So, the problem was that I missed one cpuid check that's been causing the crashes at the starting of O2.

Thanks to Baldman, who pointed it out, it's now fixed.

The lesson here is to not make cracks when I'm tired, because once something is missed, it's very hard to trace it and it takes a lot of time.

It doesn't help. The mental stress I've been on for weeks now to provide better and stable denuvo cracks is huge. Sleep doesn't help, probably meditation will, but I don't have the time.

dude, rest for a while. people like you an Baldman should take it easy, this is not a race and what you are doing is commendable. thanks.

I suggest taking a long nap

Glad to hear Baldman is still active

Baldman's advice which fixed it all from cs rin ru:

"Voksi, my friend, please take a look at the address 0144CF8397

This cpuid is the reason game crashes during OP2 starting scene. There could be more, i don't have much time right now, who could expect that acting in pron would require so much time :)

Little advice: don't believe results of "Find command" in x64dbg, it skips cases like at 0144CF8397. You have to code quite complex tools to auto find 100% of cpuids.. I hope i will have little more free time to upgrade my old tools for new D, they were working superb for old versions of D. Then i will be able to help you with the list of all cpuid addresses."

If Baldman could team up with Voski we would actually have 0-day Denuvo crack lmao.

It is more important that you can contribute long term than to burn yourself out.

dude please find some time to rest. you need it. take some time off from cracking denuvo. we can wait. your health is of more importance than anything.

Your mental health is more important than sticking up a finger to Denuvo. I understand that it's difficult to really see that (it's very easy to say "I can keep this up some more, I can keep this up some more") but you seem like a very capable and clever person, and it would be a big waste to burn out from something that you are obviously extremely gifted for. Meditate (seriously, twenty minutes of your 24 hours and it makes a big difference), work out, go on walks/bike rides/whatever. Your mental health is worth it (and it will actually make you more efficient when you are doing the things you do best.)

remember when they did a collab on that warhammer game ? when voksi handled mp and baldman handled D, that shit was Top 10 Anime Teamwork of all time

When baldman offered that advice, it was like i stood witness to a birth of a pair so strong that it would shake the entire foundation of this very world. it was so awe inspiring and entertaining and filled me with hope. if these two come together, banishing denuvo from this mortal realm might not be a dream anymore.

People report it as working and i can confirm, at least for now

Good job, both of you but especially you Volksy. Have you thought about teaming up with Baldman, if just to divide the workload? It would be in the top 10 anime crossover and there is no reason to stress yourself out, scene had people waiting for months, you could and should take it easy too

Edit: i tried to run it again and it crashed with the usual "try another crack ecc" at startup. So i tried to run it again and it works. Curious

Now that you did, get a lot of rest.

your mental health is more important my dude. you don't owe us anything.

Looks like saitama's powers are coming back!!

Thx voksi and baldman <3

Voksi your health is more important than beating fagnuvo, take a month sleep if necessary, don't overdo it. Your health is more important than anything



thanks for sharing

i miss baldman, good to hear about him

Take your time man.....there is no already did enough,you deserve some rest.Don't mind the ungrateful idiots.