Page One of Action

Page One of Action

I move to dismiss this on account that the plaintiff is a racist and cannot enter legal contracts.

Your honour there is case law precedent. In Cumia vs Nelson judge Milian concluded that racists may in fact enter contracts.

We are only guilty of harassing 3/5ths of a person.

"British scum are creeping in"

You sir, will be hearing from my solicitor

Thank you

Judgment in favor of the plaintiff: 40 acres and a mule

"Posted some heinous shit". I'm just glad legal jargon is getting easier to read.

Here's the defendant Terrance Nelllllllson. He says the plaintiff is a humonnnnnngous racist

This is the plaintiff....JOoOoOe CUuUumIa

You mean from your barrister?

Jesus. I just had to make up a story to my wife about what I was laughing about. She’d divorce me or have me committed if I tried to explain.

She’d divorce me or have me committed if I tried to explain.

I don't even know where you would begin. There is over 20 years of nonsense you need to be aware of to get where this all is leading from.

Soliciting: gerund or present participle of "solicit"

accost someone and offer one's or someone else's services as a prostitute.

No, he got it right.

Yes we shall see you at the magistrates.

Postwar reconstructionist yuma

A man with too little time to fuck around with useless decimals, that's who.

Great jobbing splitting this into two posts


Objection! Councel is British scum.

Objection, there was no Vos plug in the submission your honor

Can the defendant plead "Cutie-patootie"?

That guy's voice, combined with the music, makes me laugh every time I think about it.

What kind of savage writes $65.— instead of $65.00

Read the other one dummy.

Didn't you read it? It's fucking happening!

Damn. I wonder who's next?