Post Match Thread: Chile 3-3 Mexico [2015 Copa América]

Post Match Thread: Chile 3-3 Mexico [2015 Copa América] Chile 3-3 Mexico 0-1 Matías Vuoso 20' 22' Arturo Vidal 1-1 1-2 Raúl Jiménez 28' 42' Eduardo Vargas 2-2 55' Arturo Vidal (pen) 3-2 3-3 Matías Vuoso 66'

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Group A Standings

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts 1 Chile 2 1 1 0 5 3 +2 4 2 Bolivia 2 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4 3 Mexico 2 0 2 0 3 3 0 2 4 Ecuador 2 0 0 2 2 5 −3 0

Upcoming fixtures Group A

19 June 2015: Mexico vs Ecuador

19 June 2015: Chile vs Bolivia

Best match of the tournament so far.

Has to be Liverpool

If Jamaicans are African you my friend are South American

This is their year

this is pretty much a win for us. if Mexico don't beat Ecuador i'll be mad i guess.

Pero lo podran hacer en una noche fria y lluviosa en Stokepalapa?.

Mexico takes the prize for most entertaining tie-match once again.

"Bodies going down here like the Godfather" - A Ray Hudson classic

I really have no idea who has the best chance of winning this tournament anymore lol

Never count out those strong African teams.




Damn son, and that's supposed to be our B team. Also, Chile el chavo tv rights are safe....for now.

This Copa America has been an emotional roller coaster.

Pinilla should have been sent off, what a twat.

These South American teams are fun to watch when they play each other. I can't remember a match where they didn't attack for 90 minutes like this. I'm amazed that Mexico put out their B team and played that well. Raul Jimenez looks like a player. He hasn't played all that much for Atletico Madrid has he? If he plays like that in La Liga this season then Simeone will be a happy man.

Edit: Yes, I know Mexico is not from South America but they play with the same kind of style and verve.

Mentally exhausting. I never cursed so much in a game before...

I'm sure they're delighted

What a fucking game, so proud or our boys! VIVA MEXICO!

Checks out.. such is life as a mexican.

And its the b team.

It had everything you could want in a football match. Besides a red card.

Some of us doubted this B team but what a game it was

Mexico wins 3-3!

Being part of what everyone calls a B team and being called a B player must motivate you to try and prove the people of your country wrong.

Felt like a world cup game honestly. Such a fantastic match!

Al Barcelona de Ecuador

What. A. Fucking. Match.

Some of us?!

Man, I love this Chilean team. And I can't wait to see Mexico's A team in the Gold Cup.

I had pretty much no hope after we couldn't beat or even score on Bolivia jajahaha

el 7 de su equipo es el mejor jugador mexicano que he visto en años

Really crazy shit, it's like Copa Libertadores on patriotic steroids

Vuoso vs. Vidal UFC 189 confirmed.

Mexico's young players really have guts.

Mexico B team at the top of table. Then ends up playing Argentina

I guess Jamaica, because nobody is expecting that.

"He's got a heart the size of a pig"


Yes hello, I'd like to order one educación latinoamericana please

I will never doubt you again Vuoso!

Let's hope we win against Ecuador and Bolivia and Chile ends in a tie. Today's tie feels like a win, we honestly didn't deserve it.

Even though it's a draw we have to be proud of them. It's our fucking B team! Against the hosts no less.

Welcome to Copa America.

jimenez is good he just need more minutes

Mexico B wins 3-3

Both were fair offside calls imo

really? our defense was a mess today, Marquez could lead them better imo

what an entertaining match! such a difference from the first match against bolivia.

That was just an incredible match

I dunno what it is about the Mexican team, I am total neutral, but I just love their drive and the coach. I mean Chile looked technically superior in that match, but Mexico is like a honey badger.. just taking it and dishing it out.

lol I found these on twitter:

lol I found these on twitter:

Vidal was so close >_<

Judging by the comments, apparently Mexico played with their B team!!

11 goals today, not bad

Mexico is not South American, geographically is mostly part of North and Central America..

Usually Chile v Mexico are dull affairs. This match was ridiculous, it had everything. Great showing by the Mexico B side, they stuck out for 90 minutes... I still can't believe the chances we wasted, why do we always want to pass it in!

How do Chileans feel about the 2 called-off goals?

That was such a high quality game.

Corona's age is showing. Those reflexes aren't there any more.

jajajja i almost forgot about the pre match Thread.

Vuoso to Barcelona 2015

Chile would actually be incredible if they had better defenders

Just sit back and enjoy. This tournament is going to be a beauty.

I'm not really sure. They were really at the limit. One of the commentators kept saying that both were valid but...

I'm still angry.

Pues los europeos necesitan un educación.

the real key is herrera not playing

south american football is more entertaining than european football

Nunca pense que putearia a Alexis, pero me frustro ver como se daba mil vueltas y ni le pegaba y daba un pase manicero

"Brighter than the moonlight on a Virginia night." was the one of many that stuck out to me this game.

I've BEEN saying this and so has Simeone. he has never once said that kid isnt good. he sad he neede time to settle. Then all of a sudden every Mexican fan wants him to go on loan...for what. Hes learning from one of the best strikers to play in the last 10 years and from a world class coach as well. Let him fight it out.

Ya. Went for the intention of kicking Güemez and not the ball.

Game of the tournament so far right?

Without the homemade pepper far.

Jimenez and Vuoso proving a lot of people wrong. VIVA MEXICO!

Who was asking about a knife fight between Vidal and Vuoso? Almost happened lol.

Mexicos best young prospect

Ray Hudson never ceases to amaze me with his metaphors.. Oh, and what a game.

Fucking great game.

Really worrying as a Chilean fan though, we'll get fucking dismantled vs. a good team if we play like that.

Props to Mexico though, I've always respected them because they always seem to play well regardless of circumstances. B team, missing players, underdogs, whatever, they show up.

Not a single team has been remotely convincing

First one was definitely offside

para los europeos somos del sur e.e

I'm not sure, I might need a reminder.

Can't believe their B team kept us from scoring that second half... we gotta take our frustrations out on Bolivia now.

You dont duck with a honey badger.

Specially Güemez

No mames, no puedo dejar de reir. Gracias guey.


Nah, if you beat Ecuador by just 1 goal there's no way Mexico doesn't make it as best 3rd place team with 5 points.

Jimenez made some weird decisions right at the end, but the overall performance of both of them was really good.

I liked the passion of the B Team in this game, they played their hearts out.

Time to keep at it and beat Ecuador next!

ends up playing Argentina


How crazy can this tour get?

Mexican commentators agreed. At least the last one was valid.

I think this game shows why they always invite Mexico(besides money).

it was you midfield

what midfield? i only saw a bunch of mexicans defending and two more way up waiting for a long pass.

(you are right im just making fun of our team)

That match was electric

Holy fuck this was stressing to watch.

What a lovely performance from Valdivia. Really a joy to watch.

vos dejar de decir boludeces meejooo...

ah cabron..

I yelled and yelled and yelled