The last airbender

The last airbender

This has me thinking how cool would a VR Last Airbender type game be! Like you can have the cameras track your body movements so that your in-game avatar moves and does bending based on your movements. That would be cool.

This guy will probably go the rest of his life thinking and telling people that he has super powers but never be able to recreate this moment.

I had this idea back when Kinect came out. Just before I realized mocap is pretty shit when it comes to body movement translating to in game. It would probably be way better with those controllers that come with oculus or PlayStation vr


His realization at the end when he's about to get run over is priceless

He's got it on video. No problem.

Whoadude? More like /sub/lolwat

I actually know someone who believes he possesses the power of aerokinesis. He "trains" using ping pong paddles to knock big gulp cups over. When I point out the physic behind the ping pong paddle creating the wind to knock the cup over, he insists it's his chi and meditation that allows him to focus the direction of the air to knock the cups over. There is no telling him otherwise. It should be noted this dude has done a lot of acid over several decades.

yeah well I had the idea for Kinect

You heard it here folks. Anyone who is having fun is probably drugged or without a brain.

Care to share more wisdom Mr. /u/put_him_out

This is better than that horrible movie.

Yeah, well. I had the idea for the Virtual Boy.

Film it. For science

Video games? All me, baby.

Schindler's List

Reminds me of Dee from its always sunny

"I am learning some amazing moves from this guy"

At the 29 second mark

He's got some videos on YouTube. I dare not out him on the YouTube commenting public. However, if you were to search for Aerokinesis on YouTube, you'd see many people portend to have these powers as well. It doesn't stop there. You'll see there are people who have hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis and, of course, telekinesis.

What horrible movie

Oh, I did. And I certainly struggled a bit, making my arguement that much more difficult. But by the end of the evening I was ablemto blow out candles and blow the cup off the counter. He said I had good chi and gave me my own paddle to keep. Thinking he should slow down on the edibles, but whatever makes him happy. I suppose it's harmless enough.

He said I have good chi and gave me my own paddle to keep.

Lmao that's pretty funny. If it were one of my friends I'd just go along with it at that point

He is now immortal.

Yea well I created the star that made the carbon in your mom's uterus

Playing the Kineticist in The Unspoken feels a lot like that, actually.


Yeah, well this entire universe is just a single cell in a giant alien's eyeball. I AM THAT ALIEN.

Hey, I was wondering, does it maybe exist?

It exists actually, I think it was a demo though. Just Google it, I'm on mobile so can't link.

Edit: found it


...yikes. Get well soon buddy.