Trump eliminates job of national cybersecurity coordinator

Trump eliminates job of national cybersecurity coordinator

It’s part of his plan to get re-elected in 2020.

This is treason. He's aiding and abetting Russia in their ongoing attempts to attack our cyber infrastructure.

*part of Putin's plan

Hey, look, republicans jeopardizing national security like the traitors they are. We used to hang people for this shit.

To be fair, it’s not as bad as his first idea about tackling cyber electoral interference.

And anyone who stands with him is a traitor. It's time to start calling our reps and asking what recourse we have against Republican states jeopardizing our national security.

Russian bots and Chinese spy phones are making America great again.

Why would you need one of those when the KGB will do it for free?

This actually looks more like a power grab by Bolton. From the article, it sounds like he's trying to make himself the bottleneck that all information must flow through before reaching the White House.

That actually fits the profile of the Bush era neoconservatives, from which Bolton comes. They used to do a lot of heavy handed manipulation of intelligence.

They don't even have to try.

If it's impossible to spin, it didn't happen.

Or they just bring up something from the previous administration.

They're very predictable.

One's a sick duck...

I can't remember the rest but your mother's a whore.

What's the difference?

Normally I try to avoid posting reaction gifs in r/politics, but at this point this is just getting ridiculous.

Normally I try to avoid posting reaction gifs in /sub/politics, but at this point

How does /sub/td even try and spins something like this?

It's only because Barron's so good at the Cyber.

Oh boy wow.

The website will replaced by a single page that has a giant banner saying "WELCOME" in Russian.

But what will Barron do over the summer?

That's cool. It's not like cyber warfare is already going on and will be how future wars are fought, so why bother?

He's attacking from within.

Attack Obama or Hillary. Had to do with the internet? Buttery males.

used to

...remember when they suggested a joint cyber security force with Russians?

So blatant

I feel like that should be a headline for the onion

Like leaving the Russians a key under the mat.

Where I've been, you don't need eyes...

That's a great question. Let's find out.

(Jumps over. Comes back eyeless.)