Opportunity always presents itself

Opportunity always presents itself

What is that black car on the left even doing

Rolling a one on their parallel parking check.

I’m not judging...a free car wash is a free car wash. Bonus, that looks like a fun time!

I love how everyone is making use of it.

I wonder how many people did it because they thought they were supposed to.

this is so cute

Follow the leader.

At least they put their hazards on halfway through

This is why I have a bidet

Hell I’d run under it like a 5 year old kid and I’m a grown ass man!

This gif seems so pure to me. a lot of the city drivers around me are arrogant assholes in luxury suburban cars (chicago) so it's beautiful seeing these people having a bit of fun

Edit: I don't mean to offend anyone with a nice car in Chicago, just splash through a fire hydrate when you can ya know?

"I AM the hazard!" --him, probably.

It's not the same without the undercarriage wash

you really shouldn't need to put on hazards for parallel parking

Unfortunately I don't currently have a car, so I'd be there filling up water bottles to start my own company.


Bottled at the source in New York City

Then I'd come back through a few weeks later with the car I bought from the profit so I could get my free car wash.

I didn't even know what this gif was about because I couldn't take my eyes off that calamity.

Why would they think that..?

The latter. Building sprinklers are a basically closed system and the already foul smelling water mixed with thread cutting grease just sits in there and gets nastier and nastier until a head pops off.

Why would your city pressurize sewer water like this?


This water appears not to be sitting in the hydrant

Right? I love humans.

Time isn't real man

"I forgot to close the sunroof"

Isn't fire hydrant water generally really nasty and smelly? Or is that just building sprinkler systems, I forget.

They're so tastey, too!

Yeah, but I imagine your head would get slammed into the pavement real hard

"This car is swerving to the right, maybe there is a dead animal in front of me"

It's not in real time

Critical Miss: You parked on your own leg and broke it.

First day I arrived in Bangkok there was a massive rain burst and water was pooring down. In a busy shopping street there was a little roof that had a waterfall coming down from it. I decided to jump under it and start 'taking a shower'. After about a minute I realised my geeky moneybelt was under my shirt with all my important things in it. My passport, money, important copies all got soaked, but I had a fun time with locals looking at me like I was crazy.

I had a summer job where I flushed hydrants. The flowing water itself is clean. Now water that has been sitting in the hydrant is varying levels of filth. Sometimes the water is a dark brown from rust and takes a few minutes to clean out. There is sometimes a tint of brown in the water so your car won't be too clean if you drive through like in the gif, but it isn't nasty.

i took a brand new bmw 7 series through the car wash with the sun roof open. as i was getting closer i was wondering why it sounded so loud, then i felt the water. closed it, and wiped off the seats and no one ever knew about it.

Bidet to you, sir

This could be a rinse the car off deal, but I wouldn't put it past folks seeing a large pool of water sitting in the middle of the road and others driving around it safely. I'd probably follow them too.

But I've also driven down a city street a block from my house right after a torrential rainfall stopped, only to run into 1ft of water at a dip in the road, doing 25 mph... My engine got a good drink of H2O that day.

When my cousin took the spark plugs out he said the water was shooting out like a supersoaker. That engine is still running to this day though.

tl;dr: Don't drive into pools of water on any road if you're uncertain about the depth.

Checking the damage from the fire hydrant they just blasted.

Judging from the taxi color scheme and blue highway street sign, this is 100% in China.

And judging by the water quality I experienced while living there, their cars became more dirty after this escapade.

Yup. Drove through one of these once. Thought the roof was going to cave in.

That's just sprinkler systems. I'm a steamfitter and I hate when the sprinklerfitters show up and take apart any old systems. It' stinks the whole place up.

Hydrants are usually hooked up to the same mains your drinking water is from.

Just a standard 300 point turn, nothing remarkable about it.

It never fails. I pull up to one of the four exits from a car park, and the next one along gets in line behind me instead of using one the three empty lanes.

Panicking because bikes.

i like it how that one car went in nice and slow. making sure its nice and clean. something i would do.

Living in a snowy place I could give a fuck about a little dirt on the paint, I just want that salt blasted off my frame.

Their best.

It doesn't take a city planner or an engineer to surmise that not only is this way more pressure than a gravity based system would cause, but that it's also unlikely someone installed a pipe on a random lawn designed to spew out sewer water. I just don't think you're thinking this through.

Things like this only happen once in a lifetime so you gotta seize the opportunity.

Fairly certain most city ordinances flush their hydrants every certain amount of months. Not sure some buildings are required or can do the same to flush out the stagnant water that's been sitting in them.

foul smelling water mixed with thread cutting grease just sits in there and gets nastier and nastier until a head pops off

sounds like my morning after taco bell night

It's best

I actually think most of them, prob one guy did it and the rest followed

I'm thinking he attempted to do a u-turn, then parallel park, but did not do a great job. That's the only way I can explain how he was perpendicular to the other cars.

It really is. It's so genuine and pure. I love when a group of people just does something fun, harmless and spontaneous. It's like everyone reverted back to being a kid.

Sheep gon’ sheep

Waiting for a load of cyclists to get out the way lol. So much going on around that black car.

Go visit /sub/the_donald for a sec.

GOOD point

Who’s hazards blink that fast?

Look like their first attempt was a straight right turn not a parallel park.

Thank you, I'm not alone


One time I convinced my city to build a winter sports complex called Ice Town.

There is a high school by my house and late at night one of it's sprinklers turns out on to the road. I sometime park my car beside, let it wash over then flip around for the other side.

Doesn't do a great job but I am sure it doesn't hurt.

Only the special page with information on it. The other pages a thicker then normal paper, but it's still not very good for them.

One person made use of it, the rest thought : hmm, the guy in front swerved, I'd better drive around whatever it is he sees too.

More like perpendicular parking.

is this a euphemism in reference to the bidet comment?

Not yet.

My eyes don't record anything. Are you sure you're not a robot?

The special plastic page is actually a chip card. There's a circuit, memory and tiny little processor inside of them for storing all of your passport information. But we still need the paper pages for border stamps and visas.

Maybe it's flowing from way uphill. I'm not a city planner or an engineer. I'm just skeptical of the quality of the water spewing from the street.

I think It's really cute how the adults in the cars were probably giggling while going through it.

Nah, well maybe but in the north they salt the roads and it fucks up the undercarriage sooooo bad.

Yep if you have sand coming out of your sink they will come flush the lines out by opening a fire hydrant. Had this happen when at work, and I work out of the back of a box truck in the road. Floods the road 3 inches in minutes.


Even your eyes don't record in real time.


Getting water in your engine like that and it didn't throw a rod or something?? Wow man you have some good luck! When that happened to me the water got into the cylinder and it was RIP engine after that

This is me in PUBG.

I love how it looks like everyone doesn't even really consider it until they see the person in front doing it

"Oh shit I wanna get in on that action too".

I'd be worried it could be sewer water or something like that.


It’s poor driving, then!

with their driving skills (or lack thereof) they obviously do

On second thought let’s not, ‘tis a silly place.


Something like I think.

Seems only natural to me:)

No shinning after?

Lemme guess, Shanghai?

If only a sprinkler or two were on in that patch of grass to the right!