Real Madrid [6]-1 Melilla [10-1 on agg.] - Isco 83'

Real Madrid [6]-1 Melilla [10-1 on agg.] - Isco 83'

Valverde is so good

Fran has been so good.. dude is 19, but has so much confidence

how many left backs with a lot of potential we have?

Gtfo you plastic, he always gave everything for the club,he just wanted more minutes. There is no need to talk like that

Valverde is so good.

What a touch by Isco.

Fran has looked promising.

Kovacic and Valverde are quite similar. Kovacic is better defensively and Valverde better offensively.

Valverde does do that, a lot. And in a similar style to Kovacic as well. Only difference is, Valverde knows when to release it and does it beautifully.

I hear that Coentrao chap has a bit of potential too

He's good but it's looking like he won't be missed.

That i can agree with. However, i would still want him for next season.

Lmao piss off. Kovacic is amazing as well.

:( he used to be so good at times.. like that 2014 season :( fuck injuries

i dont think they're similar

Kova likes to run with the ball a lot, while Valverde doesnt really do that

Bandy legged bearded beauty

Start him Solari. Piss off with Bale

Woooow that run by fran garcia holy shit