Trump's new identity

Trump's new identity

He's quite a bit taller than Putin. Is he slouching so much here because he's a fat old man or because of how hard Putin bent him over in their private meeting?

Unconscious meekness and subordination.

No joke, this is beyond pathetic.

Good one

The right can’t govern at all lol.

For anyone who doesn't get it, it's a reference to Game Of Thrones.

At one point a major character is captured by a horrible villain, castrated and tortured to the point that he loses all identity and the villain renames him "Reek" because of how he smells, and the poor dude is so broken he accepts it.

Standing tall, obnoxious and disrespectful to the queen, one of our oldest allies, and here he is, so timid .

Reek, Reek! It rhymes with meek! And I must remember my name!

“Poor dude” who murders children to make his father love him.

Maybe you don't understand the reference because you're illiterate.

This meme is hilarious and very accurate.

Hey guys, look! I think this one is finally starting to get it.

God, too perfect.

Trump's dick is in Putin's pocket.....literally

What a bitch

why you crying then?

You know that no matter what is posted, one of you fools comes along and says this exact same thing. Every single time anything with Trump is posted here. Almost like you are being paid to do it.....

I legit thought this was /sub/freefolk

Reek has a bigger dick.

Worst part is that in the book it is said Ramsay has had multiple Reeks in the past.

Game of Thrones.

Reek is the nickname a torturer gave to his victim after he cut off his dick.

The torturer forced the guy to accept his role as submissive and take the new name.

Calling Trump Reek is so perfect. He has been emasculated and subjugated by a strong man.

Late stage syphilis.

You are defending a traitor.

And the winking, wtf is that icky sexy shitty shit.

Holy shit. I have to watch the interview again. I never noticed this.

Let's not forget Reek opened the gates for the enemy.

Perfect balance


Reek. it rhymes with Sneak!

"A man would turn against me in your place, but we know what you are, don’t we?” "My lord,” he said, “my place is here, with you. I’m your Reek. I only want to serve you."

Yes, except Theon eventually redeemed himself. This dickless POS will always be stuck in this part of the story.

Haven’t watched it, makes me puke.

Just an observation from pictures, one is small, the other relatively tall, yet he slouches around trying to crawl to not offend the smaller guy.

Might be wrong, give me your opinion.

Edit: I have tall and short friends, but never see this amount of physical submissiveness.

Edit2: seen more than a couple of pictures, definitely slouching.

Trump's drooping vagina neck and his "hair" just makes his head look extra large.

Hello Comrade Conserative, how's the weather in hell?

You must remember your name, if you please him, he won't hurt you. Just please him. Oh gods this is just another one of Lord Putin's japes isn't it!? He will take more of my skin if he hears of this!

I remember the first Reek... He smelt something terrible as well. Not for want of washing, it just, clung to him. Once I caught him pilfering scent from my first wife's cabinet. Obviously I had to punish him for that, but it never made the stench go away... I don't know if Reek corrupted Ramsey, or Ramsey him...

I'm paraphrasing but ya.

Flawed anti-hero to be sure, but anyone who is forced to endure what he was is a poor guy

Its proportional. Trump's is just obese.

Hashtag PresidentReek Hashtag Resist Hashtag ThisWillSurelyWork

The left can't meme at all lol.