OP as hell

OP as hell

Guys could you not downvote just because I didn't use Mullet Man,this ain't even a debate meme lmao

It is Revan,not the ratty mullet man that some teenagers picked in 2003 to suit their edgy persona lmao.

Lmao mullet man looks like an edgy teenager,not a 35+ year old man who's skin has been paled by the warp of the Dark Side and evened out by the light.

idk why everyone's so obsessed with mullet man tbh

Lmao who’s that fighting Malak? Looks like some rando. Honestly, Revan would have been perfect for this

Thanks for noticing.Even when I just try to make memes for a community and game I enjoy more than anything,I just get the usual "lammo not mullet boi downvote"

No idea seems fucing awfull to downvote because he uses a different model. But we all know it's soul patch that matters...

Should have used mines instead

Me neither.