Just a regular day in Austin, TX

Just a regular day in Austin, TX

I see the Dothraki khalasar has arrived.


LOL! That's my friend Eric, you can see some highlight clips of what he does for fun, including parasailing behind his big draft horses. His horses are all rescues, and while he looks and sounds like a big meathead, he's one of the most wonderful people I know.

I swear this sub is turning into "I saw something unusual and it surprised me"

His Girlfrield - awwwww yeah


Who all misses Leslie, tho...

The dothrakis fucked up. I think they were trying to invade 'Bravos' not 'Brazos'. Shoulda made a left turn at albuquerque...

I would say "Only on 6th St." But ATX is WEIRD .

RIP in peace Leslie

I don't see anything WTF about this photo, just looks like a normal day in my city of Austin, TX

I really want you to be like an office clerk or something.

'Hey Eric, how was your day?'

'Pretty good, I rode 4 horses at once while my girlfriend did backflips between them. You?'

'Oh, you know...filing...'

Totally normal.

EDIT: I have lived there.

Oh and this is the show he is putting on: http://www.gladiustheshow.com/

As his career crumbles around him after a string of bad decisions, Gerard Butler is forced to return to his roots: regional theater in the Great Southwest.

It's really not. I can't wait to get a job elsewhere. The only thing that's weird anymore is how crazy fucking high property values have gotten since California decided to move here.

Having lived in Austin for 30 years I can say its has lost much of its weirdness, 37th street at Christmas, Leslie, Mark Weaver, the 6' 8" man that cycled through down town daily wearing only a thong, the topless women handing out flyers on Guadalupe... but it still has its moments :). I loved going home to my parents and talking to their neighbors. They always ask how life was in "Babylon on the Colorado" (river)

On second thought, it hasn't lost its weirdness it is just that everyone has caught up to the things that made Austin weird. The internet has taken the "shock" out of everything. :)

From Houston, not surprised and a bit disapproving.


From Houston, not surprised and a bit disapproving.