Savour these moments pedes, when Hollywood eats it's own. #OurGirl?

Savour these moments pedes, when Hollywood eats it's own. #OurGirl?

It's not. She is just standing up to be a victim. Typical leftie stuff.

I hope this is her redpilling.

Not ourgirl, still a lib but very funny to see this happening. Before long however they will be accusing her of being a Trump supporter.

Nope, still anti Trump.

When the left eats itself, watch and enjoy it, savor the moment but donot ever make the mistake of thinking they are on our side. Some might jump ship but most don't and live a different lie.

Probably right, but I'm loving watching Hollywood burn and eat their own.

A useful idiot, but definitely not /ourgirl/.

She got a payoff 20 years ago and allowed other women to be harassed instead of pressing charges.

It's hard to feel bad for her - is your career really that much more important than your integrity and self respect? At the same time, what was one lowly largely unknown actress supposed to do when a big producer did this?

Not our girl. But this endeavour is noble. She's been through a lot and is finally being vindicated. Cant help but be happy for her on this. Justice.