TIL that Canada declared war on Japan in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor before the United States declared war the next day.

TIL that Canada declared war on Japan in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor before the United...

TIL Canada is our ride or die homie.

Canada's declaration had more to do with Japan attacking the British Empire, including Canadian soldiers defending Hong Kong:


Yes I’m glad someone pointed this out. Very few people seem to be aware of the scale of the Japanese attacks on the 7th/8th of December and how Pearl Harbour was bombed at the same time as Hong Kong, Malaya, the Philippines and many other Pacific islands were being invaded.

The co-ordination of these operations were pretty astounding for the first couple of weeks and I would contend they were more impressive in some ways than what the Germans did with Blitzkriegs in Europe. Especially considering these were nearly all seaborne invasions which required far more planning and organisational skill.

In the Philippines, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies the defenders all had a big initial advantage in terms of size of defending forces but the Japanese onslaught managed to overcome these.

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In fairness, we were already at war in Europe so we already had the paperwork drawn up, we just needed to cross out Germany and write Japan and we were good to go.

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While the US was still debating the direction of capital ships, Japan proved in two days the absolute supremacy of air power doing what had never been done before.

If the fleets had been switched with carriers in dock, I doubt midway would have happened or been a success for America. The war would have dragged on for much longer.

Truly was impressive.

The Statute of Westminster gave Canada (and the other Dominions) control over their foreign policy and Canada was not tied to a British declaration of war. For example, Britain declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939, while Canada made a separate declaration on September 10, 1939.


They were badass in both world wars. They suffered the second highest D-Day casualties, smashed through the Ruhr Valley, and kicked ass at Vimy Ridge.

Australia wants a shout out. Been on USAs side in every single war since Australia got their independence.

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Exactly. The two biggest missed objectives for the Japanese at Pearl Harbour were the Carriers and the fuel tanks (if they had been destroyed the US Navy would have mostly had to operate out of the continental United States).

Mind you the Japanese were helped by some egregious incompetence on the part of defending American and British commanders. MacArthur allowing the vast majority of US aircraft in the Philippines to be destroyed on the ground and the British presuming the Malayan jungle would be impenetrable to the Japanese were some of the most outrageous errors.

The Allies were very complacent as they thought they had adequately defended their Asia-Pacific possessions and the Japanese made them pay for this.

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But c'mon....Germany invading Poland was kinda a big deal.

Also, if you're talking about sticking with long-standing allies, the USA and France had been allies since before the USA was even a thing.

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We had no real vested interest in WW1. In fact, if you went historically speaking, Prussia, which was part of Germany, had been our most consistent ally for the previous 100+ years. There was a lot of sentiment that we should join on the part of the central powers.

For WW2, the whole good vs evil element is overplayed. Not that the Nazis weren’t evil, but the Soviet’s were as well and the British weren’t the exactly clean as preacher sheets as the saying goes. And don’t forget that it was Britain and France that attacked Germany, due to their assurances to Poland, not the other way around. A lot of Americans didn’t see the need to get involved in yet another European war. It wasn’t until our relations with Japan went south, they attacked and the Germany declared war on the US that we really had a reason to be involved in WW2

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As much as I despise Japanese fanaticism, I have to hand it to the Imperial Armed Forces for the impressive nature of their mid-war operations. Japanese soldiers had no previous experience in jungle warfare, yet I've heard they were simply told not to fear the jungle when they entered Malaysia. Definitely chilling.

You forgot Dieppe, and Ypres, just to name a few...

Canada was setting their own foreign policy by the time 1939 rolled around...

Your comment about America waiting until the enemy is on thier knees struck me as funny because the thread you made it in proves it otherwise as America declared ware at the height of Japans power.

Methinks you're opining without knowing shit about canadian history... whatever you may think of the formal decision by the country, every Canadian serviceman & servicewoman made their own choice to go and fight for their country... overseas service was on a completely voluntary basis until almost the end of WW2 (1944).

The fuel tank argument has very little merit. It was created by the Japanese air group commander (Fuchida), who wanted to pin the blame for everything that went wrong onto the carrier group commander (Nagumo).

For one thing, the fuel tanks weren't sitting ducks. Each tank was shielded from the others by protective berms, so each would have to be targeted individually, and a chain reaction was not possible. Moreover, Nagumo would have had to order a third wave of attacks to target the fuel tanks. There were very good reasons not to order the strike:

1) Surprise was gone. The Americans were now on high alert, and a third wave would incur serious casualties from fighters and AA fire. 2) A third wave would take so long that night would fall before they got back. Japanese pilots did not know how to land at night. 3) The longer Nagumo remained in the area, the more fuel he burned. His destroyer screen did not have enough fuel to hang around until nightfall; he would have had to send them home early, exposing himself. 4) American submarines were now on high alert. The longer Nagumo remained in the area, the more vulnerable he was to submarine attack, especially without a destroyer screen.

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That actually shocks me. Britain (and Australia) were at war with Japan well before Pearl Harbour. I know America always wait until the enemy is on their knees before joining a war but I'm very surprised that Canada didn't declare war on Japan the moment the Kings soldiers were fired upon by them.