Most expensive starting eleven at the U21-championship according to

Most expensive starting eleven at the U21-championship according to

Let's see if Spurs accept an offer of €15m (£10.85m/$16.85m) for Harry Kane.

If they went by the ridiculous prices the England players are actually valued at it would just be the whole England team.

i thought Emre Can was at least 30 years old

Kane is definitely worth more than 11 mil regardless of if he's English.

Leno is 23.

"The truth is there is a reason for this.

This is due to the fact that in the qualifier stages of the U21 Euros, all the players aged under 21 can take part in the qualifiers.

Which is why, when this stage reaches the end, two years late, these football players have grown quite a bit and can play at 23. Namely, at the beginning of a competition the player has to be aged 21 or under but this does not apply for the final stage"

Most of these players are worth more than what's being suggested here tbh. Their relative value in relation to the other players at the tournament is all that really matters.

Damn Germans being great and everything

That's the other angrier Emre you're thinking of.

Except for beating anyone in friendlies. They have lost to teams like Australia. Friendly Germany is friendly.

Except for beating the U.S. in friendlies, amirite guys???????? ducks

Or you're an Everton fan

Yeah, I don't see talents like Volland, Berardi, Can and Meyer going for their listed value either, they're all worth much more than that.

Ginter at 10 mil after this season is generous...

damn this exchange made me uncomfortable

I didn't even know Raphael Guerreiro was called up. I'm so excited for this tournament our squad is great :D

probably because he's better than ter Stegen.


I think Volland is a bad example for your case, I don't know why he is valued so highly. He is great no doubt - but I would rate some of the others on the team much higher than him.

Or looking at it from the other perspective - he might be the only one where 20 Mio. could be enough to actually buy him.

Jesus fuck I know, just because you put /s at the end of a comment doesn't mean it automatically becomes funny.

Leno is still under 21? Damn.

UCL winner or not, Leno is still better than Ter Stegen.

I think that's what homer means. As in, home team/market bias.

Not really sure though.

Is John Stones is worth less than 10M? Either I'm a blind homer or something is off.

Yeah, no, I got that.

Nah, i would have Stones and Rugani over Knoche and Ginter,

30+ goals, and 20 league goals is quite special for someone of his age. Look up the list of players who did the same at 20 years old and he's in some pretty great company

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Our U20 squad was also great and they lost :( I hope the U21 can avenge them :D

Excited to watch Berardi :))

And also the danish national team. I have hope for once

Not that.

Surprised Transfermarkt actually rates Ginter and Knoche higher than Rugani or Stones, it must be because of the teams the two Germans actually play in

Götze is at 50mio Euros.

Maybe you are confusing him with Emre Belozoglu

I'm pretty sure a 21 year old who scored 31 goals in all competitions in the top flight of Spain, France, Italy, etc would be worth more than 11 mil too

He's Turkish/German. Plays for Germany's U21s though.

I think what this overview really shows is how important young talents for German teams. Without playing time they wouldn't be that valuable. There could be on or two more German players in that "lineup" (for example Mario Götze) if they weren't already playing for the first team). And I think that's a real problem in England: You produce talent, but you don't give them enough playing time.

He's 23. Cut-off date is 1 January 1992, as the qualification started in March 2013.

Well with Ginter at least you could say his value is "real" as Dortmund actually paid 10 million for him. Not saying Rugani or Stones wouldn't command that but from a market value stand point you've gotta take what's actually happened as more than what most people say should happen.

Given the circumstances (Young, English, 21 goals in the league and 31 overall for his first full season, YPOTY, Our best outfield player, Long contract still left, Levy), I'd honestly say that £30m wouldn't come close to what we'd consider.

Not knocking Lukaku, but Kane would take money that potentially far exceeds his worth to take him away right now.

Thanks for the clarification!

the other angrier Emre

God Euro '08 was buckets of fun.

After serbia wins the U20 world cup, theyll win the U21 euro

And Pogba and Koke are at 50M.

Isco's at 45M. Verratti's 40M, Alaba's 38M. Then Sterling, Courtois, and Lukaku are 30M.

And someone this age that's worth a lot more? Neymar would be eligible if playing for a European country, and his market value's 80M.

Fittingly that seems like the best starting eleven at the U21 Championship.

Leno is really turning into a fine young keeper. I think he'll edge out Ter Stegen to fill Neuer's massive boots whenever he's gone.

Wait a minute...

I don't understand your logic. William Carvalho literally just played with the main squad 2 days ago and he's there. You think Bernardo Silva isn't?

He is tho.

Lots of Turkish people in Germany, he's probably at least partially ethnically Turkish.

Eh i don't think he had that bad of a season compared to others. i think most think that due to the whole general performance this season. I agree though 10 mil is a bit much.

Yeah I put on the quotes should have given the source too

Plus his goals were the product of movement and anticipation, not a series of unrepeatable worldies (cough Cisse cough). He simply looks and moves like a top class striker.

Ah, ok. That makes much more sense. I could pretty sure he was older than 21.

I thought he was actually Liverpool's best signing, he was pretty good when not played at right back

Ginter struggled and barely made an impact for Dortmund. Stones was Everton's best defender last season and Rugani played well for Empoli. I would 100% choose them over Ginter. Haven't watched Wolfsburg that much to comment on Knoche.

Surprised Bernardo Silva is not in there.

Arsenal's interest dropped last winter when they were asking around 35-40 for him

William rated the most expensiveEven though it doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna be the best , get in.

Jack Wilshere could have participated!


COmpetitive Germany on the other hand. Well f me....

actually don't- I am not Brazil

So who is the most expensive player not in the U-21 championship? Depay is at 20M euros but still at PSV according to

I was pretty happy with Lallana, shame he's been injured a lot.

He was born a few months afte the cutoff date. I think the cutoff-date was January 1992, Götze was born June 1992.

Leno is more expensive than ter Stegen?

Pogba isn't here because hes worth £0


We (Denmark) look really promising this year,even though Okore couldn't make it.

Stones is still an astonishing player and I think anyone that even just caught several everton matches this season would agree (this coming from another everton fan)

People are going to try and contradict what you say with "What about Walcott/Michael Owen?!" and a few other anecdotal cases, but I completely agree with you. I feel great teams are made when you have a culture of giving young talent lots of high level playtime, which England doesn't do.

Well David Luiz was bought for 50 million doesn't mean he was valued that much.