stfu already

stfu already

I live with someone who sneezes no less than two times per sneezing episode, and I relate to this meme so much. At what point do you just stop asking the Lord to bless these needy people?

My old roommate sneezes seven times, every time. So instead of saying it the first time, I count along, out loud, and just say it once after he was done.

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7 times every time is almost impressive

Haha exactly. I run out of blessings to give real quick.

That's when you stop saying bless you and start saying shut the fuck up

what if you say negative bless you twice? will that become a positive bless you? MATHS

Idk why it works, but yelling "Cauliflower!" at someone about to sneeze stops it dead in it's tracks.

You only get one!!

i sneeze like 4 times