[Rosenthal] Carrasco has been extended!

[Rosenthal] Carrasco has been extended!

*Adds Carrasco jersey to Christmas list.*

Per Zack Meisel, this is Carrasco's new contract:

2019: $9.75M 2020: $10.25M 2021: $12M 2022: $12M 2023: $14M club option or a $3M buyout

Absolute robbery.

I could be crazy, but perhaps there are MLB players out there who like the team that brought them up and think $58M is far more money than they'd ever expected finish life with.

Would have loved for Kluber to be the one to be a career Indian, if he does indeed get moved. He'd have a real shot to be one of the top 5 Indians pitchers of all time, he arguably already is.

However, nobody deserves it more than Cookie. Worked his ass off to get where he is now, put a lot of faith in this organization, is a phenomenal teammate, and great with fans. Hope he can end his career here. Incredibly happy for him.

Wow, it can’t get any more team friendly than that. I wonder if there are significant escalators for Cy Young votes, etc?

Let’s gooooo love me some cookie

Do we have Carrasco nudes? Is his name actually Roberto Hernandez? I cant believe we sign him for that without any blackmail!

Doesn't he also have a heart issue, and the Indians front office offered him a life-altering amount of guaranteed money after one decent season? After the struggles he went through early on in his career, he might be rewarding the organization by sticking with him through his professional struggles and potential health problems. Whatever his reasoning, it is good to see him become basically a lifelong member of the Tribe!

It almost certainly means one of Kluber or Bauer is gone. Writing has already been on the wall that they'll have to move one of them due to a lack of any flexibility with the roster, and now this makes it even clearer that they'll be doing that with a third starter locked up into the mid-2020s.

Too bad they didn't get this locked up 2 days ago for 'national cookie day'

He's my favorite starter, so I'm stoked about this.

Thank goodness