Time limit to eat at McDonald's......

Time limit to eat at McDonald's......

I see these types of signs in McDonalds (and other fast food places) near high schools in my city.

At mine, it's the one with an unattended upstairs area that all the homeless people love to lounge in. As long as you're not causing trouble they won't enforce it.

I've stayed over 30 minutes before and the employees do not enforce it strictly. That sign was definitely made for trouble homeless people and elders that sit in there for hours at a time. At my area, it's always the morning hours that elders stay until noon sipping their coffee and they always seem to come in groups spanning 4-5 tables.

In my town mcdonalds has become the hangout for old people. I don't think they are homeless. Just retired farmers who are still awake at 6 am every day.

Kinda related, my first job was mcdonalds, and we had an elderly guy come in every day, around the same time, to get a plain fish filet, and small black coffee (plain filet means just fish, nothing else). After a few months, i asked him, and turns out he has nothing else to do since his wife had passed, and so he wakes up, walks to our towns first McDonald's for breakfast, then he walks to the one downtown for lunch, and finally to our restaurant for filet dinner. Every. Single. Day.

for those wondering, the restaurants were all a good 15 minute drive from each other, but his speed wasn't much, so he must have walked for 3 or 4 hours in between meals, never breaking routine.

I like to think he's on way to my old store right now, as it is around when he would be.

Still awake, or already awake? Your comment makes it sound like they were out clubbing, and refused to go home after they shut the place down.

That's probably why these signs were made

That's crazy, because during operating hours, the McDonald's in my city is more or less a homeless shelter.

Just like with sex, that's about 29 minutes more than I'll need.

I bet they care about young people using it as a hangout and being loud for hours while having no where else in particular to hang out, much more than they care about elders. Homeless is probably a tossup, depending upon all involved.

These signs are actually very, very common in stores that are in downtown-type areas, or dense urban centers. Theyre mainly to keep homeless people and such from ordering a coffee or something, and then sitting in the dining room all day long, and refusing to leave because "Hey, I bought something, Im a customer like everyone else. Ill take as long as I want to drink my coffee."

They also help with trouble-making highschool kids loitering around and making trouble and being loud and obnoxious.

I don't think you fully get what he's saying.

He means that it's a policy they can use when someone causes trouble, but for most of the time they (even the managers and company itself) obviously don't care because it doesn't matter to any of those parties.

That's definitely why these signs were made.

I definitely read it as old folk going ham til 6 the first time. It is a slightly misleading sentence.

Edit: defiently misspelled definitely. Fuck me

there's a difference between "still awake" and "still awake at 6am every day"...

it's clear from the way it's written that he means that these guys are still waking up early, even after all these years being retired.

Well tbh at the rate their employees and managers get paid, I'm willing to bet that has something to do with why they dont enforce the rule. I know if I were getting paid minimum wage I wouldn't care to argue with customers about how long they been in there.

Buried all the way to the top. FUCKING ADMINS.

So you are old enough drive a car. Old enough to vote. Old enough to go off and play war in foreign countries. But not old enough to go to McDonalds.

That's just stupid.

EDIT: And age discrimination, surely?

...now I wonder if old people hanging out at McDonalds were once young kids loitering at McDonalds.

Someone needs to make an anime about a person spending their entire life in a McDonalds...

My local McDonald's has a rule that anyone under 20 can't be in after 19:00. You get kicked out unless you show them I.D. and show that you are over 20

I like to think he's quite healthy and enjoying all the fresh air.

There's a McDonald's right across a highschool in a rough neighborhood in Seattle that closes the restaurant when school lets out (only keeps drive through open) because the teenagers were a nuisance.

Why would reddit admins burry your comment?

One time I stayed for 31 minutes.




He seemed healthier than most his age yeah, probably from all the walking :p

In my case its seniors. They buy a coffee at 9:30 and stay until dinner.

I defiently

I'm done with you, get out

No bragging, please.

Trust me, the admins don't care enough about you to go and personally bury your comment. The default sort algorithm, "best", takes into account both upvotes and downvotes, as well as the number of replies, meaning that your comment is lower due to few replies and likely more downvotes ratio-wise. If tou sort by "top", your comment is highest because it has the highest net score. Your all-caps whining just looks ridiculous here.

That is mildly interesting!

This is just an excuse to kick out undesirables. I doubt they'd actually enforce it if you were just sitting quietly with friends or whatever, but if you're a loud as family, a smelly homeless guy trying to camp out, a crazy couple having a loud argument, that's the excuse to kick you out.

They get to have their restaurant seem nice and content without having the negative public reaction of kicking people out who they don't want being there.

At first I was like "that's a lot of McDonalds" but then I was like "that's even more exercise though". If he's looking for balance in his life, he may be on the right path.

if this confuses you, you live in a good area

They're called McRefugees

You want to use your vacation to check out a McDonald's restaurant in a bad neighborhood? That's weird.

It's absolutely why signs were made

Having served in the military, I can tell you that being old enough to drive, vote, and fight does nothing to make you a decent human being.

Seriously, 18 (or 20) is not a magic age number where suddenly people realize that they've been gigantic assholes for 8 years or whatever and it's time to stop.

Well I mean most old people tend to sit around. It's not sad how he is spending it, just that he is doing it alone.

Hi virgin, I'm Dad!

I don't think it's unhealthy, but it's still very sad that he doesn't have a better way to spend his time.

Last winter I had to kick out some people that had been staying in a display shed at my job, I just told them make it look like you left and I don't care what you do

Actually one of the healthiest items on the menu especially since he plain. it's just fried cod.

It's ok I'm virgin

This sign saved me once at a McDonald's in New Orleans on Mardi Gras.

We stopped in to buy some water and fries for my dehydrated gf. Armed security guard on a power trip with a handgun on his hip told us we had to leave because he saw us sitting and just drinking water. When I refused and said we were paying customers, he said he would 'throw me out himself' and actually placed his hand on his fucking gun.

I called over a manager and pointed to the 30 minute sign--and the guy finally backed off. Nearly got shot by this unhinged dude for allegedly 'loitering' that day...

Everyone was close but this is the answer that is the most correct.

Old people never sleep.

My last business was a block away from a McDonald's and my partner and I would sometimes go in there with our briefcases and do work when there was no rush between about 1:00PM-5:00PM. They never kicked us out since we were quiet and always ordered something every hour or so. If it got crowded, we packed up and left. We got to know management and the staff on a casual level. Thing is, if you're cool, most other people will be cool, too.

I've spent a lot of time at McDonalds due to my job. I came here to say those signs are mostly aimed at homeless people. But school kids are the demographic that causes by far the most problems in the restaurant. At least the homeless are usually somewhat polite and just want to nurse a small coffee and stay warm for awhile.

It's so funny how you can just pick them out of a crowd. The most obnoxious, loud, crybaby users on this site always end up posting on the same subreddit.

I wonder why?

As someone who works in the customer service industry, we don't care that much. Unless you're causing actual issues, you can pretty much do whatever and be fine.

No he understood, but /u/Stak215 just wanted to start a circlejerk about minimum wage and how it somehow makes you entitled to not give a single fuck about your job.

It's one of reddits favorite circlejerk topics of all time

Every McDonalds I've ever been to in the morning has a group of old people. Actually, I've come to believe that anywhere there's a table, and coffee nearby, old people will congregate there. I've even seen it at a gas station before.

McDonalds near schools are the fucking worst. It's like anarchy.

WTF are you talking about? Of course I haven't. Junkies are sketchy, but if you politely ask them to leave and they refuse, then you just walk away, that's pretty much the end of it. Some time later when the cops arrive the problem is solved. Life isn't a video game, you don't run around shoving people around and making demands if you ever expect to be effective or taken seriously. You treat everyone with respect, and use the tools available to you to solve a problem.

It certainly wasn't the fish filets...

How do you think they will enforce it? They ask you to leave, if you refuse they call the cops.

I just trick them by sitting there, not consuming food, for at least an hour. Then I start eating while maintaining eyecontact for exactly one hour.


That's absolutely, positively why these signs were made.

I guess it's all in the neighborhood. The one nearest my house is attempting to really embrace the McCafe thing, trying their hardest to attract the kind of people that would otherwise be at Starbucks. They really want everyone to use their free wifi and drink coffee drinks and be there a while. They seem like the kind of place now that would be happy if you used it as an office away from the office.

Mildly illegal maybe

So oppressed :'(

Good god.

He said while bursting through his son's room

When I worked at McD's this was basically how it was. We don't care if you're quiet and just talking, but we hated high schoolers. They'd come in, order annoying orders constantly changing their minds as they struggle to find what they can eat with the $3 their broke asses have, and then sit down to make the most annoying sounds, laugh at the dumbest and most mundane things, and then make a mess throwing shit everywhere.

Come in, know what you want, eat, please be quiet enough not to disturb others and be seen as a jackass, and please clean up after yourselves before leaving. I hated going around and seeing cups everywhere, or trays, sometimes coffee cups with used creamers and sugar packets opened and making a mess of the table.

Seriously what minimum wage person is going to enforce it when they couldn't afford the hospital bill?

Sign is definitely all about the hood.

Wew lad what an edit

As a person that works at mcdonalds these signs get put up for people that like to use the lobby as a day center for the homeless and a drug transaction hub. you're sleeping in the lobby? NO gotta go you are trying to steal a tray to do drugs in the bathroom? NO gotta go you are bringing your children in and then leaving them unattended while you go talk to people outside and "sit in their cars doing nothing" NO gotta go

Most mcdonalds nowadays are a pleasant brown and grey coffee shop theme.

It's as if redditors are painfully sheltered or something

This is the first decade where technological incompetence leads to something being called Orwellian

You know on Sundays at my work we used to have 3 regulars who would do this. It was really nice cause they're friendly all day

Not sure. A butch of idiots hanged about it in til about 10pm every night so they made it a rule. It's stupid.

Old person here and it's 02.17 am here in UK and I can confirm I'm wide awake.

Gotta Eat Fast?

Ive used mcdonalds as a place to hang out while homeless. Ive never been kicked out unless it was closing time, and even then the manager would politely warn me that he was sorry but he had to lock the doors.

Even got free cookies a few times.

i speek pretti one dai!

At the coffee shop that I used to work at, Friday and Saturday nights were the worst because we would be the local teen hangout for the whole city. They would come in and order nothing but water because it was free. It got to the point to where we had to start charging for cups.

They would constantly trash the bathrooms on purpose. We had to start locking them because 14 and 16 year olds would fuck in them all the time.

They made "art" all over the tables using honey, sugar, straws, and napkins. And they left their empty water cups everywhere but in the trash cans.

We put up with that shit for months. Somebody in upper management finally realized that it was a real problem. We were losing money because paying customers didn't want to fight through a crowd of inconsiderate teens in order to get some coffee. So we were finally allowed to call the police for crowd control. They actually had to post a couple of officers to stay there during the weekends because they got sick of running everyone off only to be called back in about an hour. It was like waving flies off of your food when you're at a cookout.

Holy shit which McDonald's in Seattle? I've only been to three in my lifetime in Seattle (the one right across the highway from Northgate by Arby's, the one by U Village, and the really old one that was torn down more than a decade ago that was right up the street from Woodland Park Zoo on the corner of Stone Way and 45th). I'll have to check it out when I'm back in Seattle for vacation or something.

It is not clear from the way it's written. It's decently clear if you understand the cultural context, but the way it's written is definitely ambiguous and could be read either as still awake from the previous night or still waking up early like they used to.

According to Harvard Business review it wouldn't make much of a difference in terms of job satisfaction.

This. If you're polite and unobtrusive, McDonald's is the place to be when homeless. Most places will give you their "expired" pies or other items that have sat for too many hours and would otherwise be garbage. There's a toilet, free water, cheap food, WiFi, it's great. The 24 hour places around here are a lot friendlier to polite, unobtrusive but mentally, intellectually, neurologically, or physically disabled homeless individuals than the shelters or warming centers, too.

Nah man I'm just curious. Not treating it like a three star Michelin restaurant that I make a whole vacation out of. Call it a macabre sense of curiosity in the less than savoury parts of Seattle, my hometown.

Not sure you used the right form of 'hung' there buddy. :/

Well, they used to go to diners. And now the diners are all closed.



And they once tried to trial comfortable furniture to be more like Starbucks, and add Wifi in many areas... laughable.

It also depends on the time. If it's lunch rush, and you've been there for 45 minutes, they'll probably ask you to leave. Off times, probably won't care much.

With that said, there's a lot of science behind the dining room. The temperature they set it to and even the design of the benches are to make a visit more than (I think) 14 minutes increasingly uncomfortable.

I was thinking the same thing. It's like they haven't been to a McDonald's in a decade. McDonald's switched over to McCafe themes ages ago. They want you to loiter now.

I assure you that's absolutely, positively, definitely the reason these signs were made.

That's what I was thinking. In my area this sign would be directed towards the half dozen old guys who just hang out drinking coffee from breakfast up until well past lunch.

I like them though, their conversations are always amusing

I'm almost certain I read a study about how pay increases definitely only change a person's satisfaction and performance on a very temporary basis. I have no idea how I'd find that again, but you can totes trust me.

Wow username checks out

I'm homeless, but I have a smart phone. I but a burger, charge my phone and if I'm watching a show I'll end up being there for about 3 hours. But half way through I'll but something else like a small fry and just keep sitting there for the wifi

The McDonalds near my school is filled with heroine junkies so no kids just skechy people.

Yes, because establishments aren't allowed to regulate who they allow on their property.

Ya but what if I just got off a late night shift and just want some fast food

The sign is not for you, nor would the rule be enforced on you most likely.

In my case it's teens, huge groups of school girls who buy one cola between them and sit there being really loud and obnoxious for hours soaking up the free wi-fi. I'm all for people staying as long as you want but if you ain't buying then you shouldn't be there, it's not really fair on paying customers who can't get a seat to eat the meal they came in for

Some around me have comfy chairs, with electric outlets and everything. Only in nice parts of town, though... Seedier areas have hard plastic benches and locks on the bathroom door.

The only legal age discrimination is employment related to firing people for being old. Other than that, age is not a protected class.

Like, legally anyone over 18 can go into a bar, but bars might have their own policy to not let in anyone under 21.

Restaurants might legally not be a bar but they might set up a section that is 21+ only.

Their life is all ready one giant nightmare.