reddit lucio-DSPskanky

reddit lucio-DSPskanky


Seeing this from the other player's perspective really highlights how good his moves actually are.

I play against him. I normally think that in-game I'm pretty hard to tilt because of how specific what tilts me is and it's pretty easy for me to un-tilt, but holy fuck nothing will get me tilted more than playing vs /u/DSPStanky. Nothing gets me tilted more than my accuracy getting bad, like in the high 40s. Every. God. Damn. Time I play this motherfucker, it dips to about 48. I hate it so much. Tilts me like no other fucking thing in this game. Like you can give me the option of rolling in a 6 stack with 5 golds all playing Torb, Bastion, Junkrat, Winston, and Mercy on attack vs the entirety of Team EnVyUs in Ranked mode for 10 hours with 100 points lost per loss and 1 per win, or let me 1v1 DSPStanky for an hour, McCree vs Lucio.

You better fucking believe I'll take the ranked hell.

I'm legitimately honored, thanks man! Hahahhahahaha

Oh man that clip starting at 1:03 where DSPStanky kinda just disappears on that Roadhog had me dying. I could feel the dudes dizziness from trying to follow him.

Wow, I'm glad I'll never be good enough to play against you, because I would be tilted hard.

The clip from 1:20-2:06 is from aimbotcalvin who has disgustingly good aim and tracking and he even had trouble hitting stanky in many games.

wasn't thinking, but hey i've gotten enough karma as it is, i have no problem with someone else posting my videos!

oh, hey, it's a montage of people getting tilted at Stanky's mobility--




oh okay real casual like look at this montage of world-class pro players getting tilted at Stanky's mobility

y'all, he's ascended too far. we're not worthy.

That roadhog was MOONMOON the meme master himself, I really want to hear his audio in that situation.


"im so happy" -DSPStanky

He's so... consistently inconsistent.

What a typo... Gah whatever

Well, an alive Lucio heals more for his team.

Too late, I've got you tagged as Skanky now.

I feel like this could be edited into a horror, just Stanky creeping up on people, attacking and disappearing.

He's also the soldier at 0:53

You're massively under estimating how useful height advantage is. You remove all the obstructions at ground level and have significantly more vision of the map from a heightened position.

Furthermore, I'm fairly certain a Grandmaster lucio has a pretty good idea about map position and the most effective way to both heal his team and protect himself from danger.

Even in the video you can see that 90% of the time he's near his teammates and when he's not he's probably on the respawn path or bringing up the rear.

Its impressive until the realization that I'll never be this good hits me. Then it is kinda depressing.

The game starts at 4:20:54

The moment in the video happens at 4:36:10

If anyone knows how to link with timestamp let me know, I'll update the link.

Kind of funny because, as I read this, he just got a triple environmental kill on Nepal on his stream.

But, generally at his SR, like 90% of the healing comes from Ana anyways. His healing output is generally pretty low, but that doesn't mean he's providing little value to his team.

He's basically a walking meme at this point. I would probably party for three days straight if I actually managed to kill him.

Don't worry you'll never play vs him anyways

slightly off topic for a Stanky thread but I just started watching this guy yesterday and Oh my god I have never seen anyone track as well as he does on literally any hero. He tracks better on Reinhardt than I do on any hero

Dude you're singlehandedly the best fucking one trick pony anyone would be honoured to have on their team - when you played console did you map jump to another button? Your wallriding is orgasmic

Is that the Twitch Lucio?!

How does stanky do this? I swear everytime I try to play lucio and emulate his unpredictable style I just get sniped out of the air by plat soldiers and yet stanky can avoid calvins aim? Jeez

I really want to see someones reaction to going up against DSPStanky for the first time without knowing what a nightmare he is on Lucio

DPSStanky + backward wallride = OP

bliz pls nerf

Tell that to his win rate.

I get matched vs him a bit. You're not alone. It feels like a mini party every time I hit a headshot and then a body shot before he can start that fucky movement.

You can't copy and be unpredictable at the same time, thats why he's so unpredictable.

He's obviously very good at knowing how people are when they look for Lucio. Which allows him to play mind games, and juke out his opponent.

You have to develop being unpredictable, not copy it from someone else.

Next update: Added bigger hitbox to lucio and nerfed speed because DSPstanky IS TO DAMN HARD TO HIT

He just played a bit on the PTR on his stream. Backwards wall riding has unleashed a whole new beast.

he's just too fucking good its insane

I'm loving the title typo though

skanky ;D


EDIT: If you don't get it



More than you can afford, honey

Just grind it out. Those aim practice warmups on bots really do help. When I first started on McCree I had around 20 percent and a low amount of crits, now I can keep 70+ for most of a game with around 25+ crits in a mid-length game. Though some talent for the game probably helped me, anyone can get to 50+ if you put in the work. It's worth it. in-meta McCree is so much fun it's stupid.

Stanky the most hated-loved lucio in ow.


Moon doesn't say anything, but chat loved it

Excellent strafing skills and really unpredictable switching of speedboost.


"DSPskanky" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Why didn't you post this with your account? Seems kinda douchy that someone else gets the points

speed boost is superior to heal boost at high ranks

leave Ana to solo heal, she can do it fine

I could watch a montage of this for hours

I dunno what the original comment was because it was deleted but it sounds like it was about him not healing enough.

People don't realise that lucio's speed boost is arguably the most overpowered ability in the game, with Ana's grenade.

Especially at Stanky's elo, speed boost is mandatory and his team want him to be sitting on speed and only heal when everyone is hitting critical.

Speed allows you to position yourself quicker, dodge more shots and abilities, chase and secure kills and more.

The problem I'm finding with this is that in my elo people have no clue on how they should position or what they should be doing. Most of the time when I speed boost people just strafe in a circle instead of deciding whether they want to keep fighting or disengage from the fight. Or if I speed boost in to encourage my team because almost everyone has ults and the enemy has blown theirs, I turn around to see my team sitting at the choke point still.

People really undervalue Lucio's speed and looking to him to heal your team is a misuse of his kit.

I love you because of your humor but I played you on Xbox before and I hated it

You should have taken the username Godcio.

Stanky only good on PC, I bet he wont be able to get to Platinum if he played on 3DS

Yea he frequently is in Top 10 in the game. I've seen him at the top #1 rank many times too. His attitude is pretty chill and doesn't get very toxic.

What Dream said in "Vindication" is absolutely accurate, by the way. You make me have...not so good aim sometimes, DSPC.

If you're playing Ana at that rank, you should be good enough to solo heal.

That sounds incredibly specific. Did you recently have a bad dream where that happened? :D


on either end, being the mcree or the lucio :D WE SUCK

Well the community hates the redundant O in Lucio-Oh's. There was a thread about it being the most infuriating thing! So I added the redundant O as a reference to that meme(/circlejerk?).

This clip in context actually makes MOONMOON look really good. Instead of trying to match stanky's unpredictable movement like everyone else, he slows down and waits for him to stop moving to get the hook.

But it helps a shit ton if the enemy team's focused on trying to kill stanky