the last Garfield comic

the last Garfield comic

This made me feel sadder than it should have.

As far as I can tell this isn't an actual Garfield comic.

he died peacefully in his sleep?

lasagna is a hell of a drug

Still Can't beat Halloween week 1989

More people need to realize this

It isn't a Monday anymore so you can't blame that for it.

Wow! That's cool..he dealt with his snoring problem! A Happy Ending

General consensus is that Garfield had a nightmare and in that nightmare the Garfield cartoon was a hallucination by a cat starving to death in an abandoned house.

Then he either "wakes up" and sees Jon and Odie or succumbs once again to the hunger-spawned hallucination doomed to die soon.

Garfield existed, he was just a normal cat, who couldn't talk or do half the shit Jon's psychosis told him the cat was doing.

Your logic makes no sense

That was surprisingly dark for a newspaper comic.

Holy Shit, he died?! It's almost like Garfield minus Garfield is just the strip continuing on and Jon trying to cope.

Or if Garfield really is just the personification of a facet if Jon's personality, then that means poor Jon is... GULP

I'm a believer that Garfield never existed. Jon was just really lonely.

Seriously. I chortled cause it's kinda clever, then immediately felt sad.

I'm on mobile and couldn't understand how you could possibly derive that much meaning from 3 panels. Then I hit next

Man. They did such a good job of forging ABC Fake Name's signature, too.

So now we've lost Garfield too? This is a shit year.

Hell yeah I felt like someone punched me in the heart. Maybe because I have a kitty. :(

it's still Monday here

It's always Monday where i am.

Jon finally got the help he needed and Garfield faded from his imagination.

Its obvious, thats why you dont get it

Edit: obviously

It is kind of devastating to me to be honest

Blame it on the Mondays.

It's Always Monday In Philadelphia

and then the next Sunday strip is back to normal. that's some twilight zone shit

I'd assume massive coronary failure from his eating habits, but in his sleep sounds nicer.

Oh, just say it! "Jon started treatment."

Check out anything by Philip K Dick. Especially his short stories and also Time Out Of Joint