Liverpool announce Joe Gomez suffered fracture to lower left leg against Burnley. Facing six weeks out.

Liverpool announce Joe Gomez suffered fracture to lower left leg against Burnley. Facing six week...

6 weeks is decent. Was expecting more

The tackle was a complete accident but Burnley were being utter dickheads the entire game and they're lucky more people didn't get hurt.

Will miss the important games though, Napoli, Arsenal, City and the FA cup.

Burnley were tackling like idiots all game, one long term injury out of the game isn't too bad

Having Joe get injured is a bummer, obviously due to how good his form has been, and also because injuries have been the only thing that have held him back so far, but also because his versatility has meant that we can pick two out of 3 out of Trent, Lovren and him, and rotate without dropping in quality

now we either need to basically rely on Trent and Lovren to play every single game alongside Virgil and Robbo, or else rely on a couple of games from Matip and Clyne. Both decent players, but I just don't trust Matip as much as Gomez or Lovren, and Clyne doesn't offer enough going forwards for us now, and he seems to be (understandably) struggling to get back in a after like year out. I wouldn't be surprised to see Camacho play one or two games at RB tbh, but ideally Trent and Lovren stay fit, and we bring in Matip and Clyne for like Newcastle and Wolves in the next run, and Trent and Lovren can play all the rest

Burnley picked up one yellow card for the entire game, and even that one didn't come until the 86th minute.

Call it like it is. They played dirty, getting away with multiple fouls, and a missed red card. Saying they got stuck in implies they played within the laws of the game.

Burnley were tackling like idiots all game

it was a clear instruction from the worm eater himself imo, to riled up the crowd

We may not have a backline by then so I wouldn't worry

I was told to believe this when we last met. Didnt go well. So fuck you and your misdirection

We may not have a backline by then so I wouldn't worry.

Holding updates look like it's his ACL. Sokratis and Mustafi one yellow from suspension. Kos had to come off in his first game back, but is supposedly fine. Mavropanos not yet in full training. Monreal back in training but has had set backs for the last month. Kolasinac can't play left back.

All hopes are on a Jenkinson masterclass.

Fucking perfect just in time for the Christmas period.

Matip, Lovren, Clyne and TAA step up big time lads

that’s how they play, they get stuck in whenever they can. Got them to 7th last year, it’s not pretty but when they’re solid in the back it can be effective

The hysteria was that we didn't know how bad it was going to be. 6 weeks is good news, despite the fact that it came at probably the busiest time of the year.

Keita was a regular starter when he got injured. But he wasn't out long and didn't fully regain his place when he came back.

Once in the league cup against Chelsea at home

sounds like our match. Accident by Rashford, but United pulled a Stoke and tried to injure anything that moved.

Six weeks is a relief . Feared the worst when heard the initial reactions from club/journos .

Sadly will miss the games against United Arsenal and City (A) but should be back in February at worst . Hopefully he makes faster than expected recovery and is back sooner.

Every time Joemez seems to build up steam, something stops him dead in his tracks. Hope he can come back just as strong and we don’t drop too many points in the interim.

Congrats on wiping all passion away from football there mate

Not sure what all the hysteria is about to be honest. First time in years we've got comfortable depth, one of our best stocked areas.

We've got a world cup and CL final starting CB on the bench, Matip who would walk into most prem sides (despite the narrative) and TAA + an ex England RB for more depth there.

Injuries happen, this one should be fine.

He's been phenomenal so far this season and this is just cruel. Fucking Burnley players just flying into rash challenges in the opening stages.

Sounds like United pulled a Mourinho tbh

Breaking the law is a part of being within the law, ok

TIL, history is only 4 years long

It’s fairly obvious refs let lower teams get away with fouls to compensate for how shit they are. It’s happened multiple times to us this season.

It’s a subconscious bias that needs to be eradicated. Just because you’re shit doesn’t mean you should play to different standards of the law.

I think people are just riled up because of some of the other tackles they were making. This one there was no problem with, in the match in general it was a problem though

Not really, FA Cup is a lot of fun every year

lol last time we played you half of your starting 11 was ruled doubtful then all appeared on pitch



Is this the first major injury for a regular starter this season? Obviously Oxlade-Chamberlain is injured, but really impressive that Liverpool have managed to get to December without any major injuries.

wow i forgot about clyne. has he even played this season?

The oldest football trophy in the world, at that.

Goes both ways

Lovren is such an odd case too.

Not just this season, but last season as well he would occasionally be out "due to sickness". Like, what's genuinely happening to Lovren that the club can't be more transparent about it?

I suspect it could be personal issues, but it's just odd that for two years straight he misses games and that's the excuse that's used. And then he misses games due to small knocks here and there, but no other player has it happen as frequently as it happens to him.

Anyways, this is time for Lovren to get back into the first team and solidify that spot because he has Matip in contention for it and Gomez will be looking to take it back once he's fit again.

Possibly because it was a fantastic tackle by Mee


Wolves just beat Chelsea. And tied Man City. Was it Nottingham Forrest that knocked Arsenal out of a cup last year? I have no clue what your point is. They don't play like a "pack of thugs" though, with a few exceptions. Bournemouth plays excellent football, for example. So does Watford.

that one was

Got clattered about 4 times within the short time he was on the pitch. It was probably the lightest one in which he got injured as well, just rolled over his ankle

Yikes. Was playing great too.

Expected a two footed flying horror tackle based on some of the comments in here. That was a really good tackle. Shame about the injury, but it happens sometimes even in good challenges.

Aye, but what about fourth 4th round exit

Thankfully this isn't a soft tissue injury, and only a hairline fracture from the sound of it so it's unlikely to have a long term effect

It's called a foul play because a law of the game was broken...

It's a trophy lol

Liverpool have a great history with the FA Cup and all, shame to think this geezer doesn't rate it. Genuinely think that third round weekend is one of the best weekends of the season.

maybe b/c Gomez-VVD is significantly better than any CB partnership we've had in a long long time?


Gomez is far better suited to play the likes of City/Arsenal than Lovren due to the fact that hes one of the fastest defenders in the league and is much better at playing out from the back than any of our other CB's


its a huge loss.

Yeah some guys are seriously deluded in this thread. There was only one tackle by Bardsley on Moreno that should’ve been a booking.

Sorry but weren't Chelsea playing at exactly the same time as Liverpool? And it wasn't on TV either, so you've either watched Liverpool instead of Chelsea or not watched Liverpool and are calling people deluded.

Cool. The Bardsley tackle was the worst one but they very very clearly we're going on the instructions of make sure you get the ball but completely take the man out as well which is what people are complaining about

Get him to Barcelona, mate. Dr Cugat will sort him out ;-)

Just the first week or so. The busy period has already begun. Plus we have the winter break in January now.

FA Cup 4th round is scheduled for the 26/27th weekend.

Winter break comes in next year at the start of Feb, mate.

Actually looked decent too. Surprised he hasn’t played since

Major injury, yeah.

We've had some players miss games with knocks and some fringe players missing (Lallana).

Hendo, Keita, Lovren, Mane, and Robertson have all missed games either with short term injuries or as precautions

Nah the long term back injury seemed to have really fucked him.