No school should be allowed to turn away a gay student, Scott Morrison says

No school should be allowed to turn away a gay student, Scott Morrison says

This is just cyclical now.

Internal leaks result in the public learning of the Libs deciding that their latest terrible idea is brilliant Public outrage After bad idea turns out to be a bad idea, PM has to come out and say ‘Bruh we wouldn’t do that, that’s a terrible idea lol please vote Lib in may’

It was selling off the ABC and now it’s the Ruddock report.

Internal polling in Wentworth must be completed fucked! This is a train wreck. Whoever leaked this thing, I'd buy em a round.

The young libs are showering down-votes again.

It's delightful how scared they are. Gives me hope :)

Fierce brigading this week.

e: Yep, there it is.

They can fuck right off. Downvotes are not going to save them at the next election.

WTF is up with all the downvotes?? What is going on guys.

ScoMo hasn’t a fraction of Turnbull’s intelligence. He’s a shandy lightweight.

"I don't think if someone's at a school they should be kicked out because they have a different sexuality to what might be believed to be the appropriate thing by a particular religious group."

Why didn’t he say this earlier? What exactly is going on here?

"We're going to protect religious freedom and we're not going to allow discrimination against children," he said.

So… what’s the point of all this bluster, then? Just a crusade to defend homophobic bakers?

ScoMo the serial apologiser and flip flopper since everybody mistook his poorly acted awkward dad routine out of context?

Didn’t take ScoMo long to become Turnbull in a cap 🧢

It really does seem to focus on this subject doesn’t it? The timing between this leak and the brigade starting is a hell of a coincidence as well.

Shifting the Overton Window.

Ask for an incredibly unpopular recommendation to be included. Refuse to accept the recommendation, so as to appear reasonable and listening to public outrage. The public will perceive the less extreme recommendations as reasonable.

Private entity funded by pubic money?

Just take heart that this means one thing, that their internal polling is extremely one sided and even they have no way to spin it and they have no choice but to accept it.

“I can’t dispute your logical points with my own, but feel the wrath of my downvote!” huddled masses of toxicity intensifies

Yesterday it was the no school should be allowed to turn away a gay student. You know you guys have fucked up badly for such an immediate backflip.

My school wouldn't have expelled a queer student, they just would have been "asked to leave."

Too late you lying scummo.

This is the government that officially says it refuses to have compassion for children.


Not even that, it would have just been pointed out that perhaps there were other more appropriate schools that they could attend. That's the favourite method of getting rid of any pupil/family that doesn't "fit in", make it perfectly clear they're not welcome without actually saying so.

Nah, our lot aren't that clever. The far right of the LNP is just out of control and out of touch with the voters.

He's a placeholder till the election at best

Is that why religious schools had such a great run with sexual abuse?

Make it two

Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard..

Agreed. Makes me hard

It means Scotty has the same spine and vision of his predecessor.

What if they put up a "No boongs" sign?

You realise your position hasn't been reflected in the legislation for decades now?

Step 4: use AFP as personal brute squad to attack whistleblowers.

My school went with "asked to leave" a lot, but same difference.

Geez Morrison must have friggin whiplash from backpedaling that hard

Yeah nah get fucked don’t be shit to children, they’re children

That bird is the word.

Scomo was right when he said it was already the law, in every state except Queensland and Tasmania (of all places) religious schools have the right to expel gay students. David Marr wrote an article that's probably already been shared on this subreddit that touched on this, but I don't think many people were aware of this. It's a horrifying concept, and LGBT activists have been fighting to raise awareness and change the law for longer than same-sex marriage was on the agenda and it never caught any traction. Now in one fell swoop everyone knows about it and are absolutely disgusted. The LNP inadvertently gave us same-sex marriage and now may have inadvertently provided the catalyst to strengthen federal anti-discrimination laws.

Problem is it happens even if it's not deliberate, this is why we need a raving marxist or anarchist senator. At the very least the public status of such a left wing "loony" would pull the Overton window.

Wow, Scott Morrison is such a good guy!

Scomo was right when he said it was already the law

Well, no, because as you said: every state except Queensland and Tasmania...

The distinction is that the Commonwealth only currently provides an exemption to the the scope of its own anti-discrimination laws, and each state and territory can build on the anti discrimination law - as you noted a couple of them have.

In other words, what Queensland and Tasmania currently have are additive anti-discrimination laws.

What has been proposed in the review would enshrine a religious right to this exemption, which would result in the existing laws of those two states, along with the potential future laws of other states and territories, being nullified because they would be in opposition to the proposed religious freedom law, and by default state law will be overridden by commonwealth law unless otherwise stated in the constitution.

In other words, what Queensland and Tasmania would have would be subtractive rights laws, and as such would be constitutionally voided.

It is bad that currently we don't have uniform protection for teachers and students from such discrimination, but I object to people saying Morrison was right. What Morrison said implies there would be no change, but as I've shown, that isn't so.

Fair point. It's true for most of the country including his home state, but it certainly adds another dimension of awfulness to it that the feds would go so far as to interfere in state anti-discrimination protections, which have always been far aheead of federal protections, for the sake of throwing a bone to the bigots after losing a vote they brought on themselves.

Someone on here described him as a Nightwatchman PM