Ok i think the gem nerf has gone too far

Ok i think the gem nerf has gone too far

I was laughing in denial, this is the most pettiest thing ive seen komoney do to duel links

soon they'll be fixing it:

"fixed an issue where the lottery actually had a gem on it -> lottery no longer has gem drops." /s

This is the most insulting thing I ever saw in DL. I don't know why they are going this path, it's sure that people will get pissed. Even the whales will double think before they give them their money again.

Honestly, I don't know what they were thinking....Europe do not get surveys, please other continents, blast em!

one day we will have "0 Gem" literally listed as a reward

Lmao, im mad, and the cumulative rewards are bad too

And now we can spend money on the event, with reduced lottery rewards -> Komoney logic

Dead game

Next move is for it to cost gems to roll the lottery.

I had an inkling that Konami was starving the beast over time; acting generous near launch to entice players, but steadily reducing Gem income over time after older players are already hooked and newer players wouldn't suspect what's happening. Before, I thought it was just a conspiracy theory. But now, if this doesn't show Konami's utter contempt for its player base, I don't know what will.

Please don't give them ideas

Synchros get released Watch gunsblazing spend 800CAD on the new Megabox™ on twitch After 900 packs he starts getting erratic, nervously asks for a couple donations to "keep the stream running" The constant clicking to accept trash cards is only interrupted by him buying more packs He stopped hiding his purchases with the "fountain meme" months ago, the "moms credit card" joke became unfunny a few weeks later. Slowly, the despair in his voice is getting stronger. Even the occasional UR pull barely lifts the mood. "Guns get some help", the chat reads "Is anyone even playing this game?", someone asks Then, a change in the depressing monotony. Your credit card was declined, please select another payment method The chat attempts to make a few jokes, but the majority relates to the crippling gambling addiction as guns starts sobbing "I DON'T EVEN ENJOY PLAYING THIS PIECE OF SHIT GAME" he cries out "WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF?" He pulls up a new tab of Yugiohprices.com and enters the name of the synchro monster he was digging for "THE REAL CARD IS JUST 5 BUCKS, HOW IS THIS FAIR?" While guns got his sobbing somewhat under control, his twitchy mouse cursor opens a new browser window that clearly was open before He quickly hides the window after he realizes that the stream could see website of the video game addiction treatment center The sound of a phone dialing can be heard in the background before a barely coherent guns mumbles "g-get some help before it's too late" As the stream goes down, the drama briefly continues on his discord server before a moderator decides to delete it Guns never returns to streaming and vidya, but occasionally posts a video about his new hobby, car restoration, on a small youtube channel.

Not even gonna bother collecting data for this event, this change speaks for itself better than any data could

Dying game. Playerbase steadily declining every month.

Man I can get so much with one gem. Thanks komoney /s

Thought this was a meme at first until I checked the game. What the fuck.

Duel links dead before Synchro surfaced in the game


Next move is for it to cost 5 gems to log in the game.

Best Konami can do from Level 46-50 rewards is:

1 farmable card

UR jewel

50 gems

100k gold

1 card that won't even see use in meme decks but it is not farmable so it is a new card at least.

way to make nobody care about this event konami, most of us already hated the idea of it returning then this happens.

I wonder where the Komoney supporters are at, about how they are a business and gems are the least of the rewards?

Well, congratz. It seems like my guess on them moving to a P2W model is partially true now with the steady decline in gems output. The final kicker will be the rewards for the next event.

Mobile games usually went more generous as they age but Komoney do the opposite. I won't spend anymore on this game.

So, is anyone still against giving negative rewiews to this game?

Reducing the basic gem rewards from 500 to 400 is one thing, reducing the coin rewards from [5,25] to just one gem is another. That escalated quickly!

Ridiculous whats next just imagine when they increase the level cap on characters again they will probably nerf level up rewards of gems also

First one won’t be a card. It will definitely be another deck slot.

Really feeling a sense of accomplishment now whenever I gst one of these

Phew that's a lot, it will make getting into the new minibox 16 days from now so much easier.

I hope this is a "mistake" and they are going to correct it later in the day. I thought it couldn't get any worse and they did it. They fucking did it.

If this is not a mistake, repost this everywhere, blast the reviews, do whatever you can. If you spend money on this game, please don't spend it on the next box or any future product. This is bullshit.

Can confirm, ygo old school player, came back for jinzo, left again shortly after.

I wonder how the Konami shills defend this.

Don't spend it all at once

Spend it wisely!

These guys at konami are not so smarts, i get that you have to nerf gems drops a bit here and there, but if you nerf them too much, f2p and f2pish are not going to play anymore, if you lose them you eventually lose the whales..they have a great game imo in their hands, but this is getting ridiculous. I’ll give you a practical example, in my country (Italy) some time ago the government put so much taxes on oil that the price rose so much that people stopped buying it, and the government made less money than without those taxes. This is going to happen here.

I thought they only payed by one gem now

Sale Whale here. Yup this is a joke

Just you wait. They're coming. But in the interim:

"Konami is a completely wonderful, benevolent, and flawless organization with starving and desperate employees that need to exploit players to feed their families. It's your fault that you decided to spend your limited number of Gems rather than hoard it like me. What, you actually want to keep up with the game on a competitive level? Winning doesn't matter, you know. It's just a stupid app that no one cares about."

Not even 5 gems? Wow thats harsh...

I think they got their cash, no longer wanna support the same and are just pushing us out lol

Fuck I thought this was a photoshop to be memeing ... it’s fucking reality

i get that you have to nerf gems drops a bit here and there

What? No. It's not like even with the gem drops we had 6 months or a year ago you could realistically get what you wanted in this game. They're adding a box every 3 weeks, it's impossible to keep up with that even before this reward nerfing spree. What they've done now is just plain stupid (oops, can't use bad words on this christian subreddit).

I just uninstalled i'd rather find a new game to play in my free time and potentially give money to if theres not even going to be any enticing rewards for playing the game at all its not even worth it. in the beginning they seemed to understand it was a give and take relationship between player base and company but now they're just greedy

Konami, what the actual hell. One gem?! This is an insult to the community

The straw that broke the camel’s back, that’s it

Why? Why Konami? This game is so great! But why do you want to destroy it now? We can add 2 or 3 years for this game if Konami do some efforts...

Hope they do something to enjoy all of us!

49 to go boiiis!

Just waiting for the 500 box release gems to be nerfed.....

Who's in the surveys asking for one gem? Our surveys don't matter, Komoney will continue their underhanded practices and people will continue shilling for them.

Konami just blasts them right into the trash apparently, considering they continue to do the opposite of many long standing complaints

The whales will feel a difference. It won't be immediately but as Konami makes this game more and more P2W more and more people will quit this game P2P and F2P a like. And that is when they will feel the difference because some whales just like spending money to be better and stronger than non-whales. But when the game starts to get overunned with whales and skilled players these whales will no longer "enjoy" their experience since their money no longer gives them the advantage they once had.

And the saying that "Whales keep the game alive" is completely incorrect. Whales keep the servers running, non-whales tend to keep the community alive, and the players themselves, F2P or not, are the ones that keep the game alive.

I dunno which is worst this or this-> https://imgur.com/bgZiAp5

I dunno which is worst this or this->

Shoutouts to people that pay to Join discords and still drop money lul

Here is a better idea: how about make boxes like selection boxes where you can open only 10 packs with gems and the rest with money?

The 1 gem drop has even the sparky backround

They already did that with the level 45 boost. 100 fucking gems for 42 or 43


That won't save shit at this point, especially after this ONE gem stunt.

This isn't even an f2p issue. The game is on track to be pay only at this rate. Even the biggest whales are gonna feel their wallets burning

The only way I can see Konami "saving" grace to F2P is to get rid of GOLD and bring back the duplicate-skills-for-gems farming method.

Farming at your leisure is the very definition of farming for most.

Legit worried for the future of the game, hopefully they revert gems.

This will get hate but as a new player (1 month) who enjoyed the ease of beating annoying NPCs with Sylvans and meta decks (I hadn’t played PvP yet I didn’t want to be a cheeser with meta decks but I was building some fun ones - the ban list applying outside of ranked really made vsing NPCs boring and arduous for me.

This gem nerf stuff made me delete the app today - it’s not new player friendly

I stopped playing tbh, fuck this game. Sad, but my time is worth more than grinding my dick off for like 5 gems