My downstairs neighbor has a teenage daughter...and I mean....holy fucking shit

My downstairs neighbor has a teenage daughter...and I mean....holy fucking shit

I thought you were going somewhere complete different with this..

My mum had 3 boys, then one girl.

and I Quote: "I'll raise 3 boys at once over another fucking girl!"

I spent my sister's teenage years in my room playing music to try and drown out the constant screaming. Simply asking her to put her half of the dishes away would start a 30 minute fight.

The worst part is that ten years later she completely denies that she was that bad.

We have taken in my wifes adopted 15 year old sister this past week. She was living with my wifes brother(with wife and kids), but she "ran away" and we acted as respite up until the next 3 hours. Ho. Lee. Shit. This girl has been sexting, drinking, fucking, failing school and lying out her ass to hide it all. Her reasons for running away were because they made them do things "that mom's should do"(chores). We figured, ok this girl deserves a second chance. I locked down my network like fort Knox. Every packet in and out I saw. Because of this we decided to let her have a sense of freedom and gave her a laptop while she was with us to use for schoolwork and music only. We figure to give her a small amount of privilege and see what happens. Oh yea, trust broken within hours. Get a call from school last night. She had a detention for having a phone in class. Where, we found out she was soliciting herself and looking for some guy, any guy really to take her away. I've been up for 24 hours almost to make sure she doesn't take off. Typing this from my bed with one eye on the hallway. This has to be hell. On the bright side I did learn what cool things the kids are saying (#fresh).

Oh, and I have 10 and 11 year old girls. I now see why God invented garages and fishing camps.

(Also, not op. Just a dude in a relatable experience)

I'm just gonna kill myself then and there.

Yeah, your sisters are the dramatic ones in the family. Sure.

Try having one of your own. I'll walk in the house and see another teenage girl is over. I'll ask my wife, "Isn't she the one that...". Before i get ithe out she'll say, "Yes. I'll explain it later". I can't keep up with who is a BFF and who's the mortal enemy. It can change in a matter of minutes and switch right back in seconds. All I know is if she's alone in her room for long it's time for a coffee and a cake pop. I miss when it was ice cream.

Same... Do I have to take a seat over there now?

She needs therapy. Seriously get her in to see someone asap, girls don't do that stuff because they are dramatic, they do it because something is wrong.

There really should be support groups for dads with daughters. Like at the bar.. or local fishing hole, or something.

The day my sisters stop teaming up on me, and turned on each other was glorious.

Just wait until she starts dating.

And being a terrible driver

Me and my sister have tasks we have to do in the household, making sure the table is ready for dinner, doing dishes, clean our rooms, I always have to almost drag her with me, then the one time I am lazy and don't want to do something she begins a fight and is stating how she always has to drag me with her. Life is hard

Can confirm. Former teenage girl.

Does all the chores

Tries to get others to help but they constantly refuse

Gets called lazy because I spent my off time in my room

Story of my teenage life

Am also teenager. Cannot confirm.

There are 3 o's to bad driving. Old, oriental, and ovaries

Sadly No, She's 7 years younger than the youngest Brother, so we were all grown up and had moved out by that stage.

That's why you put them in a box with air holes until they turn 18!

You misread that. Now he's a teenage boy.

There was history of abuse. Don't let my little insomniac rant paint the wrong picture. She has potential, she has life goals. It CAN be fixed. She grew up in an unstructured home with no discipline, abuse, and neglect. But the first step does start with her wanting to correct her actions. I hope her week here has shown that there are people that care about her and want the best for her. We feel bad, but to those reading this situation we are not her guardians and our hands are tied.

No, she said Agents

Just think one day those daughters of yours are going to walk through your front door and give you a kiss on the cheek and a nice "Hi dad". Unbeknownst to you she recently had a big fat cock in her mouth. Your baby girl is going to suck a dick, it's going to happen.

I think you mean 25.

Based off this fact and your username you sound like my kinda gal. Hey, I'm swolemedic. How you doin

Tell us more of how they turned each other on!

Got any good stories out of that?

Here's my experience with an upstairs teenage daughter:

The amount of after school parents-arent-home teenage sex

Is too damn high!

Schrodinger's daughter.

Boys destroy things, girls destroy lives.

I've always said when my first child is born if the doctor says it's a girl I'm just gonna kill myself then and there. I have three sisters and the ratio of drama to what me and my brother cause is huge.

Shhhh shhh it's ok.

I've been a teenager. I also can't confirm this.

What I can confirm is the amount of masturbation. So much masturbation...

That's illegal...

this I can confirm

You just listed two things that already exist, and for that reason. It's achieving the escape velocity to get there that's the problem.

That might also be because they raised 7 kids.

we are 6 brothers one sister. when she turned 18 that is when my parents grew white hair.

You should have worn a condom.

I'm just here so I won't get fined

Hey! We're generalizing here, take your equality and get the hell out!

I have 3 teenage daughters, the amount of drama in my home is...a lot.

They didnt say she was asian

You think it's bad? Try it with a step-daughter. All the same drama, but I can't do anything except duck and cover when it hits critical mass. ...and my SO wonders why I want to build a bar in the garage.

There's more!

Don't even have to worry about it if you nix the air holes.

My sister and mom always argue about stupid stuff. My mom will ask her to do something and she'll get a bit snippy and soon they're going at it.

My sister asked me why Mom never gets mad at me. I told her "because I actually do what she asks and don't argue with her" but she doesn't seem to get it.

I'm living at home in my 20s with a 16yr old sister and holy shit I agree. I'm just trying to read a book in my room and WW3 gets started outside everytime the dishwasher or dryer needs to be emptied.

As the only guy in my house, I think if I had that many girls in my home plus my wife and mother in law, I'd spontaneously menstruate.

On this thread, I feel like the only guy whose sisters weren't complete bitches.

4th one is Odyssey. I've seen Honda Odyssey drivers do dumb shit far too often.

I like to throw in a forth as 'on the phone'. That way everyone is included

Don't worry, you'll be a wizard soon.

Haha, I take my girls fishing, do sciencey stuff among a plethora of other activities. We are the model nuclear family. Thank you for your concerns, but as a dad you can't help but worry how your own kids are going to turn out when you see all the others around you.

In the end, I feel that if you do worry about how your kid will turn out, chances are they will be just fine. A+ advice though that all should follow.

biometric lock


Great outlook on life.

He can take breaks for a little bit, and still have good values and spend time with his children.

My sister would punch holes in the walls. Scary.

I still havent forgiven my sister for the shit she pulled growing up and I'm 31 now. She would date jock guys and have them jump me after school with their buddies just to make me do her chores, then threaten to commit suicide if I caught her doing anything like drinking or smoking. She took a hairspray bottle, emptied it, filled it with water and drank it in front of me once when I told her I was going to 'tell on her'. I was so scared I called 911 (I didn't know it was water)

Yeah my younger sister is in perpetual denial about her bad behaviour. Bring up the bad thing she did 10 years ago? She's totally changed. 5 years ago? She's totally changed. 1 year ago? She's changed, dammit! Yesterday? Stop making her feel bad!

Ah well, at least if your sister is better now, that's progress. :P

Care to share not OP?.


Worst. Porno. Ever.

"Secret Aaaasian man."

At least he has a plan, I guess.

"But I love Billy! He is the only one who really understands me! You will never understand what that is like!" Followed by 4 hours of crying and sulking.

Next day; "Johnny asked me out today! OMG! He is sooo amazing!"

Build the bar, add sound proofing before the sheetrock, biometric lock, because you need an escape. I wouldn't even tell anyone I was doing it. Set it up with friends, plan it out, one Saturday morning all your buddies show up, and a delivery truck with all the building materials show up, done.

Save your sanity make the man cave!

Was teenager for 7 years, cannot confirm.

Because at ANY age(over 18) ANY girl can get laid is she's willing to lower her standards.

Fucking kids.

Your sister is satan

Just wrong dude, wrong.

This is my 12-year-old step-daughter right now. Every little request turns into a tear-filled, one-way argument at us and it's NEVER her fault.

A simple request, such as picking up her dirty socks in the living room turns into a "you're ruining my life because you're so mean! Leave me alone! I can do whatever I want and you can't tell me what to do!"

She's started counseling to vent out her anger but every day is a battle of stupid little bullshit things. It's exhausting.

Can confirm. I'm a teenager

But... wait...

I go through this every single week. Best friends one second, next they liked a picture on instagram and they are mortal enemies. I drink a lot.

Am a 26 year old woman, was a teenage girl, I can confirm this. And I was also one of the "weird kids with problems" so I thought I was awesome and broody when really I was just annoying and emo.

I'm just here to chill

The fuck you on about?

I can one up you.

My stepdaughter's deadbeat sperm donor died (of his drugs and alcohol habit) back when she was 12. A week before Christmas. And of course while I did all the work he's the one she got a "look at my daddy issues!" Tattoo for when she turned 18.

Every holiday season is utter hell of walking on eggshells.

She's still living to home for college. I love her, but secretly can't wait for her to move out.

What are you doing here?

Different strokes and all that I guess.

she used a stud finder beforehand to find the perfect punching location

I feel like the only girl on this thread that isn't a drama queen.

But hot, though

What were you doing with those condoms?

Uh, im a balloon artist

But then everyone will whine because those places exclude women. And so the cycle begins again!

She's always been at war with BFF. BFF and her have always been best friends.

I have identical twin girls that turn 16 on Monday. I'm pretty much just numb to it all now.

If you see a guy alone at a bar, odds are he's avoiding his wife and kids.

a push to see what t can do.

I also run a magaine

lack og self esteem

Geez, I hope you're not the editor of said magaine.

Or y'know, you could raise them differently then your parents did. Just an idea.

I was an only child.

I was such a bitch in my teenage years, no wonder my mom drank.