Robert Huth on twitter about Fellaini hair pulling: "Looks like I taught him well"

Robert Huth on twitter about Fellaini hair pulling: "Looks like I taught him well"

Huth is great on Twitter. Especially considering he doesn't come across as the type to have a sense of humour when on the pitch.

Edit: This one especially

Yes, got a 3 game ban for it


My favourite was this tweet after freekick.

Did Huth pull Fellaini's hair?

Fellaini HAS to be banned for this. But I've heard nothing about him being charged, how long does it normally take?

What an absolute joke. I don't like to cry foul, but after the Lukaku thing last year and now this... it's really hard not to question why United players escape sanction all the time when no one else does.

They both got 3 match bans

He's not being charged, check /new

It's really ridiculous. It's so easy to ban him for it as well, as the replay is clear as day.

Ah, a psychology case study for years to come

Curious, did Fellaini get sanctioned for that ellbow?

What's remarkable is that Huth gets elbowed in his unit of a jaw and the elbow just bounces off. It's only on the second strike he goes down

It’s actually really hard to see. Most people would have thought Guendouzi’s hair got tangled in a tree

Listening to the Crouch podcast today, he said at Stoke Michael Owen's car was battered with eggs and flour one day and no one would own up to it. Owen was absolutely furious apparently and didn't see the funny side at all so it stayed a mystery, none of the players knew who it was either.

At the end of the season when it was announced Owen had left the club a single picture popped up in their whatsapp group of Huth and Walters holding their fingers up, finally owning up to it.

I'm guessing this recent one references it too

Thanks a lot Leicester!! It was unreal! A tip for the future...don't let centre halves take free kicks.

yo, something for my master's thesis. How convenient.

takes him like 10 seconds to remember the word "behind" but "masochism" just rolls of the tounge. wtf?

That Rio ban was like 15 years ago.

aren't they saying that they can't give a retrospective ban because the ref awarded us with a FK?
"You can only pull hair in sex masochism."

Obligatory interview:

He goes down on a delayed reaction to the initial hit.

Of course Fellaini swings his elbow.

The guy should be banned from entering a football pitch.

Pulling someone who is moving forward back by their head can cause incredible neck damage. It's one thing if they're standing still, but to change the momentum of just someone's head in the opposite direction the body was going is a much worse thing.


I thought it was to the scratch across the face. I suppose my real point is that he takes an elbow to the chin and the initial reaction is, well, nothing really.

Yeah Andre Marriner saw it so apparently no further action is warranted.

Which would be perfectly acceptable if referees nowadays had even a whiff of competence about them.


He's not really great at cropping images, though.