to touch kids, if he hasn't already

He not only tweeted about touching them, but also eating babies. But ha ha, it was just a joke. We all tell baby-eating jokes to each other from time to time, don't we?

Must have brought Iger some choice pizza and hot dogs.

James Gunn was married to Jenna Fischer aka Pam from The Office

With the exception of Trump using it to bypass the media and talk to people directly, has Twitter EVER been a net positive for someone's life or career?

The first date in 2007 is probably when he opened his account. Twitter was pretty new then and I remember following him in 2007 when I signed up.

This is what happens when you normalize sexually deviant behavior and inclusivity. It was in 2011 roughly when he wasn't such high profile and he probably felt he was in "good company". Kind of like PizzaElefantis before deleting his Instagram when people started prying into him.

I think it will happen.. Once the heat is on they can only back away and hope it blows over.

Who the fuck DOES that shit, let alone brag online.

dammit, he was married to Pam off of the office. If Pam is a goddamn pedo I quit.

Don't say such things. Chris isn't joking about banging kids on his twitter account.

It's from The Office which is literally my favorite TV show ever. I don't think it could be done today with everyone being as hyper sensitive as they are since the boss, Michael Scott, says things that are very politically incorrect. I've probably watched the whole things 30+ times through the 9 seasons. Totally worth watching if you ever wanna give a new show a try!

Account creation through Disney hiring when he went PC.

No smoking gunn there, unfortunately.

That is fun

You should buckle up.

Agreed it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I did actually like those Marvel movies, at least GotG 1 and 2. Just goes to show you how far pedos and psychopaths and rise through the ranks underneath people's noses.

then the second date might be more interesting

he literally deleted a post with a straight up link to cp yesterday and mike cernovich screenshotted it

yeeeeup. I was so excited for gotg2 but I KNEW it was going to pale. GOTG was visionary and IMO one of the best films to come out in over a decade. The sequel was just another hollywood bland ass sequel.

Only when walnut sauce is involved

do him a favor and post it on his twitter.

He obviously is trying to find them. Help the little guy out.

what's weird to me is that none of it is even funny. it reads like that edgy kid that makes sick jokes to try to fit in and is completely clueless about how inappropriate or fucked up it is.

If Chris Pratt is dirty too I’m giving up on movies forever. My god, next thing you know we’ll find out Brendan Fraser stopped getting roles because he was too much of a pedo even for Hollywood.

Not only real, but defended by the ACLU - as recently as Aug 2017: "ACLU Represents Man-Boy Love Group" https://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=95942&page=1 http://archive.is/GAzpw

Yep pedos can burn in hell or spontaneously combust. I'm fine with either.

Do you follow pedos on Twitter? I don't even have a Twitter and the only tweets I read are posted here.

I don't think many of us are searching these things.

frantically searching at 2am for pedo tweets to delete. Perfectly normal behavior guyz

rise through the ranks...

in Hollywood! that's a very specific industry where pedos and sexual assaulters thrive!




don’t worry, Mike censored the link by blacking it out.

Yesterday I saw the link before he reposted it with censor. I didn’t click it. Gunn is a sick fuck

Maybe that is why they are no longer married?

We need to start archiving offline too, since they're going after the archiving sites now.

I agree, loved GotG, and just thought GotG2 was OK. Like 5/5 on the first, 3.5/5 on the second.

Okay, some of those really don't look like jokes.

Thought it was just South Park

These people are STUPID

They have archive links in the pics

Oh no. This isn’t a fun truth to learn. Yes, NAMBLA is real (& pedobear isn’t a dark humor meme, it’s one of their symbols). They’ve been around for decades. They used to be more out in the open, trying to convince people that they don’t harm kids. The large number of men affiliated with the group caught doing 🍕gate stuff kinda ruined that whole approach & they went more underground.

The weird shit “progressives” are coming up with in regards to gender (the whole LGBTQAA2LMNOP shit) has given them another opportunity to try getting society to accept their child abuse as normal.

They’ve been inching their way in. Remember those sympathetic articles about “non-practicing pedophiles” a couple yrs ago? Now we’ve got them trying to rebrand pedophilia as “pedosexuality” & hitch themselves to the LGBT community; putting little boys in drag & sexualizing them; bringing kids to pride parades surrounded by dudes crawling on all 4’s in assless chaps & a butt plug; articles encouraging the idea that toddlers are capable of giving consent; parents trusting bearded men named Clitoria, wearing clown makeup & a dress, to put their kids on their lap & read them gender fluid bedtime stories at the children’s library; & on & on.

The media is helping, knowingly or not. Look at what they’re doing about kids being separated from adults at the border. They know full damned well those kids get trafficked, used by people who aren’t their parents, & “lost”. But what do they keep repeating (brainwashing)? “Children ripped from their mother’s arms!” Bullshit.

There is a silver lining, though. We’re able to see more groups & organizations they’ve been sneaking into. We might not have realized what they’d been up to if they hadn’t poked their head up.

How did these tweets just turn up now? Nobody noticed?

just another hollywood bland ass sequel

Member when The Empire Strikes Back was an epic sequel? I remember.

The main problem is that he was openly tweeting this shit for ages.

No one picked up on it or cared. Not talking about people like you or me. I'm on about Disney and any journalist worth their salt.

Liberalism is not far off from mental retardation.

R o F L

Another fact (not so fun) Jenna Fischer was in a movie with him called Lollilove :( Say it ain't so, Jenna.

I'm sorry if this is a non sequitur but it made me think of one of my favorite sports stories: in a post-fight interview after he decimated an opponent, Mike Tyson once sent a provocational, testosterone-fueled message to Lenox Lewis -- who he sought to fight next -- stating, among other things, that he would eat Lenox's children. Later Tyson was asked if he was serious. He laughed it off. "No, I know Lenox doesn't have any kids."


He's looking for incriminating tweets to delete.