James Milner is set to join the Premier League 500 club this weekend and is well worth a place... he hasn't lost any of the 50 games he's scored in and has as many assists as David Beckham

James Milner is set to join the Premier League 500 club this weekend and is well worth a place......

More PL titles than Guardiola

He’s also twice as handsome

Man has had a timeless career, only got better with each season he played. He's a premier league legend. Not quite the quality of Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes but his overall consistency and resilience makes him a legend for me

More assists than Scholes too

Doesn't he have almost double the PL appearances as Beckham?

More league titles than Gerrard as well

Can't complain if Milly adds to his PL titles mate

If anyone wants the all time leading appearance holder, rather than this Milner lad, don’t hesitate to contact West Brom. I’m sure we can figure something out.

More PL titles than Liverpool 😣

Could kill a man with that jawline.

CL assists records held:

Beckham = 0

Milner = 1

The "Gareth Barry" tier

Also half as many made up compliments from other players

Yeah, unfortunately Milner spent to much time at Man City. Should have come to us earlier.

"For me Scholes is the greatest, a true once in a lifetime player. I idolized him growing up, based my entire game on him even the clumsy mistimed tackles, I wanted to be him so bad, I had a full United kit that I'd wear absolutely everywhere, I even wore it to bed, the same bed where I'd cry myself to sleep at night because my hair wasn't ginger, some days I'd just sit there staring at my father in absolute disgust wishing Paul Scholes was the man slinging one up my mother" - Luka Modric, Ballon d'Or winner 2018

Yup same as Carragher - nobody gave a shit about him when he played but he is a PL legend in a way.

A true legend

Well he can't have everything now can he?

Nobody = the entire Liverpool fan base?

No, just no. Comparing him to Wes Brown! He was a level below Ferdinand and Terry, yes, mainly due to his lack of technical ability with the ball. But this is just so off it's borderline stupid. Sorry

Now would be an apt time to bring up Milner's record breaking year last year in the Champion's league. Assist King.

When Jesus was on the cross he saw a tree and spoke the words "if I was Paul Scholes I could hit that tree with a football". - Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address.


Most players are

Milner to win the league with Leeds next year

More PL goals then Messi and Neymar combined

He probably wanted to win some trophies before coming to Liverpool.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BkA6HA1FLei/ fittest man in england.

I love how revisionism has somehow put Scholes in the same category as Gerrard and Lampard

Even if he wins one with you, that’ll be true. Honestly mind blowing how Liverpool have never won it

Jagielka for sure

Yup. It's already his 16th season in the PL. Becks played for 8 years in the PL

Imagine comparing Milner to Beckham 😂

I know it's easy to just think of him as one of those celebrities that are famous for being famous because they have a media machine promoting them as a celebrity, like those women who do some amateur porn and exploit it to the fullest. But he was pretty fucking good at football.

CL trophies

Beckham = 1

Milner = 0

Who else is in that category? Gary Speed and Ashley Young?

Funny how City fans boo him whenever they play Liverpool. Makes no sense whatsoever given how professional he was and the fact he was allowed to leave on a free

He played over 32 Prem matches every season from 98 to 2010. But apparently that is crap.

No he wasn’t as good as the best England centre backs at the time but fuck me you are talking utter bollocks. He was a superb defender capable of playing anywhere along the back line. He wouldn’t have got in Wenger, Mourinho or Fergie’s best defences, but he was still a brilliant defender. Got 38 England caps too.

You are speaking total revisionist crap

Really not that mind blowing. They've only come close on 2 occasions.

Would have worked better if you hadn't been responding to a joke about Liverpool winning the CL.

Imagine clicking on a link to read an article on Reddit

Website is absolute cancer on mobile. Oh Daily mail, makes sense

James Milner will make it into every hipsters’ greatest PL XI 15 years from now

Unfortunately we sold Alonso seasons ago, so that boat has set sail.

Maybe Newcastle?


Unbelievably unfair on Milner

Thank you for your utterly baseless source to back up your argument. One thread is apparently enough to make an entire point

Yeah, I looked up the stats. Beckham had some pretty insane ones.

The Premier League did tho

Paul Scholes is the best of his generation- Albert Einstein

Most champions league assists in a season

Phenomenal for England too, which not all big English players manage

Could run from Liverpool to Istanbul and back and still have time to pick up milk on the way home

He was definitely better than average, from about 05-09 he was really good. Just Ferdinand and Terry and Campbell were clearly better. He was twice the player Wes Brown was but you're right he wasn't that good under Houllier, however he did regularly play at RB and LB back then

Yeah im dumb and cant read

I thought he left because of a playing time thing?

I doubt he’d get into City’s team over KDB, D.Silva, Fernandinho, etc

This is wrong on so many levels.

Carragher was limited like Gary Neville. Not a huge amount of natural talent but made up for it in effort leadership, and a massive fucking desire not to lose.

He was an average full back but a very good centre back. Saying he had one good season is to show you never watched him play.

It came down to the last day of the season in 13/14.

Gerrard jokes are so outdated you might as well make fun of Justin Bieber too

Scott Parker was a tier above Jonathon Walters. He won FWA Player of the Year, PFA Team of the Year, and a couple PL Player of the Month awards. Walters didn't get close to doing any of that.

Don’t you have to be in the Premier League though?

When did PSG join the Premier League?

Wasn’t seen at that level because he wasn’t as good. His post-retirement improvement is incredible.

I'm not saying that isn't a relevant point, but Scholes was one of the main reasons those teams were so successful.

Less than half the goals.

It's all of them.

I mean his crowning achievement was winning the premier league with city as well...

we were once upon a time, so was this lad named Barry, quite a bit in fact.

Eh, I wouldn't say he'd be in there... he'd be in the same tier as like Scott Parker or John Walters, just solid.

And its a terrible one.



Far stranger things have happened. Never is an overstatement.

Did you not realise they all had won it ?

I’d argue opposite. Scholes had been seen as so underrated it’s swung the other way and I’d argue he’s overrated.

Gerrard and Lampard clearly we’re at his level, look at their stats and look at the fact Scholes was often moved out of position to accommodate them for England.

It’s not about how he left, it’s about what he said at Liverpool. He said he wanted to leave to win trophies, and he is yet to win a trophy with Liverpool.

He was a fuckin mainstay during Rafa's years. Second name after Stevie during every game. Technical abillity wise, he was little above average probably. But mentality wise, he was a fucking warrior. That is the reason why he had such a great and long career. You are only talking about his early career. Even if he was crap during his early years doesn't change the fact that he was the marshall of one of the better defensive sides in PL.

My favourite premier league player.

I've been saying for years how under-appreciated he is. Only recently is he starting to get some recognition from normal fans.

If I was a manager he'd be my first signing. I'd break the bank for that man.

Barry's crowning achievements were Everton and Villa. Milner played for City and Liverpool and won multiple league titles in the process. Their careers had similarities, but he's definitely a level above Barry.

Edit: Forgot Barry also played for City, still stand by my conclusion though!

I love how revisionism has somehow put Gerrard and Lampard in the same category as Scholes

I do find it a bit weird that 99% of the time I hear about Beckham it's about his kids or his personal life or his wife. It's actually become rare to hear someone talk about his football career haha

tbf to him, isnt that what every player says when they join a new club?

Ridiculous that the comparison is made, kinda shows how stats can be used without any context whatsoever. Beckham at his peak was a Ballon D'or contender and was the number 1/2 option in attack and could also put in a shift defensively if required.

People forget just how good Beckham was at football

So was I. I wasn't being combative.

It’s more surprising because of how big of a club they are. Especially since they’ve even won a few European trophies along the way

Can't wait for Milner in commentary, should be top class

He is about three levels below Gerrard Lampard and Scholes.

During his career all the talk was about Gerrard and Lamps. Scholes just wasn't in the conversation as often. Gerrard and Lampard were the go-to centre midfield duo, with scholes not featuring as often, or sometimes even playing on the wing

not really, Milner was playing for Newcastle in 05.

Carragher was on overall an average defender

mate mate mate mate mate

and his name was Albert Einstein

PL Asia Trophy

The playing time fueled it of course, but he did say he was leaving to LFC for titles. Little did he know

Good on him for trying, maybe this season is the one.


Just read the quote and he said trophies. He has won a trophy with us so it’s all good ;)

Haha thanks for highlighting my typo!

I disagree. He had average ability but he was a very good defender.

I don’t like Liverpool by any stretch but Carragher was a great fucking player and a proper leader. You don’t have to be Thiago Silva to be great player. He was an old school defender but definitely deserves more respect than you’re giving him.

A bit misleading considering Beckham has 265 PL appearances.

Scholes matured into a brilliant deep lying playmaker that won titles until the last, Gerrard slipped and then stamped on Herreras ankle and Lampard ended up playing for City.

Hahahahahahaha holy fuck the level of bias....

No it wasn’t. He has never lost a PL game he’s scored in, the Champions League was never counted in that.

They didn’t say that either