Reefer madness

Reefer madness

So far I think romaine is up 5-0 but there's still time left!!

Wait, does marijuana even kill anybody?

Ok so Romaine Grosjean had a bad first half of the season, but I don't think he killed anyone.

I‘m all for legalization but driving under influence of marihuana has caused deaths. Acting like this is not happening sends the wrong message to people.

Dope is nice, DUI is not, weed is no exception. Enjoy weed, but be responsible.

If romaine lettuce takes my life then I hope people can find humor in it.

Let's not forget that it stays in your system for weeks and longer than any other street drug. Therefore a handful of those accidents may be wrongly attributed to people who smoked two or three weeks ago.

Cannabis can be consumed in a number of ways that don't involve smoking it.

More people have died whilst in the process of reading Reddit than using weed

Not in recorded history. But maybe some cavemen were getting too stoned.

Which is exactly opposite of what's occurring in States that it's been legalized.

Ummm Canadian here.

The dumbest thing I've done since weed was legalized was spend $40 on fried chicken.

I mean of course being intoxicated on anything can impare your judgement, but I think the difference is this;

Booze makes rational people do stupid shit. Booze makes stupid people do stupid shit.

Weed makes rational people do normal shit. Weed makes stupid people do stupid shit.

Seriously I'd like some real stats on marijuana related car crashes. Not just in your system but verifiably high af when they crashed. I bet that number is quite different from what they actually report.

It wasn’t his fault though, it was all Ericsson’s fault!

Kale continues to be the Devil's Lettuce.

What if they were browsing Reddit and using weed at the same time? Could they still die? Asking for a friend.

In Oregon. Can confirm. Crime has actually gone down lmao.

Marijuana only kills when people do things while impaired.

So if we get recreational legalization you'll probably hear how stupid people are getting themselves killed similar to DUI.

Driving 35 mph in a 65 mph zone. Rear ended from behind.

Damn breh. Welcome to the Internet.

The F1 off-season is in full effect

Nothing easier than that, bud. This article actually summarizes several studies that all came to the same conclusion. It reveals that DUI is a very common reason for fatal trucker accidents especially.


...And even without studies, are you seriously trying to make a point that Weed does not decrease motor skills, reaction times, sense of proper judgement and responsiveness? Like, did you even smoke weed?


EDIT: Yes, I get it, the article confirms that it is not as bad as alcohol, and that some people are more affected than others, and that dosage plays a huge role in all of it. That's not the point. Driving drunk is shit, just because driving high is less shit does not mean it is not still shit. Anything but sober is a risk, and that is not okay. Of course, dosage and how you personally react to the drug also plays a role. This is a really grey area. Some people say they still drive fine after 3 beer, they probably do, I still think it is not right. The impairments might be barely noticabel, but they are there, and every extra risk taken is a risk too much. And it's the same with weed.


This is, by the way, why I support legalization, but am not a fan of glorification. There are people out there believing driving high is totally OK 100% of the time, or that your judgement will be on point 100% of the time. It is not.

First of all, e.coli is a bacteria, not a virus. Secondly, humor is how most people cope with the human condition. Death is part of life and people are dying every day. Are we supposed to just be constantly sad about it? If you lost someone to the romaine, then I'm sorry for your loss.


But there have been overdoses! That's how I wound up watching all of Godless on Netflix in one night.

Holy shit- someone get this guy some weed ASAP

There was another recently, although technically it is the fungus that killed him, not cannabis. This can happen to immunocompromised patients.

The essential difference is that guns are specifically designed to kill people. They don't really do anything else.

That said, I think if we want to reduce gun deaths we should focus on handguns and mental health services much more than assault weapons. I understand people are afraid of school shootings, but statistically they're a fairly minor issue compared to handguns, and I think military-grade weapons are what the 2nd amendment had in mind so that the federal government wouldn't have a monopoly on military force, and so that people can defend themselves in case of an invasion.

I know neither of those scenarios (the US government killing us or being overrun by a hostile enemy) seem likely right now, but the point of the constitution is to think long-term.

Sorry for the rant. It's just frustrating that neither side of the discourse seems to represent my view on the issue. The last couple years have really shown me how fast the whole world can change for the worse, and reminded me that we have to plan for it.

Does this really matter?

Uh... yes it does matter. I don't want a dui for a joint I smoked last week.

Interesting cases. Though that still makes it far less lethal than a ham sandwich.

Jesus Christ, that article was mealy-mouthed and afraid to commit to any actual statements or science. It looks like she had some heart issues.

Actually.. there has been 1 person, Gemma Moss, from the UK, is the only recorded death from cannabis ever. Controversial however, and also a great shame as she was a young mother.

If it's more funny than it is offensive, it's not offensive

Romaine as a second choice if weed's not available.

Why blame people when you can blame inanimate objects instead...

Also, fuck people who claim to "drive better" high

I dont want to like this... but I do