Thousands of emails stolen from Republican committee’s aides

Thousands of emails stolen from Republican committee’s aides

Hey short-sighted, dipshit, treasonous Republicans: remember how everyone told your dumbasses that if Russia can come for one group of Americans without reprisal then everyone that means to do America harm can come for everyone else?


Fuck. The Republican. Party. To Hell.

Actually, US intelligence reported that GRU agents did hack the RNC too but did not did do anything with that material. Leading up to the 2016 election, their instructions were to help the Republican nominee for president and that would not have been helpful to that end at the time.

I'm not sure that Russia didn't also hack the RNC's system in 2016 and have dirt on the GOP, Trump, etc.

Meh, we’ve been assured this kind of thing is no big deal and definitely not hostile foreign agents. Probably just that harmless 300 lb basement fat guy again.

Hey, dude lost 100 pounds! good for him.

I thought I remembered reading that, but with the daily shitstorm that is the Trump administration, I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, look...more leverage.

I can’t believe how some republican voters bought the nonsense about the DNC physical server as some sort of evidence of a coverup, - when no one physically compromised the physical server, - yet these same republicans will overlook how the RNC when hacked 1) Didn’t tell republican lawmakers about the breach, and 2) hired a PR firm in response??

I'm sure they do. Whatever they managed to get on Lindsay Graham is significant.