OnePlus is removing negative product reviews on their website. I wouldn’t trust the scores in their store.

OnePlus is removing negative product reviews on their website. I wouldn’t trust the scores in the...

Does anyone actually trust reviews from manufacturer websites?

That would be the bigger news article here.

Samsung leaves all the 1 star review on their site

Lets be honest, this is not the worst thing OnePlus has been caught doing. It’s almost expected, these are the guys who cheated on benchmarks.

looks like r/android left a 1-star review

are you 100% sure about that? Or just token 1 star reviews?

Reviews on a manufacturer's site are always sketch. I'd only go by Amazon reviews (use fakespot) or best buy.

I am very wary of reviews on almost any manufacturers website. They seem to almost always be higher than on sites like Amazon.


Absolutely, but it’s still a dick move.

If they cheat in benchmarks, the actual downsides to the users are minimal.

If they remove bad reviews, chances are a lot of people bought a product they would have never bought if they had known about its issues.

And /sub/oneplus follows in their spirit.

I made a single comment there, a joke, and I was immediately banned. Very unsympathetic brand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This but unironically

Cheating in benchmarks defrauds potential buyers looking to shop based on specs.

One more reason not to buy one.

Yeah. I have yet to have seen Samsung dodging bad reviews.

It's actually quite respectable seeing how desperate other manufacturers are of the most perfect reviews/thoughts for their products (ehem, Huawei I'm looking at you) yet they haven't.

I don't even understand the need to do it for normal people. Like when I bought droids back in the day, they had such shitty ass software with so much missing that I needed to root it just to install better ROMs or packages. I once had to do it on my old HTC because it wouldn't connect to my school WiFi because it was enterprise grade and not supported properly in their droid version.

But now... I bought a Note 8 last year and I've felt no need to root it. Everything just works. I also have significantly less time these days, but I'd not be averse to rooting my phone if it gave me that much more productivity. But I've not ever felt the slightest impulse to do that somehow. Even the famed samsung bloatware is absolutely manageable and doesn't slow down my phone at all.

This sounds like a plug for Samsung, but I'm honestly surprised the sentiment exists that their bloatware is slowing the phone (beyond useable levels) these days.

If an android OEM released a brick with a headphone jack this sub would shill hard for it.

Hell no, they have no incentive to show bad reviews. It's practically impossible to find impartial reviews on a manufacturer's site.

So does apple.

Most of their accesories are rated 2 stars.

220 euros keyboard ?? 2 stars

25 euros usb cable ??? 2 stars

Idk, this sub is slowly turning against them since 6t no jack announcement

Time to reset the counter

The mods there aren't very nice

Inb4 OnePlus deletes this post

on samsungs website, some variants have 1-star rating, so much lower than Amazon sometimes lol

Who cares? This sub is gonna eat up whatever they announce next anyway.

This is going to be forgotten like everything else they've done.

and deleting poor reviews defrauds potential buyers looking to shop based on reviews.

My money is on the fact that the mods are PR employees, or at least some of them.

The point is that customers inherently distrust flawless reviews. People will trust a 4.9 with 2000 reviews but will assume a 5.0 with 800 reviews is faked.

Because a mix of 5 star and 4 star is totally fine for that purpose. You leave the occasional 1 star review that was clearly written by a moron so everyone can discount them. You know the type, "This phone didn't come with a headphone jack! ONE STAR." "No shit it didn't come with a headphone jack, you moron, you should have known that before you bought it. Why did you buy it, and why are you reviewing it?" That kind of crap.

That sort of stuff is enough to let people "trust" a slightly flawed review. LEGIT one star reviews create problems.

Apple's Lightning to HDMI cable

Yeah, but first-party OnePlus accessories aren’t available there.

If someone wants a screen protector that definitely fits with a OnePlus case, they usually buy the OEM one.

And to be fair, screen protectors are one of the most-fake-reviewed products on Amazon. If a new company wants to sell screen protectors, they usually will have a few dozen fake five-star reviews purchased upfront (or more) to artificially increase their rankings, and then let the sales roll in.

Hey, I'm a 3t user.

Feel free to talk shit you don't like about the brand, cos idgaf about the company. Mods are weirdly defensive there.

manufacturer only has good reviews of their products on their own site

Oh boy, I am really surprised /s

virtually every OEM cheats on benchmarks. This is why you should take that with a grain of salt.

They sure leave a lot of bad ones.

It's weird because Apples Youtube channel censors like/dislike scores.

Wasn't that something that turned out to be way overblown?

I noticed. Good thing I don't intent to buy any OnePlus device anytime soon, so I don't care too much about not being able to post there.

Like I can set up some apps to be autorotate, like Gallery, but leave other apps locked to portrait.

You can actually do this now through the routines app from Good Lock, as you can install a system-wide ad block that uses Knox firewall.

I think Samsung has, at last, achieved such a nice balance between 'bloat' and features that I don't feel the need to root at all (for my use case).

I really like all the features I get from Xposed, which requires root. Like I can set up some apps to be autorotate, like Gallery, but leave other apps locked to portrait.

Or I can disable that stupid fucking Google Play Games service that makes every Android game take 10s longer to load.

Amen to that then! And Apple deserves some credit as well it seems!

It's already possible

Looks like Treble made the S9 and later models simple to root and ROM while the S8 was pretty much impossible.

Interesting that they don't have the note 9 yet though.

And an IR blaster that no one really has a need for but still desperately wants?

Well that's because that's a measure of reaction/sentiment. Not an actual measure of or channel for user feedback.

Apple wants you to think everyone wants their latest thing. So hiding the YouTube likes makes sense, since it can only really hurt.

Censoring "lol this dongle doesn't work" is more egregious than censoring people not liking your video showcasing a dongle.

Having been on their forums around the time of the OnePlus One I can tell you that this is nothing compared to all the previous bullshit they have pulled.

would this brick have a DAC?

Most of them are indeed trustworthy.

But let’s excuse terrible behaviour just because everybody does it. /s

there are a couple that don't. I believe Google is one, Samsung and LG I believe stopped after that big crackdown a few years ago. But as for everyone else, yeah they all do it.

Not really. Apple most definitely leaves up bad reviews and doesn't try to hide them.

A ton of products on apples website have like 1 or 2 star overall reviews


Sure, if/when they find an exploit. Samsung has been making it harder and harder to root their phones. I have the s8+ and the way the exploit it. It makes it so my max battery is 80% and sometimes when you push the button to unsleep the device the screen gets a weird tint and becomes slow, to fix the issue, resleep and try again.


This sub simultaneously hates and loves everything

So weird seeing hi-res memes

DAE Touchwiz??????

Yeah they seem more random than anything. I think it stems mostly from the small sample size (there's usually only 5-10 reviews while Amazon has thousands).

They're not excusing it, they're just saying that reviews on manufacturer sites aren't trustworthy, and this is an example of why

That was debunked

Yup, still doesn’t make this ok.

That would be like saying „You killed someone, so I won’t mind you burgling that shop.“

Apple might be the exception because people actually buy direct from Apple a lot.

This is /sub/android from a few years ago. The current /sub/android worships our Lord and Savior Samsung and shits on Google.

They collected private data without permission. IMO, that's the worst thing they did.


That stupid fucking Google Play Games service also manages your cloud saves. It's pretty damn useful in my opinion.

what's the worse thing they've done?

Yeah, I always find as much info as I can from resources like YouTube, reddit, Google search, or anything that is unaffiliated with the product.

They dont hide the like/dislike bar; they just disabled the youtube comment section. And tbh the yt comment section sucks anyways.

Look at practically all of their dongle ratings

I have seen this subreddit shit on oneplus with every release.

"MuH OnE PlUs Is giVing YoUr InfOrMatiOn To ChInAaA!"

"MuH ScREeN Iz UpSidE DoWn!"

"MuH itS NoT $150 USD!"

"MuH FlGasShiP KiLlEr!"

"MuH NeVeR SeTTlE"

The only one they "liked" was the original OP and that because it was like $300 bucks.

I'm at the point where I don't even trust Amazon reviews regardless of average rating. I sort by new and see if the latest reviews make sense or seem real. I have seem way too much votestuffing on Amazon items even after reading reviews with similar comments using phrases that wouldn't be possible for the item.

Is it valid to assume that someone who only looks at reviews from the manufacturer's own website is an informed buyer who would have changed their mind based on reviews they found from this single biased source?

If you're judging your purchase and the company based exclusively on what a company chooses to tell you about their own products... Then boy do I have some revolutionary snake oil to sell you.

I don't think I've ever seen a manufacturers website with less than maybe 4.5 stars on every product.

Well your review wasn’t good enough, NEXT :)

Apple tends to be an exception to many rules, this one included. I would much rather turn to Amazon or another 3rd party site than to a manufacturer's site for any product reviews, though.

Been too long since a good one plus shit show. Missed it.

Exynos so North America is Sol.

I really, really like my 6T after having moved from an iPhone 7. We shouldn't minimize an entire group of people who disagree with us to being bought out or crazy because people have preferences; it's rather silly to think OnePlus, or for that matter a bigger OEM, would buy out tons of users to bolster support. And, I'm not making any claims about whether OnePlus is a good company or not. There are certainly claims to be made in that respect, and now-a-days, it is difficult to find a big company that isn't doing underhanded anti-consumer BS, so I think it is likely that OnePlus has taken part, especially since there have already been suspicions.

Isnt it was huawei?

I mean, what do you mean by 'too accurate'? You can head on Apple's store and find plenty of 1 star reviews that are at the top.

It's still here chief

Never fully trust first-party storefront reviews. You're asking for trouble otherwise if that's the only set of reviews you go by.

Damn, that's rough. It has great reviews on Amazon.

It's almost as if this sub consists of multiple people with varying opinions. 🤔

Also because that "sandstone" backing was fucking awesome. I still use my OPO as a baby monitor.

It's still here chief


That was later debunked.

This but chronically

What's the point?

Never settle for bad reviews.

Why not just leave the genuine reviews then?

Not for long

OnePlus was caught doing way way worse things, like spying

I don't see what's so wrong about shitting on oems for ditching the jack and praising ones that keep it