Stupid white people and their *shuffles deck* privileged posts on one of the most trafficked websites in the world!

Stupid white people and their *shuffles deck* privileged posts on one of the most trafficked websites in the world!

The weak minded were never meant to go to college. I was shocked when I hit uni and met so many unprepared/ill equipped students...

Sending everyone to college didn't make everyone smarter. It just made college more dumber.

That you had to go to college to be successful was one of the biggest lies sold to the American public. There are young mechanics that make 6 figures where I work - a shitload of overtime, but they’ll break $100k.

You can't make people equal, you can only give them equal opportunity.

You have to go to college so the elites can shackle you with debt so you don't have kids in your most fertile years.

You’re so right. I review credit for a living and see 22 yr old welders from Louisiana who are making 10k a month in the Gulf. It’s crazy.

It's like you laid an NPC trap.

Not only that, but currently more than 75% of ALL charitable giving in the world comes from Christians.


A huge deterrent to increasing charitable giving is government handouts. When people know the guy on the street can get welfare, foodstamps, cheap housing, etc... they are less likely to help him themselves, for fear he's simply taking advantage of the kindness of others on top of getting handouts. Eliminate social safety nets and then the public is responsible for helping people themselves. It gets a lot harder to just walk by someone starving when you know there's nobody else to help him. Also why I try to help when I can. I'd rather help 9 people who were scamming me if it means even 1 of them that wasn't got some help that they needed.

So they can replace you with even dumber and more unhealthy individuals that they can shackle with health related debt and schooling debt

I have an idea for a card game.

It's kinda like Cards Against Humanity, but the creator isn't a cuck.

It's called "Damn White People" and is best played with 4-6 players.

Players take turns shuffling the "Privilege Deck" and pull a card.

The other players have 30 seconds to create a CNN headline that maligns white people based on the topic on the card - yards, hats, cold medicine, you name it.

The player drawing the card decides which is the most realistic CNN headline of the bunch and awards that player a point. First to 5, 10, whatever wins.

They’re mad cuz you got them to their core

College doesn't make anyone more intelligent. It makes you more educated in a specific area of knowledge (and possibly add some life skills)

Libtards love gloating about being "educated" when they're working minimum wage jobs on their Gender Studies degrees. While making fun of blue collar workers who make 2-3x what they do.

It’s too easy

I don't like how they said "ignorant white person" as if it's a stereotype. Sure just don't look at college graduates.

Freedom results in less equal outcomes and more charity.

Crowd fund that. Ide pitch in 25

People will also band together into communities more. It might sound kind of not nice to say "go to church/secular-community-meeting every week or else you'll starve if you lose your job but there's so many more benefits than just that safety net. Society needs something larger than the family but smaller than the government.