Kids Table Saw

Kids Table Saw

Holy crap. I bet that's nicer than most people's real table saws.

Combining this with a few Make-Do kits would make for tons of fun.

For fucks sake people, just appreciate the creation instead of trying to help him be a parent. Any father that takes the time to carefully craft such a cool toy/tool for their young kids is also going to be the one to teach them proper safety and tool etiquette.

Great project man, i'm truly jealous of your abilities. If you ever decide to make more let me know!

"I even tried with our then 11 month old's pinky. Its here:"

Dude sawed off it's 11 month'old's pinky and tries to sell severed body part on amazon !

People pretty consistently underestimate what kids can do in America. Kids can be trained very effectively to do/not do things, it's a fundamental part of their biology at that age. In Japan kids ride the train system on their own by age six, in Germany kids ride their bikes to school by 1st grade. It's rare in other countries to have parents watch over their children at the park, something that would get CPS called in America.

I have now lived in Mexico for 14 years, a society in which kids are ever-present. My last trip to New Jersey, I was riding a bike around my friend’s dense suburban neighborhood and kept wondering “Why does this feel so weird?”

Finally figured out it was about 4 p.m. in the summer and eerily silent. No kids. No basketball hoops. No fellow cyclists other than the occasional obvious commuter adult. No playing and screaming and laughing. It’s weird in the U.S.A. these days.

People need to fucking chill.

Oh man we would have loved this when my kids were little. Imagine the cardboard universe we could make!

No dust collection. No riving knife. No anti-kickback pawls, no blade guard. This thing is a DEATH TRAP!

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Agreed. For those who aren't familiar with them, here's a product page:

and they're available from:

Why buy from the manufacturer when you can pay the markup and support a local business owned by an unrelated multinational chain!!!

Ha! Thanks for the laugh, fixed that.

Imagine the structural integrity of those forts...

u/mistersavage would surely approve of this. Cardboard is the gateway drug for making.

The only danger is those littler moons from hell. I use nibblers at work cutting metal sheeting and a shaving landed on my glove. I had an itchy nose so I rubbed my face and cut my nose bottom to top lol.

OP - Making all other fathers look like shit since 18'.

Agreed. I have two young kids and I will admit that there are times where I've worried about various things more than I probably should have. But at some point you just need to let them be kids. I'm not advocating that you give them a real table saw and let them figure it out. But this kids TOY has obviously been thought out to the point that the vast majority of hazards have been accounted for.

In short, relax, let the kid pinch their finger, fall down and scrape their knee etc...

Came here to complain about an unsafe toy, looked at design, and realized that it was safer than some stuff I had as a child. Good on you.

This should be a great teaching tool for years to come.

ITT: One third people appreciating this awesome piece of engineering. One third people (who haven't looked at it) saying its unsafe. And the last one third saying its TO safe and is going to kill his kids when they go to use real tools LATER.

Thats awsome man I'm thinking of doing one of those for my daughter now.

Um... I get what you're saying, but I don't think the involuntary conscription/abuse of children as child soldiers should be given as an example to show how letting kids do things is good parenting...

epic cardboard fort defense ever.

Like the simpsons most

Its not a router, its a nibbler that oscillates up and down. The way it's designed, if the shaft did fail, it would stop moving, not eject out at speed. I agree routers can be very scary, probably the scariest tool in the shop if you don't take proper safety precautions (feather boards, stops, feed correct way, etc).

So... like those play-kitchens with the fake stovetop and ovens? Or Nerf Guns? Or those kid-drivable cars?

I just let my kids use my real table saw. He lives it so much he gave me a high 3.

"You can't get your finger in there at all, I even tried with our then 11 month old's pinky."


It’s not a router, that but doesn’t spin.

It’s a nibbler, that bit is a cap/die for a reciprocal punch with a 5mm diameter coming from below, the nibbler takes successive bites out of the material leaving a trail of moon shapes (think eating you way across some paper using a hole punch).

The only danger this poses is when the kid inevitably feed it sheet metal (which it’s designed to cut, so it will quite happily eat) and he ends up with a million super sharp bits of moon shape swarf, even this isn’t going to cause much harm, but $mum will be pissed off because these get everywhere and embed themselves in carpet remaining an irritant that cannot be vacuumed.

So the 'nibbler' moves up and down, nothing rotating then?

This is very very cool! you should sell kits!

FYI it doesn't spin, it oscillates up and down. But yes I agree long hair should always be pulled back when around power tools.

Should set it up to give a mild electric shock when you touch the "blade" for future safety reasons.

Things you should never share with your wife.

I mean it shows they are far more capable then most people think. If you read the book the kids survived marches that i would have fallen out of. Hell once they got away from their command they still fought not because they were ordered but because having your friends killed will make you dislike the opposition.

The UN put child soldiers from both sides in the same refugee camps and they killed a bunch of each other because they are people not little robots that only fight if ordered to.

People seem to think of children as a thing instead of a little person with their own thoughts and motivations.

Also slightly related fun fact: England uses 16 year old soldiers and as such they refuse to sign any UN resolution to make child soldiers illegal.(The UN considers anyone under 18 a child soldier.)

I mean Sierra Leon's govt/rebels used 10-12 year olds as their front line fighters for years.

One of them watched his buddy get hit by a RPG and kept fighting. His memoirs can be found in a A Long Way Gone

I don't speak Italian but they did try with their 11 month old's finger and they were fine.

Aren't they also available, for cheaper, on the main site? Thinking of getting these, any reason to use the second link?

Unsolicited parenting from an armchair is old hat for the internet. If you post literally ANYTHING about how you interact with your child there will inevitably be someone pointing out how you are either endangering your child, ruining their future, or destroying the planet.

My first reaction was, holy shit that's a dangerous tool for a adult let alone a kid, but then my reason kicked in and I realized OP probably has a handle on it.

Please sell kits! Holy crap this is the best thing I have ever seen.

I like buying from Lee Valley, they're a great company:

and I'd just add it to an order for other things, or wait for them to offer free shipping. I also try to limit how many different places I use credit cards, and am already a regular at LV.

I was about to make a real long response but my niece is wanting me to eat some plastic pizza she just "cooked" in her kid sized oven and my nephew is wanting me to go get a different Nerf gun so we can shoot each other with guns a bunch.


Are Lego the cocaine of making then?

Agreed 100%, that was a demonstration video for his class. He knows the dangers of power tools.

I'm in architecture school and I cut a lot of cardboard, chipboard, and basswood for making models. I really want this.

Really all you need to join OP is to take an interest in your children and put your goddamn phone down. I remember when I was snowed in as a child and my dad actually joined me playing Super Black Bass on SNES. We scrounged together food from the pantry and beat the hell out of that game together. One of my best memories with my otherwise shitty dad.

It's hard to believe that the little tikes car is responsible for all road accidents, but that is the truth.

I thought the ‘nibbler’ was going to be a picture of the kid and then there was an amazon link.

Yes, they both have a set of Z87 rated safety glasses that are kid sized.

Can confirm. My table saw has no guard and the plastic base is cracked so it wobbles around while you're cutting. Safe

This is astounding. That price is SO low. The safety is perfect. The concepts are genius. I LOVE IT. I just hope the kids don't tire of it after a week lol

True, counter point: It's harmless.

And i don’t see the obligatory sawstop hot dog test either... ;)

Then there’s me, annoyed at a total cost of parts that doesn’t include wood

This is nicer than my actual table saw..


I've been wanting to redo the fence on mine cause it's kinda crap. Would anyone recommend using the method OP did for this fence on a normal table saw?

You are 100% correct. But the chips all end up in a drawer down below that even I have some difficulty opening because there is no handle on the door, and the box joints I made are pretty tight.

No they are more like fentanyl they are expensive as hell but yeah sure they're fun

People aren't that stupid. And you shouldn't be teaching kids to be "very very scared of" anything in the shop. They should be taught to respect the tools, but you don't teach them that respect by standing over them shouting, "LOOK OUT!! IT'S DANGEROUS!!"

Something like this can teach kids about how they can use tools to create things from their imagination. It can teach them basic numeracy and practical algebra and trigonometry without ever sitting them down in front of a chalkboard and boring the shit out of them.

And we should deny them this because we're afraid that someday they're going to graduate to a proper tablesaw and be too dumb to recognize that the blade on the real saw can't be touched? That's a horrible outlook. The kid who has been breaking down cardboard and balsa and styrene sheet on his safety saw is going to be a hell of a lot more capable of moving up to a circular saw than someone who has never used anything like it at all.

Could he sell just the body and leave out the motor? And include instructions on what motor/tool was used and issue a warning along with the sale stating that by purchasing the product they have read all instructions and release the seller of all responsibility?

Or do things not work like that?

I live in Germany now. It's fun to be in a country that isn't ruled by fear.

Kids are allowed to have freedom and people don't think that 99% of strangers are pedos/kidnappers. Kids riding on the train/bus at 6 years is definitely not strange.

Yes, I'd recommend. Before my current saw I had an old craftsman 113 that i upgraded the fence on, I should have just made one of these.

Wanna melt it with a hose?

18 feet? This isn't /sub/wtf

Reddit is full of people who aren't parents telling people who are parents how to parent.

Nothing sad about that, personally I think 4 is a little young but both my kids will know how to safely handle a firearm by time they are 7.

I had a router table and the bit worked it's way loose and upward when routing with my finger inches away. Don't kid yourself, it is still open tut Italy dangerous.

This is incredible!