Redditors who have won a contest like the ones announced on yogurt boxes where you are supposed to go and meet celebrities, etc. how did it go?

Redditors who have won a contest like the ones announced on yogurt boxes where you are supposed to go and meet celebrities, etc. how did it go?

I won a radio contest when I was a kid. The prize was 3 tickets (myself, a friend and a guardian) to see the Power Rangers in concert and a meet and greet in a Burger King. My sister cried the entire meet and greet and I wore double denim, good times!

this is the most 90s post to ever exist.

Are you mexican

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When I was around 10 I entered a cat-related competition through a kids TV show - I think it was called Kidzone. You had to mail the entry into them, and in 25 words or less, explain what you do to make your cat happy. My entry was something like, "I take my cat inside to watch Kidzone every afternoon!"

I ended up winning 24 cans of Whiskas cat food.

I didn't have a cat.

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Were you the family at the bowling alley that demanded we sing for their daughters? Or the southern family that told us we had to come to church with them before showing us their knives? No matter the case it's easy to vilify the person who you were supposed to see without wondering if you are being an asshole yourselves. In fact, many times people in these positions actually just treated us like zoo monkeys and thought that winning the boxtop or yogurt lid meant we were their personal bards for the day. Most of the stuff we do for those causes were contractual but Cole and I always had a good time with people who were kind in return.

BUT besides that, if I had to guess, I would say that no publicist thought it was a story worth telling because you lied or it just wasn't a story worth reading. Frankly Cole and I try to be hospitable to everyone we meet since we primarily deal with kids (our prime audience). We even take to the time to respond to redditors on the internet.

p.s. No actor in their right minds would ever sign a contract that demands they spend 3 days with a family they don't know, sorry to dissapoint you (again?)

I won one of "many" contests to meet Dillan and Cole sprout from the “Sweet Life of Zack & Cody”. From Danimals or Gogurt (can't remember)

It sucked. They were pretentious and talked bad behind your back if you ever left them alone. Complained a ton. And worst of all they talked down to you while constantly telling insulting jokes about you to you.

I was given 1,000$, reimbursement for my parents plain tickets and tickets back, and another 14 days free in a 4 star hotel with a driver for the rest of the time there. All in all I had the best time of my life after they left on day 2 of the 3 I had with them.

Thank god for publicists deciding no one hearing my story was worth all that. Only say this now because the original show pretty much ended and they will never see this buried post.

Edit: Shocked this blew up. Really really believed it would fall into that pit of sunken comments. To my shock, Dylan has responded. I also want to add I earnestly believe it was just youthful stupidities at play or personal shit going down around the time. Either way I've long since forgiven and let go of the event.

When I was about 10 I won a contest and got to meet 'Gordo' from the Lizzie McGuire show. He was nice but I was awkward and it was weird having my dad hovering over me.

My school once had one of those "guess how many (blank) are in this jar" contests. I didn't partake in it, but the guy who won it only wanted the candy it had inside, so I ended up with a nice glass jar.

EDIT: To all those wondering, no I did not shove it into my anus.

On easter when I was younger, maybe 8 or 9 a Tesco by ours had a competition where if you find all 10 hidden rabbits in the store and write their names down, you win a giant chocolate rabbit. This fucking thing was like 4 feet tall and made entirely of chocolate.

So I run around the store and find all 10 names, write them on the paper with my name and just as I'm about to hand it in, my mum tells me to give my sister the names too because it's not fair she's only a kid blablabla.

That fucking night they phone up to say we've won. Well. My sisters won.

I was fucking livid. It's probably one of the few things I still get really angry over and it was like 13-14 years ago.

We goto the store to pick it up and the staff are like "Wow you're so young! That';s impressive reading skills! We're so impressed that on top of the rabbit, you can have an easter egg off the staff too!".

I got fucking none of it. Every kid in the street got a chunk. My sister kept the head like some sort of prize until it went all white and had to go. and now i'm the sort of person that goes to a pub quiz with my friends, gets my own sheet of paper and fucking hides in a corner.

That was the moment I learned that life isn't always fair.


EDIT; For the record, I'm a well adjusted person that'll share anything with anyone and it's all cool. Childhood jealousy is a bitch.

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My mum's cool and my sister's my best friend and they both acknowledge it was a bit shit but it's a pretty big non-issue with no long running effects on anyone. Ahwell!

I try to keep track of the times I was in the wrong. That way I can lie in bed for hours cringing at my past self

I won a contest to visit the set of 'The Office' for a day in 2008. I got to take three friends. One of the best days of my life. All of the actors were exactly as nice as you would think they are. Most of the main cast made a point to come and say hi to all of us. In particular Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery and Ed Helms spent extended time talking with us. They saved the best for last though near the end of the day when Steve Carell spent a good fifteen minutes chatting with us. If he's not the nicest most down to earth actor in Hollywood I want to know who is. Amazing. The production crew took us to the editing bay after and showed us the whole blooper reel for the next dvd set about 6 months before it came out which was great. They also let us put a magnet we brought on the fridge in the break room which was there until the end of the series which was a cool personal Easter egg for our group. It was the yellow support the troops ribbon for my brother in law who was in Iraq at the time. It's really cool because The Office is really one big set that's laid out just like it would be in real life except for a few details so when you walk in you're like 'holy shit I'm IN 'The Office' wow!!' As for what's different first of all the main office set is not in the building they show on TV, it's next door to that building. The one you see on TV is the warehouse set plus the editing studio and production offices. Second there are not men's and women's bathrooms, there's just one bathroom and they change it depending on what scene they are shooting. Third, the elevator is fake which makes sense but other than those small things it was really just like you see it on the show. It was so surreal being in a fictitious environment you've watched for so many years on TV. It feels a little smaller than it looks like on tv but still really, REALLY cool! Great experience I will never forget.

I'm confused. Which one are we supposed to downvote

I won a trip to puerto rico from Bacardi in a facebook contest. It was pretty nice. I had to jump through some hoops to confirm everything but once I got on the plane it was nothing but free good times.

When I was 9, I won a contest where you answer a list of questions about world land marks. You had to get a perfect score, but the questions were very simple. Anyways, I couldn't clam the prize (one of the Nintendo hand helds) because I lived in Canada. So I took it all again and put in an American address but I couldn't claim the prize again because I lived in America. The contest was for people in North America but no one could win.

A bunch of Mexicans won gameboys that year.

I won a Game Boy Advance from Go-Gurt when I was little.

His sister was crying because she broke her slap bracelet.

When I was a Junior in Highschool I entered into a Chipotle drawing. It was a brand opening and of course I had to skip my class and take both lunches. So I put my name into a bowl and fast forwards 7 hours. Drinking in my buddies car before a basketball game when I get a call from "Susie" from Chipotle telling me that I just won 52 free burritos. They gave me a deck of cards with 52 free burritos in there. Best day ever

Not a contest, but I have a story that enrages me almost 20 years later.

So you know how some cereals had those offers where it was like SEND IN 5 UPC CODES AND GET THIS PRIZE! Well back in the old era of the 90s there was this magical toy called the Yak Back. I ate enough oatmeal to get one. My mom sent all the stuff in and it was sent out.

Well it never arrived. My mom contacted General Mills or whoever and they said I probably took it out of the mailbox. IF I TOOK IT OUT OF THE MAILBOX I WOULDN'T HAVE CRIED OVER NOT HAVING IT!

So yeah, I don't think they ever sent it and I ate a lot of oatmeal for nothing.

Not a contest, but I have a story that enrages me almost 20 years later.

So you know how some cereals had those offers where it was like SEND IN 5 UPC CODES AND GET THIS PRIZE! Well back in the old era of the 90s there was this magical toy called the . I ate enough oatmeal to get one. My mom sent all the stuff in and it was sent out.

Well it never arrived. My mom contacted General Mills or whoever and they said I probably took it out of the mailbox. IF I TOOK IT OUT OF THE MAILBOX I WOULDN'T HAVE CRIED OVER NOT HAVING IT!

So yeah, I don't think they ever sent it and I ate a lot of oatmeal for nothing.

Have we gone meta already? That was fast.

the plot thickens

My high school ( being super nerdy) won a radio school spirit contest by first hacking the contest website and then setting up autovoters. This was in about 2000. We got to have a concert and meet Pink, Mandy Moore, and some boy band. They were pretty chill. Someone asked Mandy Moore to prom, but she said she had other plans. It was a sweet day off though.

They flew me + a guardian (my dad) to LA and put us up in a hotel for 2 days.

We only hung out with him for like an hour. We took the rest of the time to go to Disney Land and Universal Studios

You should see my Alt account

No, but they had power rangers live! The screen played a new clip like beginning of a show, while baddies flooded stage causing chaos. The power rangers were called in and on screen, started running toward the screen and jumped into action and BOOM, the 'real' characters burst through the screen and onto the stage to kick butt. It was all sorts of 90s kid awesomeness.

I have the most confused pitchfork right now.

10/10 would recommend

What exactly are you recommending, winning contests? Thanks for the recommendation there.

I finally have a relevant life is pretty dull so this is exciting. Anywho, when I was around 10 or 11 my mom received a call from a third party sweepstakes company saying that we were finalists for a 7 day trip to London! We were put up in the belvedere hotel, $10,000 cash for spending and sight seeing, and the best part about the trip was it was for the "new millennium." We spent the day at the millennium dome which was very fun since I was a kiddo!

Oh and I forgot to mention this was from entering a contest from a frosted flakes box! I wish I could have gone when I was a little bit older but all in all it was a very badass experience!

A friend called me one day and asked me how quickly I could get a passport. She's won an all expense paid trip to London, and couldn't go. She gave it to me.

I didn't think it was real until I landed in London two weeks later. I figured that because it was free, I'd be staying in the ghetto. I got off the tube into the nices ghetto I'd ever seen (Kensington) and stayed in a swank hotel down from the palace.

Epic, epic trip. By myself, total blast. Totally unexpected. And I can't believe they let her give it to me.

I won some crappy PS2 Motocross game back in 2003 from a Mt. Dew cap. I ended up trading the game to a kid in my neighborhood for 50k on Runescape. 

Edit: The game

I won some crappy PS2 Motocross game back in 2003 from a Mt. Dew cap. I ended up trading the game to a kid in my neighborhood for 50k on Runescape.


Also she got the boys beanie baby toy from her meal.

This is the second time mentioning beanie babies has gotten me tons of karma.

I figured out Reddit.

I like that you can list off specific scenarios where you were pretentious pricks to people.

"Finally, we can escape Regina!"

Right there with you. In third grade I won 3 tickets to Barnum and Bailey circus. My school district had all the students in elementary school write a book report and picked one winner from each grade. The tickets were supposed to be for me, a parent and a friend but my dad insisted I bring my little brother who was about 6 at the time. Whatever, I was still going I was excited. They had a tiger that did all these awesome tricks and I really wanted to see him. Unfortunately my bitch ass little brother was scared of the clowns so my dad made us leave before the tiger ever came out. I'm still so pissed about it and it was 20 years ago. I always say I'm going to write a book encouraging couples to have only one child. The title will be "I never got to see the tiger". Edit: typos. I'm so damn angry I can't even spell.

My dad got picked to shoot pucks at center ice at an ice hockey game for the Regina Pats (Regina, Saskatchewan). Won an RV

It used to be my job to call people who put their cards in the store's fishbowl and tell them what they won from Chipotle and then go deliver it in person or have them come to the store. It was a super fun job, you just hear people thanking you all day.

Damn, you scammed that poor fucking kid.

Are we gonna do the Woody Harrelson thing where we demonize people we've never met because someone else we've never met told a story that they probably made up?

Because I'm totally up for that.

Won a trip to Paris to see Jimmy Page. It was awesome, my bestie met someone while we were there and just recently went back. I had a great time and got to see a rock legend.

And 20 years later they are still paying for it. Customer Service fail, bigtime.

Did they fly you somewhere? Or did you just have dinner with him or something?

Oh...Where are you Susie? I miss you.

Not me, (sorry) but my friend organized her high school to participate in the contest Katy Perry had about a year ago where the best submission won a Katy Perry concert for their school. They were the school to win (Lakewood Tigers) and she met Katy Perry one on one. She loved it a ton, said Katy is a really great person and so on.

I won a trip for two for a week to Jamaica from one of those "drop your info in a fishbowl" contests at a bridal show. I had to pay the taxes on it, so about $700 all together. I think the total cost of the trip if I had to pay was $ $700 was awesome!

And they gave me a choice of 3 countries and a whole bunch of resorts, each of them 3.5-4 stars and I think I had about 8 or 9 months to take the trip.

10/10 would recommend

From Keanu Reeves AMA -

[–]DylanSprouse 10 points 12 days ago You once snapped at my twin brother and I for telling you we loved you as Neo. You told us "to get in line". My brother wept. We were 9. Why Keanu.... Why?

What a hypocrite

Excuse me, but he was talking about Dillan Sprout, not Dylan Sprouse.

It literally went meta in 3 minutes.

I'm honestly thinking that I was either an unruly little shit myself that ended up deserving it or that something personal happened nearby that time that just stressed you out (either that whole youth in the spotlight thing or something else/combo) and I just happened to be some kid who only judged you from a TV show and not as a person outside of it. Youthful behaviors or any other reasons, I've pretty much forgiven and forgot all about it till this question.

I wish you the best and hope if it was personal you handled it well and weren't hurt yourself, and if otherwise personality of a teen then I hope you simply aged well and became a fine man yourself.

Also if I did happen too treat you like a zoo animal, unintentionally but still, then I wish to reach a hand out and deeply apologize for pissing you off and still having to spend time with me.

Edit: I am fairly southern and I might have shown you some cool dragon pocket knife (not sure but is possible). But I have only ever been to church twice so I think not. Saw your other comment of cringing at your past self and just wanted to ask "how often do you cringe?"

Damn it, first our jobs and now our gameboys?!?!

We all must upvote this to ensure that they see it.

The Suit Life of Zach & Cody Season 4, Episode 2

Zach & Cody are taken hostage by a southern baptist family and shown their collection of knives. Esteban invents a new type of yoghurt.

That fine print at the bottom of those contest pages always scares me. It's like that Wonka contract...starts off normal in large, readable print, and then at the bottom in letters the size of an electron they want you to surrender your firstborn child for opting to claim your prize on a weekend and charge a pint of O- blood for every drink you take out of the mini-fridge.

some boy band.

So how was Nickleback?

Guaranteed best of'd in the next six hours


Because I was a kid and his comment/history looks nice. I can't even begin to think it was youthful shit if I couldn't do the same to myself. "Did I overreact? Was my little self being misremembered by big me? Maybe things were different or not as bad as I took them to be as a little shit myself?"

It isn't about taking my words back, it's about acknowledging that being young myself I could be wrong fully or partially and that my memory has blur the same as everyone else's.

Can't say I blame you, especially since you got NONE of it and every one else did. Now THAT'S unfair since your sister wouldn't have won if it weren't for you.

My cousin was one of a few who won a radio contest for $500 to spend on her Quinceañera. All of the other winners from that were then put into a contest to win a Quinceañera dress. She won that too.

It was all fun amd exciting, until we learned that the awards were tied to the shittiest little Quince store with really trashy stuff. We managed to find a nice dress, decent decorations, and saved a ton of money on it all, but definitely was not expecting to have to hunt through a basement store.

Good try, Katy Perry..

"It's great! Tell me, do my balls still smell like your mother from down there?"

Wait are you my susie?

It's one of those things that skipped my mind for years and years, then one day we're moving home and find the polaroid picture thingy ,that she got with the store manager and the bunny, that fell behind the fireplace.

My mum and sister are like "Remember when you won this! It's so cute!" and my brain was like "You fucking bitch."

I'm pretty sure I made the face Pauly makes when someone slags him off.

Fuckin Gordo. What's he up to nowadays?

Reminds me of the time Toonami had a giveaway for Bionicle when I was a kid. They had a commercial that aired and you had to call the number they had it but they rarely aired it.

As a kid I was ecstatic and was ready with the phone. Called the number day after day that they were doing this giveaway and was always met with a busy signal.

But the very last day of the giveaway, I had checked and double checked the number and had it right. Finally got through to the call center and they had no idea what I was talking about. Explained the whole contest to them and they had no fucking clue.

I cried that night and vowed to never enter any contest again. It's all lies.

Back in the 5th grade the company that made our chocolate milk cartons, held a contest where if your carton made a moo when you open it, you would win an ipod (the bigger ones), my best friend at the time won it and was the coolest kid in school.

That's my best contribution to this thread.

Edit: Just to add, I also remember that my friend, instead of quickly securing his prize in his locker, went around the entire school, on a parade, to show his triumph. He went around at recess to every kid, showing him his treasure, which, at the time, was worth more than all the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the entire school.

"Heh heh, Mexican gameboys..."


"Whoa... There it is again."

How do you insult the height of someone who's taller than you? "He tall-y, you're so tall that if you tried to walk through a door, you'd have to duck!" "HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS FUNNY DYLAN."

Damn you took back your words fast

I know what a Quinceanera is from a Dora the Explorer book. I'm Aussie.

Fuckin Gordo. What's he up to nowadays?

my favorite post so far

She probably knew you were trouble when she walked in.

Mostly about my Hawaiian shirts and glasses, I think they even made jokes about height, granted I was taller than both of them so I actually found those funny on them.

I sense that your comment might be facetious, but here's a protip for actually winning contests: do not lose them.

I see too many people entering contests and subsequently losing them, and that is something you want to avoid. You should win them instead.

Dude how much would it suck to win that and not get to go? Hope you brought her back something cool!

There was a live cow in the carton

My grandparents won a cruise through Good Morning America. It was the maiden voyage of the Disney Dream cruise ship. My grandparents took myself and my sister with them. It was a lot of fun, we got to stay at a Disney hotel, then the next morning we went to Cape Canaveral when we got to be in the background of the weather segment on GMA. We then went to a presentation about the ship, watched the christening. We had three days, two nights on the ship if I remember correctly, and it was some of the most fun I've ever had. It was not yet open to the public so it was not crowded at all. I think there were some celebrities on the ship too (John Stamos, Whoopi Goldberg), but I didn't see any.

Because we are used to "nice try" and hate change.

I'm pretty sure that everyone over the age of 17 does that for the rest of their life, sadly.

Your mother made sure that you shared the list and didn't make absolutely sure you got to share the loot? That was totally unfair, I am pissed at her parenting fail on that one!

Son, . . . I have bad news.

So what didn't you have to pay for?

I used to be a high school maths teacher. I guessed 1000 sweets were in the jar after doing a rough calculation of the volume of the jar. There was 998. None of the kids were even close! 200, 300 were the highest guesses... stupid kids. I then walked the corridors eating the sweets in front of everyone. The feeling of victory, their jealous faces,... Looking back, I was the ultimate troll teacher.

this story is the best one on here as far as im concerned.

Care to enlighten your colonial master a Brit?

Like a sweet sixteen but Hispanic and fifteen. Fancy as shiiiiit yo

Power Ranger did concerts?

Ahh the Canadian Tuxedo. Very classy

Take that, General Mills or whoever!

I got off the tube into the nices ghetto I'd ever seen (Kensington)

That's kind of funny, in Philadelphia there's a neighborhood called Kensington that is definitely the ghetto.

If you get those calls and did not enter any (legitimate) sweepstakes, it is a scam.

I won a radio competition for me and one friend to meet Taylor Swift before one of her shows. We were big fans at the time so we were very excited but pretty nervous.

We got put in a room with around 10 other people who im guessing had also won various things to meet her. We were second in line, and after around 15 minutes of wating, Taylor walks in. She seemed really friendly, the girl in front of us who was first to meet her was crying, but Taylor was super nice and handled it well.

Anyway, we were next and it was so weird approaching someone that famous. She hugged us both, and we started talking about how she wasn't as tall as she seems on TV, and she said 'I get that a lot, I think it's the huge shoes they put me in!' Mine and my friends hair was pretty much the exact same style but different colours, and Taylor said 'I love your matching best friend hair!' which was really nice of her haha, and after 5 minutes of talking, our time was up - so before we walked away, we went in for one last hug.

As I went in to hug her, for some reason my arm placement was weird, like my right arm was bent up by my chest. This inadvertently caused me, as I was pulling away from the hug, to swipe her sideboob. Like, full on stroke the side of her chest. I just cringed at the thought of her thinking I did it purposely.

Anyway my friend had her hug and we walked out of the room. Just before I had chance to tell my friend what happened, she turns to me and says 'oh my god, when I hugged her I accidentally felt her arse! I didn't mean to, I didn't know where to put my hands!!'

So, god knows what Taylor thought of us after that we both accidently copped a feel.

The end result was a noticeable peak in support for them which didn't correlate with anything they were saying in the debate.

That's hilarious.

Liberal Dem. Representative drinks from his glass of water

Pundit: My god! The voters love the fact he's quenching his thirst!

Other candidates get nervous and also drink water

They took care of everything. Hotel, flight, spending money, and a free tour of the bacardi distillery.

Why does "good try" sound so awful

won a radio school spirit contest by first hacking the contest website

I made some serious money doing this in high school. A local news station would have a vote for the best highschool football players in the county every month. The poll was pretty primitive and didn't limit the amount of votes per IP. It's surprising the amount of pride those guys found in their botched statistics.

I'm pretty sure one of them is an avid redditor. I saw an AMA over on the super smash brothers subreddit. Can't remember which one ATM, but I think it's Dylan.

Username. Philadelphia. You're definitely Will Smith.