Rush hour drivers drive me crazy

Rush hour drivers drive me crazy

Everyone sucks at driving but me.

then use your turn signal

What if I told you that I need to get into the right lane to turn in a mile or so and that space you left is the only one I'm able to use to do that?

Fucking this. Im also right with you on the main topic OP. But if someone uses their turn signal I usually say aloud "Ok, c'mon and move over then."

Please come to california with all your "logic and rules"... you will suffer a cruel death

You're one of the nice fellow drivers that don't speed up when I put my blinker on.

The thing about turn signals in LA, Chicago and various other metro areas is that the second you use it property, the cumbags you're trying to merge in front of speed up to close you out. It's a catch 22,.use the signal and basically cut the person off because they try to speed up and not let you in (very passive aggressively I might add) don't use the signal and possibly cause an accident.

My week driving on I405 in LA taught me more than any day driving on the highways in MI. The rule on the roads in LA is, if you want to get over - NOBODY will let you in you have to TAKE your spot. Fucked up? yeah I thought so.

Hi dad, didn't know you were a redditor

Take a breath, slow down and create a new gap and be glad the asshole is in front of you instead of behind you.

activates signal

car in adjacent lane suddenly decides to tailgate and closes the gap

They’re like wild animals. The blinker is a sign of weakness to them.

it's a viscous place out there

Ah yes, like a fine maple syrup.

No, they're wrong. They all suck. But not me. Best driver out there. #1

new gap... there is no such thing as a gap in rush hour traffic only a spot for someone else to take.

We're the kind who like to avoid pile-ups by rewarding blinker-usage with lane-entrance-compliance.

Where I live, if you use a turn signal in rush hour traffic, it means no one will let you in. That same space will be closed up in a heart beat.

Your constant switching of lanes trying to get one car further ahead tells me that is a lie.

When I have people steal that spot in front of me while I'm on a motorcycle I just sigh in my helmet.

But we shouldn't have to learn how to guess when some dickbag is going to merge in front of us, that's what signals are for.

Yup, now get off the road.

NY/NJ is much the same, I speak from 12 years commuting experience, it's a viscous place out there, you must take and hold onto your 20 feet of asphalt as though you are protecting a child from a rabid dog.

yeah are we supposed to predict shit.

I hate to encourage bad driving, but I agree with this. I've been stuck behind people that slow down approaching a green light. People that are not actively engaged with the traffic pattern (aka paying attention) make the commute home longer than it should be. This could probably be said for active driving period.

As a truck driver this problem is a constant one for me. The part that makes it okay is watching how many dumb ass people will whip into any open spot they can, only to realize they're now in a slower lane getting passed by the people who were behind them. And don't want to let them back in. Some people's lack of any kind of spacial awareness blows my mind sometimes.

Then tailgate and pay attention to the traffic in front of you!

I always merge at least 10 miles ahead of an exit I intend to get off at in heavier traffic so I don't have to try and wedge myself in somewhere. Starting that far back gives me the time to find a place to merge where I'm not cutting someone off.

What if I told you the people in the right lane are likely doing the same thing (turning soon) but aren't inconsiderate pricks who tried to cut in line at the last minute?

That is just fine. What will I do when somebody scratches my shitty corolla.

But it shaves 0.15 to 0.5 seconds off of their trip if they're in front. Can't you see how important that is?