Trump has been "impatient" for Bush memorials to end but proud of himself for acting "civil": Report

Trump has been "impatient" for Bush memorials to end but proud of himself for acting "civil": Report

Trump: I was such a good boy in church that I deserve a medal and three scoops of ice cream

This really isn’t an exaggeration. He looked like a six year old dullard pouting through church service the whole time.

He conducted himself like an adult for about an hour and wants to be congratulated for it.

What an idiot.

It wasn’t about him so he was not interested

Can you believe how inconsiderate they were? The eulogy never mentioned his name, polling, or his inauguration crowd size

TBH, the memorial is probably helping him hide the beat down the market is taking.

All those years I had assumed that decorum, civility, discretion, temperance, diplomacy etc. were among the basic entrance requirements for any high public office, most importantly the Presidency of the United States. How wrong I was.

And the icing on this cake of civic lunacy is that tens of millions of Americans think Donald Trump is God's gift to Democracy. Meanwhile I think he's the worst President, by far, in my memory...and my memory goes back to the first campaign I worked on, handing out "I Like Ike" buttons during Eisenhower's re-election campaign.

To me nothing represents the person Donald J. Trump better than some of those shots from the funeral.

He was surrounded by hundreds of people and he was still completely alone.

And you could tell he knew it.

Barely. He fucked it all up but didn't actually deuce in the coffin.

“Mr. Trump has been snappish with aides most of the week, according to administration officials, miffed in part by so many ceremonial events not related to him,” The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

He was running low on narcissistic supply.

“He was impatient for the memorials to end but expressed pride in himself for remaining publicly civil. People close to the president called it a course correction after his peevish reaction to Mr. McCain’s death.”

Publicly civil? He could have at least shaken hands with the Clintons and the Carters when he was seated.

literally slaveowners

My god.

The "man" is an emotional and intellectual infant.

"I was a good boy, right mommy?"

The pastor didn't even hold up an electoral map to show the audience how much empty farmland voted for him!

I wonder if he's aware that the festivities will last even longer after his death.

Just when you think he couldn’t be more of a whiny, narcissistic shit… tsk.

Oh god, I have someone at work who believes that land deserves more representation than people. Who the fuck comes up with this shit?!

I've had a person say to my face "But people in those states will be forgotten unless they get more votes than everyone else!"

And they can't process how stupid that is.

Like, it's okay to forget about somebody's vote if they live in a city, but not if they're on a farm? They're not even listening to themselves. That's just as bad as a city person saying "Farmers should only get 1/3rd of a vote, because they're stupid." That's every bit as fucked up as saying "I deserve 3 votes because I'm a farmer."

People are fucking stupid.

Everybody should have exactly 1 vote in their state elections, and 1 vote in their federal elections.

Yep, the Alaska earthquake gave him a short respite, then this happened. Fucking universe.