Trippy never ending gif

this stresses me out

Edit: lmao my top rated comment is the simplest, four word comment about a loop gif. Schweet.

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It's like it's zooming in but it never gets there. Maybe thats why.

If any of you have an hour, this documentary shows you how a mathematician changed the world because of this pattern.

Basically this curve and other fractals are used to model various natural phenomena. This curve in particular is the Koch curve and the major application of it is for modeling coastlines due to the coastline paradox. So not exactly world changing but it had an impact on mathematics

It is zooming in. It's just zooming in on a self-similar figure.

give us a TLDR. must say I'm skeptical about it 'changing the world.'

This is actually a fractal called the Koch Snowflake, created by connecting many Koch Curves together. The length of one section is (4n)/(3n), when n= the number of iterations.

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Fractals also had a hand in revolutionizing antenna technology and computer graphics as well.

IIRC this is a proof that you can have infinite perimeter and finite area.

dats what acid loops feel like

Misleading title... This .gif ends. Wait for it.

this video

Because it doesn't have a release.

Kind of like the music for the infinite staircase in Mario 64. It feels like it's continuously building and building, and building, but never actually releases or finishes. Musicians do this often in music.

Lonely Island/SNL gives a great and hilarious example in how DJ's use this tension to build up just before "dropping the bass".

Can confirm, none of you have ever taken acid

Apeirophobia (fear of infinity)

So it's the gif equivalent to jerking off and never coming?

Not everything that makes people moderately uncomfortable needs to be a phobia.

Yeah seen this to describe coastlines before

The damn Koch brothers own our mathematical snowflakes now.

Koch snowflake.

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Reminds me a fever dream

Can confirm, acid trip was just a fractal constantly zooming in on itself

I've taken acid before. Granted, my whole experience wasn't like that. However there was a time around my peak when I was staring at my carpet and everything just looked like hills and valleys and my mind started thinking of them as fractals so I kinda just "zoomed" into a portion of my carpet and it was trippy.

I would argue that you just perfectly described what makes it not a phobia for 99% of the people that had a reaction to this gif.

Benoit Mandelbrot found these things called fractals which are self similar figures that are made by iterating a function. The really cool thing is that self similarity pops up EVERYWHERE in nature and complex systems so basically he found a way to describe things mathematically that were previously thought to be entirely random and patternless. The applications are pretty widespread, it's the foundation of modern CGI and as other people said modern coastline mapping and greater accuracy in land surveying and whatnot. It also has some applications in cancer research as well as climate change research and it's the reason cell phone antennae are so tiny. If you can find the time, definitely watch the doc. It's super cool. Shit blew my mind.

Mathematical descriptions and understanding of complex repetitive shapes in nature. Fractals and chaos theory have been pretty big revolutions from mathematical theory to consumer products and military, scientific and industrial applications inbetween.

Same here lol, I'm unsettled by this and don't know why.

Phobia: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

You just perfectly described why it's not irrational and also that most people don't have an extreme reaction.

So it's not a phobia for 99% of people made uncomfortable by this.

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Me too! I wonder why?

A month ago I got to calculate the area of this fractal in my math exam. In the somewhat similar fractal I got, the area was finite but the perimeter was infinite

As someone who knows basically nothing about Python, "import turtle" just sounds hilarious to me

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I'd argue that everyone has a bit of apeirophobia to some extent. If you really think about the meaning of true infinity, it's normal to be quite frightened by its implications. Although it's not irrational!

w a i t

One my first programming exercises was making Koch snowflakes in Python. The code was something like this:

import turtle def koch(depth, amt=10): if depth == 0: turtle.forward(amt) else: koch(depth-1, amt) turtle.left(30) koch(depth-1, amt) turtle.right(60) koch(depth-1, amt) turtle.left(30) koch(depth-1, amt) koch(10, 10)

Super simple, although i didn't check that this code actually runs.

Computer programmer here, and Im lazy so

the first five minutes

You didn't watch the video did you? In , they show how fractal geometry is useful of generating landscapes, and was used as such for the "Genesis" sequence in Wrath of Kahn, the very first fully textured 3D CGI representation shown in the motion picture business to a general public.

Later, they show how fractals are useful for simulating Lava splashes.

Edit: In a reply to your deleted comment, /u/nephallux linked to this stackoverflow thread which provides other examples, including generating foliage.

It's the area that the lines encompass that matters. Of course, you have to imagine the rest of the shape.

as far as I can tell it hasn't revolutionised anything other than making trippy pictures

Yeah, you're right. There's nothing revolutionary about generating detailed landscapes for the first full CGI sequence in motion picture history.

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It's from Logo originally. It's meant to teach kids about programming. It basically draws a line. You're supposed to imagine he's a turtle and you can can tell him to turn left or right or go forward and it'll trace his path. It's still silly, though, but I guess that's the point.

It's a Koch curve, different from the Mandelbrot set but it has the same property of self-similarity.