Two-thirds of Americans concerned about consequences of climate change following federal report

Two-thirds of Americans concerned about consequences of climate change following federal report
Two-thirds of Americans concerned about consequences of climate change following federal report

Every citizen should be sent a forum, The forum will simply say do you believe in human caused climate change and do you support government taking drastic action to prevent harm. This will count as a vote. This will not be a secret vote. Any one who says no to both gets sent to the areas that are most effected by climate change if water levels pass a certain point. If you vote yes on the first, no on the second and sea levels rise. They are taxed at significantly higher rates and are put at them bottom of the list for any government assistance.

Yeah, most Americans understand the science that tells us climate change is a real and is a pressing thing, as does most of the rest of the world.

But, Trump's MAGA cult doesn't care. They worship the man who looks only as far as HE is on this earth. It's amazing that these people exist and more so, that they exist in significant numbers.

I don't think Americans noticed a federal report. Two big ass hurricanes and a massive wild fire might have been more on our radar. I have flash flooding and 62 degrees on mine.

Americans have arguably been concerned about the environment and climate change for a long time, but have not voted for this as a "campaign issue," choosing instead to focus largely on economic drivers in most elections. My question would be not whether people are concerned about these consequences, but whether they are finally ready to act on those concerns. Without the will to act, this has the same level of impact as the "concerns" that House and Senate Republicans express about Trump's actions.

If you say you're concerned and then vote Republican, you're lying.

tear out your lawn and replace it with native vegetation. it will become an oasis of native animals.

Lawns are stupid, and if you burn fuel to relevel it all summer, you are part of the problem. If you fertilize it, you're part of the problem. If you irrigate it, you're part of the problem.

find out what percentage of your yard is allowed to be "flower beds" and plant native flowers. at least the bees will have something to eat that isn't poisoned.

Everyone has excuses to take no action, we wouldn't have let it get this far without them, and we won't survive the future we're making now.

They haven't taken much action in any direction, this is true, but I would argue that the Democratic party hasn't either. They TALK about it a lot, but I haven't really seen any sort of major change either way.

If you would argue that you would be wrong

Perhaps your specific preference IS to keep governmental involvement to a minimum and let the public solve the problem on their own.

This is not the Republican Party's position at all. Their position is to aggressively favor fossil fuels.

That does not imply that one is not concerned.

Yes it does, because the idea that the public could solve climate change on their own is utterly absurd. The public is not composed of climate scientists, does not regularly consult them, and cannot afford to finance their research.

I would love to do that unfortunately my HOA would put a lien against my house though.