This is how they sell music in the streets of México.

This is how they sell music in the streets of México.

I've purchased one of these before while traveling. Classic Rock. Got home it was an 8 gig drive packed full. Ran a virus and malware scan, and came back clean. All the music had title and album at 320k mp3 format. These guys don't fuck around. Those are plastic organizing boxes they don't get mixed around.

I want to watch a spy film where the hero is being chased through a Mexican market, carrying the super secret documents on a flash drive, then he trips and knocks this stall over, he drops the drive, and scrambles to pick it up.

Later when he returns to hq, he gives the drive to the top spy, they stand round the huge computer, plug it in, and the opening beats to 'Billy jean' start playing.

Ooooo.... Free viruses with every purchase.

I can't possibly believe that these unlabeled drives don't get intentionally mixed around every day.

Depends on the size. The larger boxes cost about $5.

Wow, not bad. How much did one cost?

no different than the prostitutes on that same street. Gotta know how to block those.

Just like the pvc fittings at Lowes.

Edit: Thanks for my first gold!! Makes me feel better for getting so upset about it! I'm glad others sympathize because I thought I was losing my mind!

tres cincuenta

or in a car chase .... open market style. And instead of hitting a fruit stand they hit a bootleg music usb stand and all the thumbdrives are flying everywhere.

Usually $80-100 mxn, which is like $4.30-5.50 USD at the current exchange rate.

I'm pretty sure these are intended to be used with a USB compatible home or car stereo. Idk about Mexico, but flash drives + compatible stereos are a pretty common way of playing music in Peru.

I know the odds are not good that you will run into it but lookup badusb Antivirus is blind to it. I'd avoid plugging in untrusted USB devices. I also work IT so am rather paranoid about such things.

Hold my USB I'm going in!

I guess the 70-80-90 is the biggest seller.

Ah, the old reddit boxaroo.

Just close your eyes and mentally picture one flash drive costing 20 pesos and another one costing 30 pesos. Bam! You just imagined it.

God damnit, every weekend I find myself straightening up that clusterfuck, and I don't even work there...

I'd like one rancheros mexicanos please.

(gets home)

Fuck, I got 70s 80s 90s.

Of course they. They don't give a shit

Ty for the straight up answer, sometimes reddit is ridiculous in following the same tired jokes instead of getting to a real answer to the question.

I would be way to paranoid about strange drives to buy one of those.

¡Dije, mira Nessie. No voy a dar tres cincuenda!

not 96kHz FLAC pulled straight from master

why even bother

Micheal Jackson gets his own bin.

They've started hiding drives in the ends of cheap USB cables. There was a post about it on reddit recently. Unfortunately I don't remember the subreddit. Interesting shit.

As a Mexican guy who has seen piracy on other countries I can tell for sure that it is not hard to find good quality piracy here.

Sounds like an opportunity for you to be a sporting member of the Ubuntu community

My first thought was "you've got to be kidding me if you think I'm going to plug a USB stick from an unlicensed Mexican street vendor into my PC"

But how will stabbing the USB in its Achilles help me with my corrupted files?

Twist: You're doing it wrong and creating a clusterfuck for the next guy

it's pretty much that way anywhere except the US/EU.

just plug it into the aftermarket headunit as they all have USB slots.

not wifi/4G-enabled, no need to worry about viruses.

each USB should cost a few cents

edit: "as" not "at"

"Mr. President, the NSA can't possibly protect the American public from hooks so fuckin' TITE!"

Exactly! I'd rather trust Sony.

Oh wait....

Tree fiddy

Most don't even have gear sticks...

Wait till you find out that cars in the USA don't come with proximity sensors as standard.

... Which sounds cool in the abstract until you sit down to do it

went to the piratebay and searched classic rock music dump

put on 8gb flash drive

they dont fuck around m8

Gets back to the hotel hideout, and Thriller starts playing.

Michael Yackson


Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't find it funny at all when people spam "Tree Fiddy"

There sure is a lot of comments in this thread that share your sentiment, but it's not really different to saying that "you shouldn't buy drugs because the drug dealer might put poison in them". Most drug dealers don't actually want to foul up their reputation by poisoning their consumer base. Likewise, I'm sure bootleg music salespeople have better things to do with their time than put viruses onto the usbs on the off chance that someone ends up putting one in their computer. Like seriously, what's the virus going to do, hijack their bootleg copy of Mexican windows or something?

This is an ingenious way to steal information and plant viruses. Basically a rubber ducky in hiding

Cut to another part of town, young kid gets home with his fresh purchase of some exciting new tunes, plugs the drive into his laptop, and is greeted by a sentient, friendly alien AI on the run from the government.

I can't imagine any of those to be more or less expensive than the others.

For those wishing to avoid LH:

Buyer: Quien es Michael Jackson?

Seller: Michael Jackson es Miguel Yackson.

Buyer: Chinga! Miguel es mi favorito!

I can tell you, in all of my years in IT Support NOONE knows how anything happened to their computer. I think you are giving people too much credit in putting two and two together.

Oh it worked, just not how you intended.

Like this one?

Weird Al

Where the fuck is the Chuntaro Style box?

What? Car stereos in US/EU don't have USB slots?

ProTip: just get the cheapest ones, they're all random anyway.

My best guess would be "Veo lo que hiciste ahí"

Man, I smell 2018's summer blockbuster, right here! But, who'll do the AI's voice?

I cannot believe that Ubuntu isn't shipping a firewall today that will block an attempt of a USB stick to suddenly become a keyboard or a fake ethernet port.

All we need to do then is write something in grubscript to prevent accidental booting from a USB drive that was accidentally left in a drive or an unregistered USB keyboard. Paranoid people and gamers can stick to PS/2 keyboards. USB keyboards can be crypto signed, or just use a serial port with TTL logic for boot configuration.

And if you pay for 2 bucks for 1000 cocktail straws and they're neatly organized in a box then you can also say they don't fuck around. If what you purchased exceeds expectations, especially in a circumstance where you're not sure of quality then the statement of they don't fuck around is totally fitting. It's why when I bought socks on Amazon earlier today there were 128 reviews.

Ohhh, Teal'c

In the mean time shop owner curses everyone and arranges the boxes to continue the business. A naive and shy college student comes and purchases the usb with secret documents. He/she goes home and tries to play the music and surprised that the software is unable to find music files. The usb is inspected and there is some file with unknown format...

Yeah but think about it, those drives are super cheap, the music on them is "free," I think the profit you'd get from malware wouldn't be much compared to what you get from just selling the product. Sure you could do both but once your flash drives had a reputation for being full of malware fewer and fewer people would buy them.

What? Tell me they have steering wheels!


Linux in general is one of those things where if something you want doesn't exist you can literally make it exist by yourself.

I have a feeling there's a pun here that I'm missing.

Because Gawker.

I mean, you're not wrong....

That's why people say: "me lo pruebas/calas?", and the guys have a stereo to test it, so you approve that is the "música de antro gay vol. 3" one

Those kind of flash drives aren't limited to any one manufacturer. It's a common, generic design.

I love that they have all these genres and then... MICHAEL JACKSON.

As a Mexican, I'm pretty sure those USB sticks are bought to be used in cars or home stereos. Most people who buy them are those who don't own a computer or have access to internet.

Tell it you love it

Queen, Can anybody find me somebody to love?

There's also the idea that the fastest way to get a good implementation of something is to make and promote a poor one :)

haha indeed

I've placed the USB in a condom, and inserted it into my PC, but it doesn't seem to read. Now what?

All your secret files and programs.

picture of a child

What kind of demographics does Lifehacker have going there?

They do lol

Source: been to Mexico multiple occasions. The thumb drive thing is more recent. 6 years back it was still CDs so mixing up was harder. The vendors are never as sketchy as what you may think. They look like the type of Mexicans you who make as money as an average American and are a little more tech savvy. They sell pirates stuff as if it were a business and care that you're pleased, so that you come back.

Linux is always like that. I have a standard trick for learning a new thing in Linux; you complain about how awful Linux is for not being able to do this one thing that Windows has a perfectly wonderful app you can buy, and there's fifty guys trying to help you out. Feels kinda like a girl asking for help in a hobby/game store after loosening her top button, but it works a charm.

I'm sure the vendor has a player w/ a usb port to test the drives.

This is also how Cuba stayed up on the latest media.

Just paranoia. Like a mexican street vendor thats most likely on the same spot daily is into complicated frauds

Piracy in the Caribbean is bad too... they made a bunch of movies about it.

Its right there...



Michael Jackson

Honestly they're probably not viruses. Street vendors always used to sell CD's, but now that they've sort of died off, they moved on to USB's. Unless the street vendors suddenly gained the ability to program a virus onto a USB, it's probably exactly what its being advertised as.

He said it cost 3 fiddy

Noone is a fucking cunt. He's always fucking things up.

Yep. Random Mexican street vendor is gonna make way more, with way less work, from actually selling music flash drives than coming up with an elaborate scheme to hack into customer's computers and steal and then go sell their information.

Reddit is dumb.

This is like downloading smashmouth_allstar.exe from Limewire.

Adderall is a hell of a drug.

Sony BMG initially denied that the rootkits were harmful. It then released, for one of the programs, an "uninstaller" that only un-hid > the program, installed additional software which could not be easily removed, collected an email address from the user, and introduced further security vulnerabilities.


Michael Jackson's global impact going strong

woah woah slow down that's the sequel

Oh shit!! I was, like, there, man! Do another!! Do another!!

Here for anyone that does not connect the dots ...

You sir, are right

As someone pointed out before, it's the perfect way to eavesdrop on a country of extreme geopolitical importance.

Because Juan's Facebook chat log is of extreme importance for the National Security, and Mexican street vendors are actually spies.

Holy shit guys, I seriously can't even, has the USA always been that paranoid?

Ay caramba

You accidentally a word.

Badusb is a hardware attack.

How much was it?

It's this basic rhythm, without tempo change, played endlessly.

EU does have them. Also CD, Tape Decks in new cars faded out over the last decade or so.

I mean, I like that song but is it really the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of those 3 decades of music?

70s, 80s, and 90s are off the thumb!

here ya go.

No, but I figure not a lot of people have seen the "Reebok or Nike" video. If you haven't,

I just was singing "Heart of Glass" yesterday, and it fits in the decades.

That turned dark quickly.

m8 was that using the NBN? They fuck around.

actual Chuntaro Style song

That's a Tribal Mix though which I feel is different from the . Tribal mixes are really a hit or miss mostly miss, they only really picked up in Texas from what I saw myself.

Best years of music. Now I wanna listen to "Heart of Glass".

Did you get the right hole?

Run music.exe.

No malware or viruses I promise, hombrè

Now with free malware!

Relax man, it's just music, not a presidential debate.

i've been considering it and honestly it's the same level of risk as buying anything else bootleg on like dvds and stuff, it all depends on who's making it.

Blew my fucking mind man.

At least Sony will be stealthy while they fuck you in the ass

You are correct, years ago me and my uncle walked into an Elektra which is a store that sell furniture and all kind of electronics and we were amazed at the amount of radios that had usb connections, we hadn't seen them in the U.S so my uncle went ahead and bought a small radio to have in his office.

I honesty thought usb drives would replace dvd's when you buy a videogame!

Not really. I think dvds are safe as long as you have auto run disabled. USB can still be dangerous even with it disabled though. If you're interested read up on badusb and USB sticks disguised as keyboards etc.

Computer AIDS!

You get a rootkit installed on your PC, and it lies dormant for a few months. Most people will not be able to connect it to what happened months ago.

Any criminal with half a brain will know, that timing is a big deal in suspicions. Hackers rely on staying anonymous, and have better chances of getting something done after the suspicions.

I feel like the world missed out on the age of the flash drive because of the Internet. I for one love a good physical medium.