Navy Tip #3: If you pull over to help someone, remember not to rape them

Navy Tip #3: If you pull over to help someone, remember not to rape them

What's the context?

Seems like a pretty good joke poking fun at this teach not to rape crap.

Unfortunately it's probably serious. I asked my fiancé (Navy) if he thought it was real. He says, and I quote

Oh yeah. The Navy would say something like this in a heartbeat.

Essentially, if one person puts a toe out of line they will require the entire base to present all ten toes for inspection every day at 0700 to make sure they're in line.

Over the course of the time we've been together, I've had many a date canceled, or his liberty days cut short or canceled because some fucker in his division fucked up with booze/sex/whatever

Ok got it. Now what if I'm pulled over and someone stops to help me? Allowed to rape them or no?

I'm just trying to get the rules straight.

It's hard to laugh when you're neck-deep in seamen.

You cannot rape them in a box. You cannot rape them with a fox. You cannot rape them in a house. You cannot rape them with a mouse. You cannot rape them here or there. You cannot rape them anywhere. You cannot rape them in a van. You cannot rape them, Sam-I-Am.

Thanks, gilder, for your generous donation to the Rape Cultural Preservation Society.

Well, how else is a "How not to rape" class supposed to work? Unless the Ludvigo (too lazy to look up spelling) Treatment from Clockwork Orange is involved how could such a class not be as Poe as this?

I just can't picture such a class not consisting of lectures and slides like this and guys in the class being like "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so THAT'S how you do it. Yeah I get it now. NOT raping her, yeah that's right, can't believe it never dawned on me."

Ex-Navy here, been out for less than a year. This does not surprise me, and it is not a joke. The navy has no sense of humor.

the rules straight.

How dare you make this about straight people all the time!

My roommate has been with a couple different military units. From what he describes, this is actually fairly typical sexual assault prevention training.

SHARP is such a fucking big ol' hulking piece of shit that doesn't work, I'm not sure how it doesn't have a bigger budget. I don't know the trick to reducing the sexual assault problem in the services, but I know it sure isn't treating your Joes like they're a ticking timebomb of rape.

SHARP is such a fucking big ol' hulking piece of shit that doesn't work, I'm not sure how it doesn't have a bigger budget.


Video aimed more towards the people who are the designated person to come to about sexual assault

Sort of.

Having sat through these briefs before, the military has never really understood how to address sexual issues, and as normal, they try to yell at it first.

Several years ago, my company was watching a mandatory sexual assault video and they were kind of handling it as if it were a drunk driving issue. It started off with 2 marines at a bar, one male one female. Then they go to one of their houses. Then the dude gets aggressive with the girl and we basically all have to listen to two people acting out a sexual assault (which is really uncomfortable for everyone). Then the lecture about sexual assault and sexual assault prevention starts in the video. Things to do, things not to do, how to protect yourself, etc. But, then... I swear this scene happened.

Male JAG officer is talking about the punishments for sexual assault. He's talking sternly at the camera in a black background.

"Sexual Assault is illegal."

camera jumps to his right. Then he snaps his head towards the camera and angrily yells: "SO DON'T DO IT!"

Literally everyone breaks up with nervous laughter. "I promise not to rape anyone! Stop yelling at me!" was the feeling. It was so absurd and surreal.

I think it had a very opposite feeling than what they were intending. I would love to find that video if I could show it to you all.

Usually, they try, mean well, and are reasonable. But it's not like they don't screw up.

This is the opening scene of the lecture

Commandant tried using motivation, inspiration, and a little bit of propaganda to fight against s...

More modern video that's better

On a final note, she will always have problems with someone fucking up.

to reset the device, hold the power and function buttons simultaneously for four seconds. When the device powers back on it should be reset to the factory default. Navigate through the initial setup options. When prompted, enter your four digit pin and remember to not rape anyone at this time.

Don't worry. They'll learn to love it if my memory of this story is correct.

"Oh look, a person in distress. Well I'd certainly appreciate help in their situation so let me just pull over...."

"Now, before I get out, what did that power point say? Am I supposed to rape or not? Shit this will be embarrassing if I'm supposed to rape and only help change a tire!"

How dare you make this about straight people all the time!

And here we go with the blatant silencing of otherkin in society...

I guess I see you're point. I just can't see anyone ever taking this seriously.

The context of the message totally seems like a joke though since it's "if you pull over to help someone, don't rape them" I think if it were a serious teach not to rape course, instead of a joke about that attitude, they'd at least try to make it fit a bit better? Maybe? Who knows really with these types.

Is this a thing? Was someone ordered to put together a rape prevention class and decided to be sarcastic?

What are tips 1 and 2?

You'd be surprised. The Canadian military got itself into a bit of a debacle last year when they invited a "gender expert" to lecture at the Royal Military College (Canada's officer academy), and it tuned out the "gender expert" was a full-blown radfem who started spewing hysterical 3rd wave insanity onto the audience. She tried to tell them, for example, that if a man and a woman, both drunk, decide to have sex, the man is always a rapist in that scenario and the women is always a victim since drunken consent isn't consent (and that sort of crap). She was more or less jeered out of the place, and controversy inevitably ensued. As well last year, the military commissioned another "expert" to evaluate the workplace environment in the Canadian military. This one turned out to be an established radfem as well, and naturally concluded that the Canadian military is one big "rape-culture", citing for example, use of the word "pussy" by military males to describe weak or cowardly individuals as proof of deep-rooted misogyny etc etc etc.

Point being: The military authorities who pick these "experts" to come "help" the military aren't up on 3rd wave feminism, don't know what an SJW is, have never heard of tumblr (the people making these decisions are basically your grandfather) so they naively allow toxic individuals into positions where they can do things like presenting lectures such as the one in this screenshot. So I have no doubt this slide is real. These nutcases insidiously take advantage of the ignorance of old, naive, out-of-touch establishment types to infiltrate these institutions so they can pull shit like the above.

I kinda imagine a Rapeaholics Anonymous, awesome name for a band or a hentai or both.

Guys who don't WANT to rape anymore but can't help it. "I've gone 100 days without raping a woman" (applause).

Jokes aside, learning how not to drink/smoke/get high/eat too much, can be hard as fuck for some people, and presumably for some people it might be just as hard not to rape. Such people need to be locked up (comfortably if they've never actually acted on their impulses, I feel genuinely sorry for someone that broken who has fought their dark urges) and are a tiny percentage of the population even among rapists who mostly do it for the evulz and power.

They spend time in Navy Boot Camp about male and female sexual assault.

In army, can confirm, SHARP is a double edged sword.

And here we go with the blatant silencing

Wow, way to oppress mute people. Great job.

I'm the king of the sea peopleeeeee

Have you seen the one with the college party with all the drunk lance corporals? There's a scene where the dude asks his gf if it's ok to kiss her in the most unnatural way possible.

"No ma'am, we in the FBI Navy have no sense of humor we are aware of."

you cannot rape them with a fox

"Swiper, no swiping!"


Yeah, it gives you some damage downgrade, but being able to control your tears is cool. And if you get brimstone...

I'd say go for it, purely because it'll be a great way to learn a trade and meet people plus fitness.

However, you gotta remember, this is the US Navy we're talking about. They are... Bizarre. For example, my friend is currently in Oklahoma guarding a base (he's an MP). Just to be clear, he's in the Navy and stationed in a landlocked state. I'm sure some Navy guy can explain it, but my mind boggles whenever I think of it.

That's pretty much what I was thinking. Someone ordered an overworked NCO to write up a class on how not to rape. He sighed, rolled his eyes and opened up powerpoint.

two hours later, this.

That sounds pretty annoying.

Makes me question whether or not I should join my countries military. Something I've been weighing heavily recently.