Once is suspicious. Twice might be more than a coincidence. I don't even know what number we're on now.

Once is suspicious. Twice might be more than a coincidence. I don't even know what number we're on now.

When you google 'Clinton Body Count' the first result is a Snopes article claiming it to be false. Fuck google, use Bing.

Fuck, beat me to it. We have to go back, Kate!

Anniversary of JFK jrs.'s death today. After he conveniently died before challenging Hillary for that NY Senate seat.

Not Penny's boat

R.I.P. Charlie

Locke was just trying to MIGA. MAKE the ISLAND GREAT AGAIN

Duck duck go



Then we need to make the first thing that shows when searching for snopes is , run by 2 people who are left wing supporters of Hitlary and Obama.

Locke was one of the best parts of that show. So needlessly convoluted by the end, though...

The fact that Snopes has any credibility with the Left just shows how fucking idiotic they are. It's literally just a loser guy and a (ex?) whore. There is no reason anyone should believe them over any other random jackass on the internet, but the Left treats them as Gospel.

Not Hillary's white house R.I.P. Seth Rich

Do it so often they even got a form for it now.

made this a few days ago it's not very funny reposting anyways. sorry

This was 1999

Son of a bitch

Shitposting aside, Hillary is just a puppet. Those who pull her strings will do anything to avoid being exposed, including murdering countless people over the last few decades. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I don't ever jump down these rabbit holes, but there's more than enough evidence to consider this issue a conspiracy fact rather than a theory.

The puppetmasters behind both Clintons, and the DNC, and the Federal Reserve, and the EU, and on and on and on... The ones pushing the globalist agenda... They are very real and must be stopped at all costs. Thank you, fellow patriots, for fighting on the right side of this war.

He's in deep thought.

Just use Brave


I still search the old fashioned way. By pawing through laundry piles and shining flashlights under the bed.

Someone tell me this guy is kidding, please.

Theodore kennedy

Aka ted "ima let this bitch drown in my car by not calling 911" kennedy

Then that two timing liberal Ben had to come around with his damn agenda 21 assisted suicide 😡

Scary isn't it.

Bill rapes, Hillary murders, Chelsea steals.

Fuck TV in general. "Muh sex junk" got Emmy nominations...

Guys, we need CNN's permission to view this image!

I'm no scientist

Neither is Bill Nye. Where is your emmy?

Wasn't it also shortly after he endorsed Obama?

Get ready for disappointment


Press F to pay respects


So the Emmy is as worthless and meaningless as a Nobel, now...

This is what comes of the "everyone gets a trophy" mentality, eventually.

And they all lie.

Sorry I must be thinking of someone else

same thing happened the other day when weaponized autism posted the TeaLeaves revelation. Site went down, and when it was back up, his account was banned and the thread was scrubbed.