Loki and Deadpool

Loki and Deadpool

For those who don't know, Loki was actually the one who first told Deadpool that he was just a character in a comic, bringing in the strong emphasis on the whole 4th-wall thing we've grown to love from the little fucker.

CBS cares...

My favorite interaction with them is when Loki cursed Deadpool with Tom Cruises's face.

My favorite interaction with them is when Loki cursed Deadpool with

For those asking, this is how it went. Nothing too detailed, and he doesn't straight up say he's in a comic, but he makes him aware of what their existence really is...

For those asking, this is how it went. Nothing too detailed, and he doesn't straight up say he's in a comic, but he makes him aware of what their existence really is...

The repeated art in these drives me insane. Are they still doing this, or was it just a phase?

Deadpool's Art of War, #1

thats travolta

Here's some that I found with a quick search. I haven't actually read this story arc myself, so I don't know if this is a good place for you to start or not.

Deadpool #002

Deadpool #003

Deadpool #004

Deadpool #005

Deadpool #006

Deadpool #007

Deadpool #008

Deadpool #009

Deadpool #010

Deadpool #011

Deadpool #012

Damn I need to read some Deadpool

Thom Cruz, actually.

It's probably from a repost somewhere.

Is Loki aware of the 4th wall?

wait... deadpool? whos that? i see only galactus and the dude frum that one french comic asterix


This joke seems familiar..

That is actually insanely cool, because if anyone were to somehow know that someone was in a comic, it would be Loki

super intelligent, has his ways around dimensions

But who's on first?

Inventor of the hoverround

I will always upvote Invincible


I would loved to see sexed up modern Loki have more adventures with Pooly.

I would loved to see have more adventures with Pooly.

Travoki. I think I can get behind this.

Well... you're a character in a comic book... But I'm totally real.

I like how he walks away without telling him what do do

Edit: I'll just leave it there.

Mom's spaghetti.

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

Probably people think it's a joke rather than the name of the comic.

Can't Deadpool see the words in the floating bubbles?

I'd prob jack off less. That's likely the only reason people read my comic, and honestly I don't know if i'd want those kinds of readers.

Yea except Loki is a magical character roughly based on the mythological god Loki so any thematic breaks are for artistic uses? I mean it's not like we have legends of immortal super cancer patients in tights.

Heh, you said do do.

Travoki and DeadCruise would be glorious

... WHAT??

The same reason Thor speaks with an English accent in the movies.

Doesn't he imagine the bubbles, like he imagine he is in a comic?

What's on second.

Maybe he is because he's been around as a mythological character for far longer than the comics have been around. And Thor just never noticed because he's too dense.

Why would it be Loki?


Didn't even offend me a little.

Just to be clear, you're complaining that an ancient religion isn't be displayed as accurate.... In a comic book.

How do you figure? If I told you that you were a character in a comic right now, would you just go, "Huh. I guess I'll just sit around and be boring for the rest of my life."?

Something something Tom Cruise.

Deadpool always gets to the frontpage

I want it Loki

Tel me why! My mother's a frost giant!

Tell me why! My brother's too defiant!

Now everyone fall on your knees and pray "I want it Loki"

Ok thanks

You either help or shut the fuck up

As another Scandinavian - I want this guy to stop talking and go fuck himself more than you do. There is nothing offensive about the Avengers, or the Asgardian characters. And nobody gives the first bit of a flying pig's shit if you're offended or not.

Dat 90s boy band haircut, though.

No, Deadpool's been breaking the fourth wall since the Joe Kelly run

No, Deadpool's been breaking the fourth wall since the

Old man here. I never heard of Deadpool until I came to Reddit. Is he a Marvel comic?

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Marinara, but alfredo might be a better option.

Yes but you can only have so much comic relief in one universe.

He didn't say "English language", he said "English accent". Don't even tell me that English and Scandinavian accents sound the same, because we both know they don't.

My favorite comment in a long time

Dunno why it'd be kept low key all this time tbh. Maybe the characters would just get bored and not do anything if they were all told they were in a comic.

Huh, Asterix is French. I always read them in Belgium and it made more sense to me that it be Belgian made (I think that was the setting after all)

Yup, Marvel character dating back to the early 90s. He's pretty popular with reddit because the character is "insane." He knows he's in a comic book and does some pretty wacky things, also breaks the fourth wall quite a bit. Here are the basics



That's interesting. Does Loki say how he knows they're in a comic? He must explain it to Deadpool somehow.


there's more characters like that in the marvel universe

No tv and no beer make Homer go something something.

C'mon Jimmy get your lunch box we don't want to be late for kindergarten

I don't care what gender actually.

Wait no. It'd be hilarious to have Lady!Loki have sex with multiple male members of the Avengers/X-men etc. and then turning into male Loki.

Deadpool is not 'aware' that he is in a comic, he is just insane enough to think that he is and in his insanity he keeps breaking the "4th Wall". The universe existing as a comic is not canon, Deadpool just thinks so.

Thanks for defending me, bb <3

In Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, he crosses through the 4th wall into the real world.

I dont know! Third base!

Where is he already? Mister ubiquitous can't be bothered to show up to his own thread?

U kno it bae ;)

They're still doing it, though much less often than before.

I wonder why you're being downvoted

Just realized I read loki's lines in hiddlestons voice.

Just goes to show how well he captured the character.

Never forgetti

But then you have to consider that Loki is a trickster.... How do I know he isn't just messing with Deadpool by lying? As far as I know Deadpool is the only one with the comic awareness power.