Ladies, do you like feeling (your partner's) erect penis against you?

Ladies, do you like feeling (your partner's) erect penis against you?

Is it something that turns you on, if your partner is having an erection and that you feel it (let's say while hugging him, through his clothes) or is the penis only something that should be used at the last moment for actual intercourse/foreplay?

Yes. Yes. Yes please.

I especially like it in the mornings when we're half asleep rolling around in bed.

I know it doesn't have much to do with me per se, but a hard man is good to find.

Yes. Because, mmm penis.

Hell yeah it turns me on. One of my strongest memories from the first time my SO and I kissed is feeling his erection through his jeans, pressed against me. Yum.

but a hard man is good to find.

You deserve so many more erection-votes.

Partner, Yes! Strange man rubbing against me in a crowded club/bar? Hell no!

My girlfriend and I got into an argument while we were both naked in bed the other night... she rolled over to find me hard as a rock, argument over, sex had, sleep peaceful.

Absolutely. It fills me with a sense of pride… and soon after a penis.

My wife hates it.

I'm also a member of r/DeadBedrooms

This happens quite a bit with us because he gets hard every time I cry.


Experience has taught me that men are often unable to make the distinction. There is someone on reddit who is reading this and thinking to himself "girls love hard penises rubbed against them!"


Good ole cuddle boners.


My boyfriend when we first started dating would pop a boner every time we'd kiss or hold hands or hug. We were each others firsts, and it turned me on immensely knowing that I was doing this to him, even if the action wasn't anything too big. It still does turn me on, but he doesn't pop one as easily as he did 5 years ago. I'm glad it got better- would be embarrassing to sit with your girlfriend on her couch watching tv with her and her parents and pop a boner cuz she took your hand!

Big yes to this one. I enjoy the feeling a lot, and it makes me just want to rip off his clothes. I love it when my boyfriend holds me tightly when he's having a boner. Gets me wet every time!

Funny that the distinction had to be pointed out.

Hey, me too! I call it the sympathy boner. His body's way of saying "I know this makes you feel better sometimes, so why not now?" :P

Oh my, yes. When my boyfriend and I were both 18 we went to Disneyland, and there's this log-rollercoaster ride where you have to basically sit in your partner's lap. (I think they've changed this since then.) Anyway, when I sat back against him and felt his erection grow rapidly, man, it turned me on. Apparently he was really embarrassed, but that remains one of my strongest memories of those early, heady months of the relationship.

Heck yes!! One of my favorite things is when we're about to go to sleep and he wraps himself around me to cuddle me and I can feel him along my backside, sometimes right between my legs. It's like an instant way to turn me on.

It feels like Im doing wrong if i don't feel one every now and then.

It's always a little weird if you're trying to hide it when we're not in, say, a public setting where it wouldn't be appropriate. Or if you apologize for it. It's a penis, not a badly-trained puppy.

Oh my, yes

I read your entire post with Professor Farnsworth's voice.

Wish I could upvote again for the user name.


God yes, it gets me so horny. My favorite thing though is when you can feel his dick pulse. mmmmmm

I think this guy's girl is in for a serious poking very soon

Because it means "HE HAS ONLY ONE THING ON HIS MIND!!!!" instead of "person I love lusts over me even though we are together for so long, yay!"

Holy shit... after reading this thread, I had no idea my ram rod was this powerful. Thanks for answering this ladies. I will be no longer trying to control/hide my boner around a girl I'm close and in private with.


Yes. All over me. I especially love it when we're naked and I'm cold. Dat penis warmth. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wake up my bf!

Mm yes. Sometimes this even happens to me in the middle of the night. Like, I feel him spooning me or something, and I feel his erection, and I just kinda slowly attack him on autopilot, and the next thing you know we're having midnight sleepy sex. I don't know why I find that so delicious, but I really do.

Months being heady are certainly better than head being monthly.

Crying => cheer-up sex => pavlovian boner response to girlfriend crying.

yessssss, I love it when he is hard. The problem is my guy has a very appropriate penis so he only really gets hard if sex is going to happen. I like inappropriate penis though..


NARB : no apparent reason boner

One of us! One of us! One of us!

For it's just because I feel so close to my (x)-partner when she (or me) cries. The emotional bond is strong. That makes me horny.

Perhaps I should nickname my boyfriend's penis "pride."

But at the same time, they can't exactly choose when to pop one. So if you're dancing with a guy at a club, and he pops one, he's not trying to be creepy, he just got a boner.

Sometimes you don't even have to be aroused to get a boner.

Jawn Snuuh

Well if you're single, keep in mind the other bit of advice that people have offered on here: it only works if the lady already wants it. If you're not already dating or about to hook up, you should probably avoid putting your penis on her, even clothed.

if she is rubbing her bum on your crotch you can expect she is hoping to elicit a response

Aw shucks. Thanks!

I love it when my boyfriend does this, it lets me know that he's got my body on his mind, and that he's excited about getting a chance to ravish me, and wants me to know too. He uses the hard-on against my crotch the most when waking me up for sex. He sleeps completely naked, but I tend to wear underwear an a tank top, so we don't stick together since its summer.

I'll be asleep, and he'll wake me up by spooning me, pressing his rock hard dick against my pussy through my panties and kissing and rubbing me awake. I'm a light sleeper, so I wake up pretty damn instantly, but I'm also not one of those full-body-spasm to wake up people, so it works perfectly. His dick ends up inside me within minutes when he does this.

The one time I tried waking him up for sex, I did my usual, running my hands over his thighs and stomach AROUND his dick, but not actually touching it, gives him a raging boner every time whether he's awake or not. ;) then, after doing some test brushes and bumps against it to make sure I've secured myself a granite dick, I start with some handjob action, and alternate between that and more general area rubbing. Next, I started sucking on him, getting it nice and wet. I love blowing him, his dick is a great size, as its not super giant to where I can never deepthroat, but its still a challenge.

Now, let me tell you this; I still wasn't sure if e was awake at this point, and so I was kind of nervous making my next move. I went to straddling him to attempt to mount him cowgirl style. The second his dick lightly touched against my pussy, he had a full body spasm, scared the crap out I me, and that's when I knew he was actually awake finally. He was understandably disoriented and looked me in the face really hard cause in his sleepiness wasn't sure who was in the house trying to mount him in his sleep. After he was sure it was me, sexy-times insued.

Definitely need to do that again soon :)


I agree with all of the above...I also love feeling those fuzzy balls against my thigh.

Yes, particularly waking up to it pressed against my back. Even if I'm not interested in sex at that moment, it's a nice thing.

YES! When we're naked, my boyfriend will put it in between my butt cheeks (that sounds so silly) and it's so warm and nice, but then I'm like, "Oh my god, I need this in me now."

I remember holding my girlfriend's hand at the beginning of our relationship and hoping she didn't notice me pitching a tent. A year later and I still get hard just from kissing her.

You're welcome! May your future be filled with penii.

Honestly? Yes and no, I suppose. I mean, I was a mess of hormones, I frequently forgot to eat, and I was distracted from my studies. There's something to be said for the calmer bliss of being in a happy long-term relationship. =)

I'm impressed, arguments make mine suck up inside of me like a scared turtle. She rolls over to find my penis inexistent, and a different argument ensues.

I'm sorry you've got to go through that. It's fucking devastating.

I'll accept that line of logic when women stop treating it like a poorly trained puppy when we sprout one on a first date.

Follow up question. Which do you like more? Feeling the erection, or when we try to hide the fact that we have one?

Penis Points

You scoff, but a startling number of men don't seem to realize how incredibly creepy and unnerving that sort of behavior is.

A million times yes. It's a definite confidence booster, it's reassurance that we [f] are doing things right/still got it and an instant mood setter!

"Did you pull a knife on me in the night?"

I love it. reminds me of how much I love it inside of me.

YES. Morning wood <3

My friends and I always called them NRBs. Same as you just with no "apparent" I'm in nursing now and if patients need a lot of oxygen we put them on a Non Rebreather mask. Abbreviated as NRB.

I'm almost 25 and have been in the hospital setting for 6 years. Still makes me chuckle.

We need an NRB STAT!


two words: gimme dat.

Erections in jeans turn me on so much. I'm not quite sure why but when my boyfriend is hard and has jeans on DAMN he's in for a ride.

Hiding it can be awkward. Like, turning your hips away or keeping a distance while cuddling. I had one guy do this out of insecurity although it was obvious we'd have sex (and it's happened before, when I've been younger). I just told him not to be embarrased or whatevs, that it's kind of a compliment anyway to notice he gets a boner just by chilling out together with me.

Good example of instant turn on: going to bed/cuddling, not expecting sex (eg, already fucked that day, neither of us seem to be in the mood), casual non-sex related chatting, me turning my back against him intending to spoon, he presses his hard on against my backside - oh my.

Wanna know how i know you are female?

I don't regret not shaving anymore.

Mmph. You guys are really making me upset that I'm at work and won't see my man for another eight hours.

...Come to think of it, why am I Redditing at work. What have I become.

George Takei. Oooh myy.

That's how I got some last night! We just turned off the light, I rolled over, hand on his thigh, he smooched me on the cheek to let me know I wasn't waking him from some REM, I grazed the boxers... and there it was, that beautiful boner. In the dark, I felt like a blind person feeling out someone's beauty on their face. Dat over-the-boxer rub down... Mmm. I love it when he loves it and is vocal about it.

I usually love seeing them though, in the light, especially while still in da pants/boxers/briefs. Yeah, I said briefs. If theres a boner in there, raging to get out, fuck it - brief away, boys.

And then whipping it out... Hoooooo child. I love massaging it and stroking it and just admiring it in all its bonerosity.

Notsoninja Edit: changed messaging to massaging... RING RING RING

I think that's all in your head. We women, we approve of boners. Unless the person wielding it is being a creep about it.

I'm just saying the level of sexual triggering is so much higher at the beginning stages of a relationship than later down the road. I wish we had goldfish memory sometimes..

While I would never say most men do this, the amount who do would probably surprise you.

It is sometimes the sexiest thing. And that casual smirk that he gets when it happens just... Makes me want to get on that asap.

At least it isn't "slutty".

messaging it:

"hai penis ru ther?"

Context is important, Guy with a chubby squeezing through the crowds of people and his wood grazes you for a split second ="lol no big deal".

Guy with woody with plenty of room to move around and decides to grind you without even saying hi first =most likely a creep"

I'll never really understand this. If I'm going on a date with you, that means I'm attracted to you. That also means I'll take it as a compliment if you end up getting hard when we're together.

Read that as 'joint pooping', like two people taking a dump together. Needless to say, it didn't much make sense

Don't you wish all months were heady like that?

Oh my gosh, all my yes. Some time around when my boyfriend and I first started dating, we were both a little drunk-ish and were making out in a hot tub. Somehow I ended up in his lap (and by somehow, I mean he pulled me), and I could feel him through his swim trunks, and oh my God, that was hot. I was really sheltered and inexperienced, and knowing that kissing me was doing that to him was a big turn-on. I'm pretty sure that night was the first time I ever took my shirt off with him, since his arousal turned me on so much.

Yes, yes. But... what's going on with the period at the end of your sentence?

Most men do not do this, but it is something that happens to most women. I'm really not that attractive, and if I'm not with my boyfriend and on crowded public transport? Oh god. It only takes a handful of guys groping about 20-30 women a day for us all to be groped within a a few weeks. That being said though, have most men been groped? I have seen it happen to my boyfriend and my best friend, but can most guys here say it's happened to them?

That is the most painful sub reddit ive ever seen

TIL that my erections have more power than I ever would have thought.

God yes, why is this even a question, Yes. Especially when spooning. Or when he lies on top of me to kiss me first thing in the morning. But generally just yes.

Because only a female would think we have an ounce of control over what the little guy does.

How about dancing? Sometimes when I'm dancing with a girl and she turns around/bends over/shakes ass well it can be a little hard to contain myself

It's a shame that people have to have a sluty account. (Although I can understand the need.)

Not shocked at all

If your girlfriend calls your penis "envy", I have some bad news for you.

or that shy smile when you realise it's a bit naughty and I've noticed it.

... I will not.

It kind of depends. But as long as you aren't mashing it into me or hugging for way too long, I usually don't really care. It's kind of like a burp, or maybe more like a joint popping--bodies are weird, and they do strange things. I figure if your boner has any deeper meaning I need to know about, you'll probably tell me.

Honestly, polyrawr has a good explanation, but i thought this too。

I'm not even going to stop to browse the other comments before I say...

I love this! I love feeling him through his pants. I love when he presses it against me. I love his reaction when I stroke it through the cloth. I like the puzzle aspect of it when I touch him for the first time ("Oh, that's the side he wears it on. There are his balls. Ooh, that's how wide/long he is...").

Everything about it is so great I can't even describe it.

No... no, you really don't. =p