Notch stocked up for Atari creator

Notch stocked up for Atari creator

Based Minecraft

Notch is actually based af

Seems to happen surprisingly often when regular people get "fuck you" money. Scott Adams is the same.

This guy is unassailably based. The kind of based that casts red pills from an impenetrable fortress, atop a sheer-cliffed mesa, like in the best fuckin' James Bond movie I'm too lazy to look up.

Fucking love Notch.

Based Block Merchant

Because once they have money they don’t have to worry about the politics of the people above them, just like how trump was a democrat up until a couple years ago

I suspect, without knowing much about Trump's level of support of Democrats in the past, that it was a tactical move on his part to grow his brand in the media and the inner circle of NYC.

Guy is the avatar of fuck you money

I don't care about awards or awards shows or awards organizations. That said, fuck whoever made that decision and fuck that organization for giving in to the leftist mob.

It's great when high profile people who are in touch with the younger generation with fuck you money red pill like this

its like he owns his own city, and redpills the whole city's water supply. doing God's work, based Minecraft man

In NYC, you're either a Democrat or a leper. So if you wanna get anywhere in life, you gotta have that D next to your name, regardless of whether or not you subscribe to the party ideology.


One of the best tools to red pill people is simply just letting the left be themselves. They are so insufferable and behave with the upmost lunacy and use fascist tactics that unless you're so mentally gone, people can see what they are and want no part of it.

In a 2012 Playboy profile of Atari, Bushnell stated that prototype machines were named after attractive female employees, with the home version of Pong codenamed Darlene after an employee who “was stacked and had the tiniest waist”. source

This guy is my fucking spirit animal.

They’ll call Notch evil for sure, yet this week he donated £10,000 to CRY, a charity in India that is trying to eliminate child labor, a pretty large endemic in the country.

Pewdiepie was the one sponsoring the charity. He started it when he got criticism from crazies saying that he was racist towards India because he jokes about an Indian media channel that is eventually going to overtake him as the #1 Youtuber in the world.

Still, this tweet will get criticism from ignorant people who have done absolutely nothing to help the world. Notch’s character speaks for himself though, and he is a good man. If you have the platform, keep exposing these people for what they are: evil, self centered, victim-complex whoring, attention-seeking conglomerates of human trash.

Side note (sorry I have to do my part): subscribe to pewdiepie if you haven’t already. He reviews memes and has an entire segment where he calls out the media’s bullshit on a lot of stuff. Really quality daily content.

Ok I spelt stood wrong because Mobil autocorrect.

Like D. Trump?

Literally a stable genius


"From Mensa member to Minecraft inventor, Marcus Persson's imaginative world of blocks has led millions of people to unblock their own imaginations and build their dream worlds together."

He probably has enough money to make his own city

Like Minecraft Notch?

* He has enough blocks to make his own city

Totally Minecraft Notch.

I agree and I think trump was a democrat because he was anti military industrial complex. you can be pro military and not want constant wars. Peace thru Strength. Plus he was really good friends with JFK2 before he well.. u know, got killed.

Ya. I mean, Atari man also created Chuck E Cheeses. If anyone deserves a life time achievement award...

I’m out of the loop on this, can anyone fill me in?

The IGDA was going to give the creator of Atari a life time achievement award. Then a few SJW harpies drummed up some BS about how he was problematic for some things that he did in the early years of video games, please note all this stuff would have taken place before these people were born. A few women who were there discredited all the accusation but the IGDA still took back the award nomination before the ceremony.

Monkey D. Luffy

Now it all makes sense.

Game Developers Choice Awards Pioneer Achievement Award.

Brianna Wu claimed there was a "for women, there was a toxic work environment in the early days of Atari....which laid the groundwork for years to come"

Brianna Wu claimed there was a "for women, there was a toxic work environment in the early days of Atari....which laid the groundwork for years to come"

I'm sure "Brianna" knows all about this, having been a woman at that time... Wait...

Any pictures of Darlene tho?

Minecraft is such a great game, my kids love it and so do I. Notch is a legend for that and his views, and for sharing them on the regular due to his 'fuck you' money.

One piece, two scoops

In a really nice van, down by a very pleasant river.

He's a level 8 defender of wamen

Wasn’t JFK2 killed by Hillary cause he was going to run as senator from New York

Casting redpills from a fortress of fuck-you money.

You are absolutely fucking correct. Sub to Felix and well done.

You should also check his other tweets, he is pretty based.

I remember when they did it to Tobuscus, granted the guy is a bit of a dick but they accused him of rape.

Nah, I think he cashed out like a boss.

Does anyone else have the suspicion that Obama was elected as a pressure release to redirect all the righteous fury against the corruption in the financial sector towards racial grievances

Which inspired Five Nights at Freddies, another popular gaming franchise.

I’m pretty hyped for 1.14

Pretty sure he made over a billy from that acquisition and said fuck yall lol

Also Trump is smart and has been thinking about a presidential run for years now. he understands well that the opposite party of a 2-term president usually always wins. looking at his political registration its obvious he strategically chose his party to give him the best chance of success. in 2009 Trump saw his opportunity and registered Republican.

Yup. Just stay cool headed and you will always win an argument with a leftist. Pedes need to remember you're not trying to convince the crazy leftist of your way of thinking, you're just trying to show the reasonable people who are watching, who the crazy person is.

There’s a name I haven’t seen in a long time. Also, hello again...

tbh, I already have "fuck you" money if i could somehow make my current income passively and not need my employer.

you don't have to have a lot of money to live how I want to..

Bushnell said it was the 70s in California. Nothing specific was ever proven and no charges of rape ever brought. So more of the same bullshit.

It’s not a cunt. It doesn’t have one of those.

our greatest hope is that they will create too many enemies for them to handle

You are absolutely fucking correct. Sub to Felix and well done.

It's either that, or he killed himself by flying when he should not have.

His tweet about Pizzagate I believe never got deleted.

Underrated comment


Lol what a bunch of garbage people.

I have it on good authority that Atari, before it was bought by the Warners, was a 24/7 party complete with a hot tub and rampant sex + kick ass game designing (both software and custom hardware) in the mid 70s. Liberals hate these stories since people aren't allowed to have fun in the workplace. The same mindset was kept in place up until the early 80s until that shitstain Jack Tramiel took over ... He fucking destroyed that company.

I wish Bushnell would not have sold that company ... Bushnell just knew gaming. He isn't very techinally adept, but he knew how to keep video games fresh and fun by letting his talent lead the way. He had to sell, however, to fund the production, marketing, and distribution of the Atari Video Computer System (the VCS, better know as the 2600).

Ralph Baer is the genuine father of home console gaming (he worked for Magnavox and engineered the first Odyssey console). However, Mr. Bushnell was responsible for turning it into a major, massive industry. If he could have found a way to do the 2600 while not relying on an outside cash infusion, I can almost guarantee you that Atari would still be the name brand associated with home video games and would probably still be cranking out arcade classics that would blow our minds. Moreover, I doubt companies like Activision would have been founded ... Bushnell certainly would have allowed designers to be credited with the games they developed.

An in-game model of her is featured heavily in Custers Revenge. Great bongos Darlene!

supposedly. IF i were a betting man, i'd lean that way

What a worthless cunt.

Scott Adams still gives a fuck. He started with Trump with the "master manipulator" angle was pretty hesitant to label himself as a Trump supporter and initially dropped him after the pussy tape hit.

This isn't a shot at him, I love the guy, even more than Notch. He does still care what people think of him, at least to an extent. Notch literally doesn't give a fuck about anything.

... He found Captain Winky!!

I like that he's a self-made billionaire who hates the left. Minecraft, I'll pass, lol.

if you watch emplemons video on trump his theory is that he has almost always been on the opposite side of the current president so that if he ever decides to run he would have a greater chance of winning.

excellent, top tier video.

Can you explain wtf this is all about real quick?

Trump was a dem when the dems were sane but as they slid farther to the left and lost their way to first liberalism and then socialism it drove him to the center. Which is is now considered right wing.

"And if you can't wake up, fucking die in a fire. Sincerely, Everyone."

Thank gawd someone big bringing that back up, biggest fail of the millennium.

Additional points: all actual women loved the "swinger atmosphere" because it was so much the complete opposite of stifling impersonal bureaucracy of other tech/gaming companies. There was an "employee jacuzzi" with velvet curtains ffs.

So how did he get #MeToo'd you ask? Take a wild guess

I'm starting to feel like most transgender activists out there are actually incels who are so jelly of their betters they'll whap their whacker off just so they can utilise feminine legal extortion methods to take revenge on the successful.

I can guarantee you there were lots of drugs and booze. There were no fixed hours working there. You had a game idea approved and six months to make it happen. Productivity was through the roof. For the life of me I can't figure out why he is getting demonized now when nobody was complaining back then at all.

Hello lawyer, thank you for representing me

I have it on good authority that Atari, before it was bought by the Warners, was a 24/7 party complete with a hot tub and rampant sex + kick ass game designing (both software and custom hardware) in the mid 70s.

If I recall two women who worked for Atari confirmed this in response to the bullshit claims against Atari's founder. They basically said it was the 70s and 80s and everyone was partying and fucking everyone and they all had a great time.

I almost guarantee you Atari had an insatiable appetite for drugs too.

There are still parcels of land on some very undeveloped and very remote but very beautiful country that are $200/acre. I hear ya.

Every single award in existence is either politicized or in the process of being politicized.

Comes with browsing the boards pre-cuckchan days. Jesus fuck the travesty that is modern Hiroyukiland.

2 billion

You're right.

What a sewn-up useless front hole.

They're introducing Pandas for Seth Rich.

Can you provide some insight what he is referring to? What lifetime achievement?

If you're still arguing left vs right. You're under mind control.

Globalist/nationalist isn’t very good either.

Libertarian/Authoritarian is accurate.