Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers

Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers

This is how you know Republican's hyperventilating about "illegal immigrants" is all bullshit.

If they actually wanted to stop illegal immigration, they would put some extreme punishment on those that employ them. The fact that they don't tells you everything you need to know about their bad-faith propaganda.

Soon after Mr. Trump launched his campaign for the presidency, in June 2015, Ms. Morales recalled, one of the managers summoned her to tell her that she could no longer work inside Mr. Trump’s house.

Around the same time, she said, several workers, who she said were also working illegally, had their work days shaved from five days to three days. “The workers panicked. A lot of people just left,” she said.

As the months went on, she and other employees at the golf club became increasingly disturbed about Mr. Trump’s comments, which they felt demeaned immigrants from Mexico and Central America. The president’s tone seemed to embolden others to make negative comments, Ms. Morales said. The housekeeping supervisor frequently made remarks about the employees’ vulnerable legal status when critiquing their work, she said, sometimes calling them “stupid illegal immigrants” with less intelligence than a dog.

Imagine cleaning up all of the fast food wrappers and diarrhea stains.

The housekeeping supervisor frequently made remarks about the employees’ vulnerable legal status when critiquing their work, she said, sometimes calling them “stupid illegal immigrants” with less intelligence than a dog.

This is why illegal employers will hire employees not eligible to work in the country: they can hold immigration status over the employee and use it to underpay or treat poorly.

"That same year, she said, Mr. Trump had an outburst over some orange stains on the collar of his white golf shirt, which Ms. Diaz described as stubborn remnants of his makeup, which she had difficulty removing. "

See: Andrew Puzder, Trump's original nominee for Secretary of Labor who was also caught using an undocumented housekeeper.

I was worried by the headline that this news might have cost her her employment. Glad to see it ws actually just Trump and his blatant racist rhetoric that did.

That's actually in the article. Not snark.

Rich republicans and politicians don't actually want undocumented immigrants gone, because they all to a person benefit from their presence in this country. They want them afraid and oppressed, because it makes it easier to exploit them.

And I don’t recall ever hearing about negative consequences for the employer if they’re caught hiring ineligible employees.

Edit: That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but I certainly hear more about the consequences for the workers than the employers.

Or the cheap spray tan on the white sheets...

You knew this was just a matter of time. But the hypocrisy is still breathtaking and he needs to pay a political price for it.

Blah blah, "both sides" bad faith argument. Cite sources of democrats not wanting to solve immigration.

Republicans love immigrants who are illegal, because they're so much easier to exploit. Trump could, and probably would, demand they perform fellatio, and say that if they don't play along he will use their illegal status to destroy their lives, and thanks to stricter boarder security, they have less hope of returning, a greater chance of being locked up in a concentration camp and separated from any children they may have. It's all upside for the orange monster and his ilk.

I thought Melania got her papers recently and then helped her parents get their papers through chain migration.

Technically, it's illegal in the US to hire someone who does not have the right to work in the US.

It's also illegal to not hire someone because they are immigrants (with proper documentation). It's illegal to only hire "Americans". It's illegal to select someone because they are "more American" than someone else. Everyone is required to have the same fair treatment if they have the documentation to work.

It is illegal to work in the US without documentation, but it's a civil offense, and it doesn't change your rights as an employee. If you do get hired without documentation, you still maintain your rights as an employee to fair treatment and payment.

In other words - the person hiring someone as an undocumented worker is technically more illegal than and undocumented person being in the country or working. Having an undocumented worker is criminally illegal, working undocumented is civilly illegal.

Being in the country without documentation is also a civil offense.

I'm going to guess that these offenses are generally addressed as a reaction to someone reporting the crimes. And pursuing an indictment is based on who has the interest to do so. Often that's who has power, money, and/or connections in a situation. Most of the time, hiring undocumented workers isn't going to hurt someone with power, money, or connections, so probably wouldn't have a situation where someone would pursue the charge. I'm guessing that, while the severity in the law of hiring undocumented workers is higher, the courts probably don't see all that many cases. I'm also going to guess that's why you hear more about the workers consequences - they are in the courts more based on there being more likely someone might be interested in having them there, not because it's a worse offense.


I mean, the woman performing the role of his wife was also undocumented at one time.

Amnesty solves this problem, though. People become citizens, are far less vulnerable to exploitation, and can join organized labor.

Majority doesn’t beat a filibuster. Democrats put immigration reform on the table, and Republicans went full on anti-immigrant. They started the wall, and the arguing against birthright citizenship.

Let me make one thing very clear: There is no way anyone with fake documents are fooling the employer. This is a joint enterprise, and often the employer will be the one helping with the fake documents, to cover their asses.