Every day

Unlike you virgins i actually get a lot of texts from obvious scammers and from my phone company telling m to buy a better data plan.

Like it or not it’s all I’m getting

Mr Sexual. 😎




Much better than getting a text and spending 20 minutes figuring out how to respond without sounding awkward


With that Disney channel flow

Bastard! You reposted my repost! And got more upvotes!

displeased mumbling noises

se tonight

I'm in group therapy and almost everyone I have given my number to has not texted me back/ignores my messages feelsgoodman

My man!

Perhaps they’re anxious?

Save some pussy for the rest of us



Party rockers in the hou

My brain is mostly telling me they hate me I often feel/know I'm the worst off in the group.

Then eventually closing out of the message and trying to avoid that awkward "I texted you" response next time you see them.

Thats how much this is reposted


o kthi

Ok rhie is e

ok t


ok this e

okay this is epic 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Teach me your ways



And got gilded!

I don’t see anything Oh wait since I say this, people would find me as a joke Then I can be a bigger joke to this society


Yessss 😍