Matteo Guendouzi on Fellaini pulling his hair last night: I think there is a bit of jealousy there. Maybe he can't accept the fact that he chose to go back to short hair.

Matteo Guendouzi on Fellaini pulling his hair last night: I think there is a bit of jealousy ther...

Wooh Round 2 goes to Guendo

Had to become a professional footballer just to be able to afford it

couldnt imagine how much shampoo he has to use in his hair

He hasn't been afraid to have an attitude or personality since joining the 1st team this season, and I love it.

I think it’s definitely jealousy but wouldn’t put it as diplomatically as he did. I’m a Guendou fan as of last night.. he looks like A more agile Rabiot and he is what, 19? Beautiful flair for a midfielder and lungs for days!! Did he have an exceptionally good game yesterday? I’ve watched him before but wasn’t too convinced

Falling in love with Matteo

He moves on the pitch in a very mature way for his age. It was a steal for Arsenal.

Also what a beautiful hair... representing France well

Yeah, saw him dangling his upper body outside of his car to celebrate with fans after Derby. Nice to see that

He's been playing like that since he came here. One weakness in his game is that he can be a bit headless at times (not particularly yesterday but other games). But that tactical discipline will come with age and experience, hopefully.

Or maybe he’s just a prick

Wtf, he is french as well? Every damn young promising player is french

This thread is a wholesome, Guendouzi, love feast. I fucking love it.

Good, good

Let the hate flow through you

Rookie move. You gotta go no-poo with pure conditioner

Yeah, no-poo all the way. I once put poo in my hair and then it smelled like shit.

The first game I saw of him against city sold me.

Haha, perfect response. 19 and he's already twice the player that Belgian shithouse will ever be. Guendouzi is going to have a glittering career, Fellaini will have spent his at midtable clubs.

You mean the team ten points clear of you in the league, yeh?

/sub/soccer Come for the football; stay for the grooming tips.

Kenny G regen. Dude looks like one of those young players FM generates after real players start to retire.

Dude's quality was there for everyone to see in his second half cameo against Borehamwood. Emery played him virtually ever preseason game since than and even the first two games of the season (which were definitely too much for him against Chelsea / City).

It's both I reckon

Where's the trophy for that

I mean, I was just happy seeing two cunts fight

They do have almost half a continent as their resource pool, doesn't strike me as unthinkable.

Edit. Hyperbolic of course, but there are so many players of African descent which is why I made this remark. Nothing wrong with it, the French national team just has more children of immigrants than any other European country, I think.

Yeah he's a gem. Was just wondering yesterday why there is so little talk about him (almost none at all).

He's only 19 years old, playing in a position that requires a lot of discipline, football intelligence and experience (which he's definitely lacking yet, understandably) and maybe most impressive of all: just came from France. I mean...we've seen proven, very good players struggle to adjust to the PL at all - or at least take like half a season.

This guy just came in and gave 0 fucks. Makes a mistake? Keeps going. Makes another mistake? Still doesn't waver. Plays without fear, without doubt and just gives it his all.

Really looking forward to how he'll develop and wondering when people are going to start talking about it more.

Logic is that u

As fun as it is to shit on Spurs, they're not just ten points clear of United, but ten times the team too rn with their game.

He's one of my favorite players in the team at the moment. Young, courageous on the ball and with a bit of character.

Guendouzi got a fan in me. Great attitude on and off the pitch.

I think he left PSG to join Lorient Academy and debuted with Lorient B for game time?

Think I read that somewhere, not very sure of it. Would make sense as PSG youth was stacked.

what young promising french player isn't born in france?

My mom has hair like both of them and I think they use a lot of conditioner and little shampoo. That’s what she tells me people with big curly hair do.

Fellaini on his way to being a bald-fraud.

No-poo is the way to go anyway imo. I have short hair and had miserable dandruff no matter which shampoo I used

Well have a nap and then fire ze missiles.

Use sparing amounts of tea tree oil shampoo, and try to wash it every day, whether that be with shampoo or without. Has always worked for me.

He does have a cracking head of hair tbf no shame in being jealous of that

The Sun Heung-Min Rule

Come on, mate. It was right in front of you.

It's a legal issue within punditry - everyone's got to be on the "Torreira's the most under-rated player" until more than half the Sun football columnists have written about him. At that point they can move onto Guendouzi.

I believe it's called the "Son Heung-Min rule".

France - and Paris in particular - is fucking insane. The integration and youth work they've done is ridiculous.

They moved the INF Clairefontaine to Paris. Then started scouting kids in the immigration parts of Ile-de-France (Banlieues). So many people play outside there. They're relatively poor kids with african descend - football is everything to them. Football is developing there naturally, pretty much.

Paris is the city that produces BY FAR the most stars/ is the city where by far the most stars come from.

During this year's world cup, out of all French players (50) - 16 (!!) were from Paris. 8 of them played for France. Those 8 kids from Paris include the likes of Mbappé, Kanté, Pogba, Matuidi, Kimpembe etc.

In addition to that - you don't need the nationality of a country you play for. It's enough to have relatives or stuff like that. Neymar and Sané, for example, could have played for France, if they wanted to, too.

That goes both ways obviously. Senegal has 4 players from Paris lol.

A well known player from Paris, who doesn't play for France, would be Mahrez for example.

Mendy and Mahrez were both bought by City - both acquisitions of course completely unrelated. One arriving from Monaco. One from Leicester. Yet those two have known each other since they were kids. Two kids from Paris who knew each other - and then found themselves again on a top team in England. And it isn't even that surprising: that just goes to show how enormous the talent ocean of Paris is. Those kids are everywhere.

Yall hit us with the Pulis special. Tots came out to play and gotten beaten by the better team on the day. It's a little different.

u guys played an ugly game lol

Well said, Wilsh. Miss ya.

Totally worth it. That hair is fucking glorious

Not possible our missiles are on strike

Umtiti is the only one I can think of.

Why was he playing in ligue 2 and was let go by PSG?

I think he's talking about the French speaking African countries

Torreira would walk into PSG's lineup

Auba/Xhaka would also be in with a shout, based on this season

You could put on some clothes like the rest of us

He still needs to get his positioning down and know when to slow down the game / let the ball do the work.

The difference with him and Xhaka really showed in the past 2 games. He's definitely much more agile than Xhaka, but the composure isn't there.

Ross Barkley?

Basically created two golden chances with the neat passes to Kolasinac who crossed to Mkhitaryan and Auba. Both those chances should've been put away.

This guy has got a bright future he dominated that midfield for a good amount of time considering he’s still young

Just like you used to be


Kind of unrelated but Guendouzi was brilliant yesterday

Type of hair? White people are more likey to have straight hair which is different from guendozis type of hair which is more curly

Nice that he's making light of it and not being whiny like certain people on here

but remember, he's Jose's prick

Ah yes, how did I not get that, I'm French. I think I'm tired


tbf Auba didn't do much wrong, was a good save by De Gea.

[nb I'm only stand up for him because he's single-handedly carrying my work Fantasy football time right now]

Ahhh FFS

they didn't say they weren't?

Don't think so. Matteo has maturity, personality and class on the ball way, way above his age. I'm probably exagerating, but it feels like he has an aura of greatness.

Have such high hopes for this kid!

Yeah,Spurs are not gonna win a trophy just by that comment

I laughed in his first game against us. Typical Wenger signing. Same old Arsenal.

Turns out I was right but he's Wenger 1.0 not 2.0. Top player and top lad.

All these things can describe AMN. He just has been hurt all season so everyone forgot

Bend the knee to the mighty Tottenham!

That’s what I do, though I ran out of tea tree a few weeks ago and I haven’t noticed a difference. I try to shampoo once a week, sometimes two weeks

Fellaini is such a cunt that arsenal fans can’t even be fucked to meme Tottenham in this thread. Heartwarming almost

and he is what, 19? Beautiful fl hair for a midfielder and lungs hair for days!!

Eh I'd rather face PSG again than Arsenal.

This is proper banter.

Another great accolade for the mighty Tottenham

He was fantastic against us in that game. I didn't really know how good he was until I saw his movement. Think he made a few key passes too.

And let's be honest, Umtiti is more of an established star than a young, promising player.

Speak for yourself mate. If I don't wash my hair every couple of days it smells like chips. Even northern lasses are not into that.


Looks like the third one in four years that we'll finish above them actually. So pipe down.

He actually didn't even touch him, but whatever

Can't remember us playing them?

Would you say that he's... Niles better?

im mixed raced so i have curly hair and when its longs it awful, i couldnt imagine doing that

His touch is also fucking terrible.


yeah but Rabiot is also a tall French CM with long hair so they're the same bro alright

There are also people who are the other way around, like me. I have fine hair and oily scalp, and I live in a large and humid city (Buenos Aires), so if I go a single day without shampooing my hair looks like shit. I tried shampooing less a few years ago -- only once every two days. Supposedly "the scalp gets used to it and produces less oil". I just developed a dandruff problem instead.

In short, it depends on the person. Some people have to wash their hair/scalp every day, some others can go weeks without shampoo. There is no one true way.

Pretty much his level of play since he’s been here. I would say his biggest weakness so far is that he tends to hold on to the ball too long and gets caught on it sometimes, creating some dangerous situations on the counter.

Generally though very impressive, especially for his age, and we love his attitude

he also needs to get a bit more upper body strength. sometimes he has already beaten his man, he should power ahead. But a little nudge, and he is bundled off the ball. If he is lucky, refs call freekicks. But sometimes they don't, and we are now facing a dangerous situation.

His mom forced him

Oh my god, I love this kid

As a long haired person, you use a small amount of shampoo. I use about a dime sized bit, you use it for the scalp, excess runs off into hair. Then you just use conditioner and youre straight. Im sure it depends on the hair, I use Pureology for shampoo and conditioner and its been working out great.

You take finishing above us 3 of 4 years, I'll take 3 trophies in 4 years. Deal?

No one is even close to France in this regard.

hahaha u got me, im 1/4 nigerian so even logic is more black than me

.. What? He doesn't even suggest that.

I think it's a little unfair on you guys. The English get to have loads of 2nd generation African and West Indian players and no one says anything about that. But that said maybe if England win a tournament the salt will find itself their way!

I really like him, however he still makes some unneeded errors, especially sometimes trying to force a free-kick and not getting it. Some misplaced passes and I also have the feeling that defensively the combination of Xhaka and Toirerra is better than Guendouzi + Xhaka/Toirerra.

However, he's only 19 and already seems so mature and experienced. A few more seasons and I think he COULD become world class. He tells people like Sokratis - who is 30 - where to run, where to pass. He reads the game really good.

A lot of the other players in the squad also rate him, and they see him in training, so I think he def. has the potential.

Honestly I think last night was his best game yet. I was also impressed even though I had nowhere as high of an opinion of him as other Arsenal fans. Now I feel like he will do better with some experience, and yeah his stamina was very impressive.