Sorry libshits this borderline retard is nothing like Trump

Sorry libshits this borderline retard is nothing like Trump

Please put her on a debate stage with Don and ask financial questions.

She's a joke, so no.

But she has accomplished everything she ever wanted, before seeking public office. She has so much experience to share with the country. Like Obama did.

Underestimating a solid candidate with the right message at the right time isn't the same as lampooning a cartoon character presented as a solid candidate.

More tone-deaf leftist "analysis".

The only thing we can’t underestimate about Cortez are the millions of idiots who think just like her

I would enjoy that debate almost as much as the “because you’d be in jail” debate w Hildabeast.

President Trump earned an Ivy League business education then built an empire and brand like nobody has ever seen. Cherry on top he wins the White House and saves the country while sacrificing billions in net worth - even donates his Presidential salary to help military veterans.

Occasionally Coherent...has been a bartender. She has accomplished nothing in life. Anyone can parrot socialist talking points like a ventriloquist’s puppet. It does not require problem solving abilities or critical thinking.

The left is detached from reality thinking this woman has anything in common with President Trump. Good luck with 2020.

KAG 🇺🇸

While I agree she's an absolute joke, I think there's some truth in this article.

I was exposed to Trump's message because my liberal friends wouldn't shut up about him. He baited them into giving him millions of dollars worth of publicity for free.

The same with Cortez. If people weren't constantly attacking on Cortez, I wouldn't even know who she is. I only know her through Trump supporters.

We're giving her millions of dollars worth of publicity for free and I think she wouldn't have won if people simply ignored her.

She was the dem candidate and the dem candidate always wins in her district. I don't think anyone was talking about her until she came along and won the dem primary and at that point her win was a foregone conclusion.

Here’s the truth!

She isn't a villain; just a moron.

Except this one is actually retarded. So it's a little different.

Tell me she's not over the thick yellow line?

Like blowing dudes in the bar bathroom? (Could apply to Obama and Alex)