Real Madrid 5-0 Melilla [9-0 on agg.] - Vinicius 75'

Real Madrid 5-0 Melilla [9-0 on agg.] - Vinicius 75'

gotta work on his finishing

could've had like 3 or 4 easily

Hey man we're called Real Madrid and we're trying our best ok

He's been incredible at creating chances. I don't care how but I'm happy he scored.

Oh shit Vini scored! This is not a drill.

wrong match thread, the United one was yesterday.

Managed to hit the GK twice.

Tbf Moreno pulled out at least two great saves on his shots which would be goals in 9/10 cases.

Calm down

Finally. If Vinicius could finish 1/10 as freaking Morata he could have had 5 goals today

It's deserved, and he'll only get better from here

Goal for Mariano next


lmao, harsh

Could regret it too. I fancy a comeback.

Sick dance moves.

it's a third division team, what do you expect